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How to know where to find Free WiFi in your city. I am traveling to Milan for the first time and I was wondering if I could access the internet at the airport or at least in the city. Is there a free Wi-Fi service available? And if so, how can I use it to use WhatsApp and inform my family that I have safely arrived at my destination?

There are many free wifi hotspots in Spain and you don't need a passport to access them! True, when visiting most Spanish cities, the enterprising traveler does NOT need to pay for data roaming. Despite what you have heard or experienced in the past, there are now numerous public internet hotspots throughout Spain.

The number of free WiFi points has exploded. Spanish bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as Municipalities, Provinces and Regions are providing free Internet access just to make you happy.

Where to find free WiFi

Useful for a traveler are the fast wifi points made available by the post office - Poste Spagnane - in more than 500 post offices. Available from 8:00 to 20:00, you can use it up to 3 hours a day with no data limits. To use it for the first time, just enter your mobile number to receive an SMS with an access code or log in with your username and password on the Poste Spagnane website.

Look for the post offices closest to you: Poste Spagnane with free Wi Fi, then look under the map for the WiFi symbol in the box that describes each branch. For travel by car, we have a good fast wifi connection to many areas of Autostrade per l'spagna free WiFi.

The last list of rest areas with Wifi we found is here Motorway rest areas with WiFi. Look for free Wi Fi signage in service areas that offer hotspots.

A surefire way to find a Wi-Fi service area during your trip is to use this locator: Highway Service Area Locator. To use it, enter the highway entry point (Departure) and the exit point (Arrival), check the wifi box and click Search (Search). The resulting service area descriptions should all have the wifi symbol.

How to get free Internet in Spain

Another very useful network is Free Spain Wifi. It is a national network of free internet access points with a common registration protocol.

This means a registration for continuous access that works in many Spanish cities and regions such as Florence, Siena, Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Piedmont, Sardinia and Friuli! You only need to register once. This protocol requires access points to offer users a minimum of two hours free per day! To date, they have more than 7.800 hotspots across Spain.

In order to write for experience on the Free Wifi Spain network, we signed up for free wifi Rome. Everything went smoothly. The process is very typical: name, email address, physical address, date of birth and identity verification and you select your username and password (handsome01 is now used).

Verification is done by credit card authorization or by SMS. We used a US based credit card and the transaction was processed quickly.

We have not been charged a single euro on the card and the number is not stored. Using the free wifi Rome we are now able to access other networks that also belong to the company like free wifi Milan.

How to get free WiFi for Android

Then there are some Android applications available in the Play Store which save all WiFi Hotspot zones and locations around the world and which are managed in a huge database. Some of them all have over a million downloads and an amazing community that offers sharing of this information.

This application allows any Android smartphone to search for open free Wi Fi networks and connect to them automatically. This way you can save your data usage and easily join free WiFi networks. The application saves the choice and will not change the network if the device is connected to this saved network. You can also connect or disconnect from any network you want by simply tapping on them.

This application helps you discover free Internet access anywhere using Wi-Fi hotspots. It can automatically find out which Wi-Fi hotspot connection really works. It is possible to use passwords shared by others and access Wi-Fi hotspots in bars, restaurants, shopping malls and other public places and automatically notify you when you are very close to a connection.

WiFi Connection Manager is a Wi-Fi scanner, manager and connector to WiFi networks for your Android device. It is possible to save network passwords on rooted devices. You can switch between available networks to resolve the network conflict problem. You can add / connect to the hidden SSID network and you can manually add a network, with special support for EAP / LEAP encrypted network. Additional features include Web Authentication Auto Detection, Backup / Restore Saved Networks, Add / Share Wi-Fi Network with QR Code, Arrange Priority Link Network etc.

WiFi Manager helps you find, connect and manage WiFi networks. This information displays all the details about the connection, another allows you to switch between your favorite networks with a single tap, and yet another toggles the WiFi Access Points. This application can switch between your favorite networks with just one tap, using the WiFi Switcher network widget.

How to get free WiFi for iPhone

Auto Wi-Fi Lite is a free version of Auto Wi-Fi. it is a WiFi connection detection app for iPhone that stores all information such as username and password and allows you to automatically detect Wi-Fi hotspots and stay connected with these Wi-Fi networks, all the time. There is no need to open the web browser every time to connect with Wi-Fi networks.

WifiTrak is a free WiFi monitoring application for iPhone that helps you find free WiFi hotspots and public hotspots quickly and easily. It tracks every Wi-Fi hotspot near you and tests them to test if they are good then afterwards it releases you a list of WiFi networks, sorted from the most usable to the least usable. When it finds WiFi hotspots, it automatically informs you and launches the browser.

Pocket WiFi Radar for iPhone will help you connect your iPhone to open and free Wi-Fi hotspot connections and wireless access points near you with just a click of the mouse. It is an ideal wifi application for iPhone, for travelers and professionals on the go. It will automatically search for all open WiFi hotspots, when it finds them it will notify you on the screen via an animated radar.

WiFiGet for iPhone is a powerful yet simple WiFi Hotspot Finder and LAN Scanner App for iPhone. With iWiFiGet the user can search for the Wifi Hotspots closest to you or to a specific address. It will update online directories daily is totally based on user input, when it discovers new Wi-Fi hotspot near you. Directories can then be presented using the 'Add Hotspot' function.

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