WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

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If you want to master WhatsApp, you need to download this free cheat sheet full of Android and iOS secrets.

You probably use WhatsApp every day - it's a great messaging app. But are you using the full power of WhatsApp? Maybe not. There are many tips and tricks bubbling under the surface, just waiting to be discovered, that will make your life easier and your messaging more efficient.

So, if you want to get the most out of the popular messaging app, here are some Android and iOS tips and tricks that you need to try.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

ConsiglioAndroid instructionsInstructions for iOS
Mark chats as unread:Press and hold the chat and select Mark as unread .Open the chat, scroll right and select Mark as unread .
Add a chat at the top:Press and hold the chat and select the icon Pin from the top menu.Swipe right and tap Block chat .
Share your GPS location:Open a chat and tap the icon Location. To stop sharing your location, go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Share my location .
Send a broadcast message privately:Open the chat, tap i three points in the upper right corner and select New transmission .Open the chat, go to Transmission lists and add the desired contacts.
Mute chat or group chat:Open the chat and tap i three points in the upper right corner and select disable .Open the chat, go up Group o Information contact and touch disable .
Bookmark an important message in a chat:Long press the specific message e tocca il pulsating Stella .Double-tap the specific message e tocca il pulsating Stella .
Delete a specific message on a chat:Press and hold the specific message and touch Delete .
Delete all chats:Go up Settings and select Chat and contacts , Then Delete all chats .
Delete all chats:Go up Settings and select Chat and contacts , Then Delete all chats .
Chat on backup:After installing WhatsApp and verifying your number, you need to tap Restore .Go up Settings , select Chat , select Backup chat and select the desired option.
Forward messages to someone else:Press and hold the message and touch Submit .
Send a voice message:Press and hold the microphone button on the right side of the message window and start talking. When the recording is complete, she lifts her finger to send the voice message.
Speed ​​up the playback of voice messages:Touch the play icon next to the voicemail and tap the icon 1x , which will appear under the play icon. You can then tap 1,5x o 2x to speed up the voice message.
Make words bold, italic or strikethrough:Add an asterisk to either side of the word or phrase for *Bold* . Add an underscore on either side of the word or phrase for _cursive_ . Add a tilde on both sides of the word or phrase for ~ strikethrough ~ .
Find out when your message was read:Press and hold the specific message and tap the icon Info .Swipe left on the specific message.
Use Siri or Google Assistant to read your WhatsApp messages:Just say, "Hey Google, read my WhatsApp messages."Just say, "Hey Siri, read my WhatsApp messages."
Delete a sent message:Press and hold the message and touch Delete .
Tag people in group chat:You just have to type @ and a list of all group member names will appear and select the name of the person you want to mention.
Archive a chat:Long press on the specific chat and touch the Archive folder .Swipe left on the specific chat and tap archive .
Send a GIF:Toccata Emoji > GIF . You can also touch Search to search for a specific GIF.Touch the Plus icon> Photo and video library> tap GIF and select the one you want.
Privacy and security
Hide your "Last Accessed" status:Go up Settings> Account> Privacy> Last Accessed . Touch Nobody to hide your “Last Accessed” status.
Hide the blue check mark:Go up Settings> Account> Privacy and deactivate Read confirmations .
Read messages secretly:One way to make sure the recipient doesn't know you've read a message is to put the phone in airplane mode before opening the message. When done, simply turn off the flight mode . It will still be marked as unread.
Hide your profile picture:Go up Settings> Account> Privacy and select who can see your profile picture.
Block a WhatsApp contact:Open the chat, tap the subject of the contact top> Scroll down> Block contact .
Enable Disappearing Messages:Open the chat, tap on contact top> Disappearing messages > Active.
Disable saving images and videos in your gallery:Go up Settings> Chat> disable Show media in the gallery .Go up Settings> Chat> disable Save to Camera Roll .
Send a message that disappears:Open the specific chat, tap on contact top> Disappearing messages > Active.
Send a disappearing image or video:Open the chat, tap the button Clip next to the message entry field> Choose a photo / video or take a photo / video> Tap 1 next to the blue send and send arrowOpen the chat, tap the icon More> Choose a photo / video or take a photo / video> Tap 1 next to the blue send and send arrow.
Enable two-step verification:Go up Settings> Accounts> Two-Step Verification and add a PIN for added security.
Abilita Touch ID / Face ID:Go up Settings> Account> Privacy > activate Fingerprint lock .Go up Settings> Account> Privacy> Screen lock > enable Touch ID/Face ID .
View your WhatsApp data report:Go up Settings> Account> Request Account Information> Request Report .
Change the background of the WhatsApp wallpaper:Go up Settings> Chat> Chat Background> Choose Wallpaper Library .
View your data and storage usage:Go up Settings> Account> Data usage> Network usage .
Save your share of data:Go up Settings> Data usage and storage> Automatic media download and set your preferred option.
Search for a specific chat:Go up Chat> Specific chat> Open the top right menu> Search and type in the search bar.Go up Chat> Specific chat> Touch contact at the top> Chat search and type in the search bar.
Edit a photo before sending it:Before sending a photo in a chat, you can use the tools at the top of the image to crop, draw, add text, or rotate.
Change your number with the same WhatsApp account:Go up Settings> Accounts> Change number .
Identify a fake contact:With a “toll-free number” or an app, anyone can create a fake WhatsApp account. To check if a contact is a bot, try calling the number. If you can't reach him, he's probably not a real person.
Automatically add a date or event to your calendar:This only works for iOS users and you have to press and hold the date in chat and tap Create event .
Unblocked from someone's WhatsApp:Go up Settings> Accounts> Delete my account and delete your account. After deleting your account, delete the data for the WhatsApp application, then create your account with the same number. You will now be unlocked.
Send a message to someone who has blocked you:You need a friend to group with you and the person who blocked you. Open that group, type your message and send it, now you will send your message to the person who blocked you.


WhatsApp has many hidden features and tricks that you can take advantage of to improve your communication. Now that you know them, don't waste time trying them on and don't forget to pass them on to your friends and family too.

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