Chatwatch: the app to spy on WhatsApp

Chatwatch: the app to spy on WhatsApp. Chatwatch uses the public online / offline status function, to let other users know how often their friends check the app and an estimate of the time they will go to sleep each day; he can also compare and cross-reference the data of two specially chosen contacts and guess if they have spoken.

Chatwatch: the app to spy on WhatsApp

is an app that is that allows you to spy on WhatsApp both on Android that of iOS allowing to obtain information obtainable from the WhatsApp profiles of your contacts.

Chatwatch tries to exploit the information obtained to understand when the contacts went to sleep and when they got up, but above all it correlates them with each other; comparing the connection and disconnection times of all contacts in the user's address book, it hypothesizes possible conversations between two acquaintances, assigning probability scores.

The app, unfortunately, does nothing illegal, since it simply uses the information that each smartphone sends to WhatsApp every time it connects to its servers and which normally allows you to view under the user's name details such as the status (online or disconnected) and the time of the last time they consulted WhatsApp. The only difference is that, by consulting the database at regular and close intervals, it is able to offer a history of these data, graphically organized in order to allow the creation of real statistics.

By cross-referencing the data of all our contacts, he also hypothesizes not only at what time each one went to sleep or got up but also how much chance there is to have chatted with someone else.

How to defend against Chatwatch

Just hide the last login:

  • Open Whatsapp;
  • Go in the settings of the app;
  • Choose the item "Account";
  • Select "Privacy";
  • Under the heading "Last access", Choose"Nobody".

That way no one can use chatwatch to find out your timetables.

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