Will Paranormal Tales rewrite the history of horror? Maybe not, but it's really scary

Leaving aside decidedly borderline experiments like Downfall, horror games have remained on some very specific tracks. Among these is obviously the first person, exploited by truly disturbing products such as Visage and the Amnesia series. With Paranormal Tales, however, everything changes: the video game developed by the Horror Cam Committee and published by Joure in fact uses a small but ingenious pretext: no longer a first-person view, but more of a "body cam".

With this little premise, it's pretty easy to make a very scary horror movie. And it is the developers themselves who point it out: Paranormal Tales contains hours and hours of paranormal experiences, which aim to try to instill as much terror in the player as possible. “You will hardly get to the end of the road,” reads the product's official Steam page. And looking at the trailer, it's actually quite easy to see why.

The choice of the first-person camera is in fact perfect for two reasons: the first is that relating to costs, with a whole series of animations and 3D modeling absent. The second, however, concerns immersion. In fact, the body cam view allows you to immerse yourself even better in a dark forest or a haunted house and could paradoxically be a new point of reference for all indie developers looking for something new to implement within their games . You can check out the trailer for Paranormal Tales right below.

  • If you are a fan of horror games, this title has probably already caught your attention. But don't expect to be able to play it soon: In fact, Paranormal Tales does not yet have a release date. However, two high-profile games such as the remake of Silent Hill 2 and that of Resident Evil 4 could be useful to appease your desire for horror.

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