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Wiko View4 Lite is the weakened variant of Wiko View4, which we have reviewed in the past few weeks. As easily understood, we are faced with a device with a basic technical data sheet that is aimed at a niche of users. It comes in at € 129,99, a positioning that could still prove strategic since it is not extremely crowded.

As per tradition for the company of French origins, the strong point is autonomy once again which allows you to stay calm for about two days. The compromises to be accepted are different. 2GB of RAM, for example, starts to run tight even on budget devices. It is certainly not a smartphone with great demands, but it is a basic product suitable for certain categories of users net of some slowdowns in some moments.

Autonomy and performance: the first wins again

Wiko View4 Lite is equipped with the processor MediaTek Helio A25 paired with 2 Gigabytes of RAM and 32 Gigabytes of expandable internal memory. The hardware platform is the same as the older brother where we have already pointed out the fluctuating performance. Again, freezes and slowdowns occurred during our test.

In short, it is perfect if we want to carry out classic daily activities but will start to go into trouble if they start asking to manage multiple activities at the same time or if they start using apps that require more power.

The audio is mono and is entrusted only to the speaker placed on the lower edge. The quality is in line with the price range. There is the 3,5mm audio jack implemented on the upper edge. Connectivity does not shine: monoband Wi-Fi, dual-SIM support, memory expansion, Bluetooth 4.2, A-GPS, micro-USB port instead of Type-C and there is no NFC support.

Furthermore, the biometric sensor for fingerprint recognition is missing. A lack that - personally - I felt a lot. There is face recognition though it doesn't work perfectly. So, if you want to protect your smartphone, you will always be forced to enter the PIN code to unlock it.

As already mentioned, autonomy satisfies. Wiko View4 Lite integrates a 4.000 mAh battery. The company guarantees up to two days of autonomy. With my usual use, I managed to stay away from the electrical outlet for 28 hours compared to almost 5 hours of screen on and with a residual charge of 28%. In short, you can easily cover two days with a single recharge with a not particularly intense use.

Display and camera: there is still work to be done

The front is completely taken up by the older brother, as well as most of the technical characteristics. The display is a 6,52 inch IPS LCD panel with HD + resolution (720 x 1.600 pixels). There is a teardrop notch for the front camera. The considerations are the same as for Wiko View4. It gets along fairly well in almost all situations but the blacks tend to be very gray and the maximum brightness is not very high with the consequent difficulty of viewing on particularly sunny days. However, there is an element that has now almost disappeared on smartphones: the notification LED, always much appreciated.

The body of the Wiko View4 Lite is made of polycarbonate and does not particularly retain fingerprints. The model in our possession is in the Deep Gold coloring but it is also available in the Blue and Green color variants.

With its 174 grams, Wiko View4 Lite it is not particularly heavy. The dimensions are important (167x 76.8x 8.45 mm) but you can handle it without particular problems. On the side edge, there is the volume rocker along with the power button. While on the left one, we find the button dedicated to Google Assistant. All perfectly reachable.

No changes even with regard to the rear photographic sector. We therefore find a 13 Megapixel main sensor, paired with a second 5-megapixel wide-angle and a third 2-megapixel for portrait mode shots. The protrusion of the module is reduced to a minimum, so no problem when we place the smartphone on a surface.

The considerations can only be the same as for the main model. In excellent light conditions, it manages to bring out images in line with the price range of belonging. The level of detail is not high and the color rendering is not always perfect. Colors are often mixed.

Wide-angle shots, on the other hand, are less convincing with less detail and the classic distortion. The result, however, drops drastically at night where there is a significant loss of detail and the massive presence of digital noise. The photos in daytime, however, are no different from what I expected, considering the selling price.

Finally, the front camera becomes 5 Megapixel. Also in this case the shots are appreciable with the right lighting considering the price range, while bordering on sufficiency at night. However, the possibility of taking selfies with a blurred background is missing. In short, it is certainly not the ideal smartphone for photo lovers.

The software part is very up-to-date. The software on board is Android 10 - as per tradition - in an almost stock version. As on the predecessor, we find the Simple Mode function activated by Wiko Functions which transforms the device interface with larger icons for the most basic functions, such as Photos, Phone, Messages. As I have said on other occasions, Simple Mode makes Wiko smartphones extremely suitable for a more adult audience, far from current technologies.

Conclusions: who should buy it?

Wiko View4 Lite is a smartphone that it caters to a niche of users. It is an inexpensive device with no great pretensions. It could be suitable for older users who want a smart phone to be able to communicate with their relatives or for the very young who are about to receive their first smartphone. The 2 GB of RAM greatly limit the performance which turns out to be fluctuating.

The feature that stands out is autonomy once again. However, the segment chosen by Wiko for its View4 Lite is very special. In, comes to 129,99 euros. It's not that easy to find competitors for the same price. In short, the positioning could prove to be strategic. The three cameras and a design close to current trends could attract the attention of that niche of users to which it is aimed. The only valid alternative, currently, is Redmi 9 which comes with a more complete technical data sheet and which can be found online at similar figures.

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