How to hide WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp it has become so popular and so everyday that it sometimes needs to be rearranged.

This especially with regard to contacts: work, family, affectionate, friendship, acquaintances etc, a great mess of names and telephone numbers which, as well as in the address book, also appear in the app.

For one reason for another, in our periodic data review, it might come in handy too hide WhatsApp contacts.

For what reason?

As we said: WhatsApp imports i contacts directly from the smartphone address book, and this means that it is not possible to delete a name from the application, keeping it active in the telephone address book.

In this article, we will highlight and explain how to find solutions to this case, and then hide a name in WhatsApp, making changes directly to our contact in the address book.

How to hide contacts on WhatsApp

To ensure that a contact is no longer displayed, among those available in the appropriate screen of the WhatsApp app, downloadable:

  • , also on the official website in APK format,
  • ,

you can act directly from the app itself, and then be redirected to the address book.

That's how.

How to hide WhatsApp contacts: Android

hide a WhatsApp contact on Android and, at the same time, keep it alive in the phone book, you can change its name, by moving the phone number to the section Notes of the card:

  • ,
  • or in the default address book of your device,

in this way, if one day we would like to re-enter the modified contact number, it can be copied from this section.

By doing so, the conversations that we have with this specific contact, will no longer be visible in WhatsApp, although it will be possible to view them again and we will see how later.

To put the above into practice:

  • open Whatsapp,
  • press on the icon white speech bubble on a green background that we find at the bottom right, in the card Chat,
  • we will then be redirected to the available contacts section,
  • click on profile picture of the contact we want to hide,
  • tap the button (I) located on the right.

To continue:

  • press the ⁝ button at the top right,
  • Click on the item View in the address book,
  • now we see the contact card selected in the address book of your smartphone,
  • Click on the item Edit contact located at the bottom right.

Then you have to choose the Google account to which the contact synchronization function is associated:

  • must be active,
  • select the account to which the address book of contacts available on WhatsApp is associated
  • on the next screen, proceed to change the text displayed in the field Your name,
  • copy the telephone number displayed in the field Phone Number,
  • delete it and press on the wording Other fields, down,
  • paste the number into the field Note,
  • press the button Save.

Return to WhatsApp:

  • press the button of white speech bubble on a green background that we find in the card Chat,
  • tap the ⁝ button at the top right,
  • I will select the voice Update, to update the contact list.

In the contacts section, the hidden friend will no longer be displayed, nor will their conversations.

If we continue to view the contact on WhatsApp, this means that the contact has also been saved in another account, for example a working one, of Android.

Search for the contact on WhatsApp in this section and repeat all the steps seen so far.

In case we want to see the contact and conversations we have hidden again:

  • access the app Contact us,
  • locate the edited contact by looking for their name in the search bar displayed above,
  • proceed to change the name,
  • paste the phone number from the section Notes to field Phone,
  • press the button Save.

Return to WhatsApp:

  • press the button of white speech bubble,
  • and finish by going to ⁝> Refresh.

If we have activated the synchronization of contacts with the Google account, which we use on your Android smartphone, you can:

  • proceed with the modification of contacts also from,
  • which you can access from any device, PC included.

How to hide WhatsApp contacts on iPhone

Let's look at it now how to hide WhatsApp contacts on iPhone.

The steps to follow are very similar to those proposed for Android:

  • open the app Contact us, the one with the icon oflittle man, from the home screen,
  • or from the App Library,
  • scroll through the list of available contacts, registered in the address book,
  • or type the name of the person who interests us in the search field at the top.

Once the contact has been identified:

  • press on his name in the list,
  • in the open tab with details, click the button Modification top right,
  • change the text displayed in the field Your name,
  • copy the telephone number located in the appropriate field,
  • delete it,
  • paste it in the field Notes that we see below,
  • press the button end at the top right.

The callsign should have disappeared from WhatsApp.

To also hide the conversations made with the hidden user:

  • select the tab Chat application,
  • swipe your finger from right to left on the title of the conversation,
  • tap the button archive to archive it,
  • or choose the items Other ed Delete chat to completely clear the conversation.

In case of second thoughts, to restore the name in WhatsApp:

  • open the app Contact us on iOS,
  • select the contact you edited from the list,
  • press the button Modify,
  • copy the number mobile phone in the appropriate field.

Go back to WhatsApp and remove hidden chats from the archive.

How to hide WhatsApp conversations

If we do not want to hide contacts, but just avoid certain conversations appear on the main screen of the application, you can take advantage of the function Archiving messages, included in the mobile app and computer variants.

Archived WhatsApp conversations are not deleted, but end up in a "hidden" section of the application.

To do this on an Android phone:

  • start Whatsapp,
  • in the tab Chat, perform a prolonged tap on 'preview area of conversazione that we intend to archive,
  • press on the icon cube with arrow top right and that's it.

To find the chat made invisible:

  • tap on the item Archived placed at the top of the card Chat.

When new messages arrive on the archived chat, we will not receive notifications and the conversation will not reappear in the Chats tab.

Only a small one will be displayed green number, next to the item Archived, indicating the amount of new messages in the archived chat.

In case one wants to remove the above conversation:

  • keep your finger pressed on hers preview, in the section Archived,
  • from here tap on the icon cube with arrow.

To repeat this same procedure on iPhone:

  • open the app of WhatsApp,
  • go to the section Chat pressing on the appropriate item that we find below,
  • locate the chat to hide,
  • swipe from right to left on the name of the conversation,
  • press the button Archive.

If we want to report a conversation archived in the section Chat:

  • access it,
  • scroll down the list of conversations,
  • press on the wording Archived chats,
  • perform another swipe from right to left on the title of the conversation archived,
  • press the button Extract.

Now let's consider using WhatsApp from a computer, and let's see how to perform the same steps from WhatsApp Desktop, available for:

  1. ,
  2. ,
  3. the browser application.

Once you have started WhatsApp on your PC:

  • move the mouse pointer to the right end of thepreview area of Chat that we want to hide,
  • we find all the conversations on the home screen, on the left,
  • a will appear arrow pointing down,
  • click on,
  • press the button Archive chat.

To go back and restore the archived conversation:

  • press on the item Archived, at the top of the chat list,
  • move the pointer to the right end of thepreview area of Chat ,
  • click on the icon arrow,
  • tap on Estrai chat dall'archivio.

How to hide blocked WhatsApp contacts

If we have blocked a WhatsApp contact who kept sending us messages that we did not like, we might be interested in knowing if it is possible hide the contact of the user in question from the list of those blocked.

At the moment this cannot be done, neither from the WhatsApp app for mobile devices, nor from a computer.

The only thing you can do from the blocked contacts section of WhatsApp is unlock them everyone .

How to hide WhatsApp contact photos

It may happen that we don't want the profile picture of one of the contacts we chat with most often. In this case, if we intend to change it, we must ask the owner himself.

In fact, only the user in question can modify or hide his profile photo from all his contacts by changing the privacy settings of the app.

You must therefore tell him to do as we will see in the next paragraph.

How to hide your WhatsApp contact

To hide WhatsApp from contacts, the profile holder must change the privacy settings related to:

  • Our last login,
  • your profile picture
  • l’info,
  • the state,
  • the read receipts.

In practice, all the blue ticks that indicate to other users that we have read the messages they have sent us. By deactivating some of the settings in question (e.g. the blue ticks or the last access) we will not be able, in turn, to see them for other WhatsApp users due to a reciprocity rule, provided for by the service.

If, however, we are interested in making ourselves invisible:

  • open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone device, (from a PC this is still not allowed).
  • With an Android device:
  • go to the Chat screen> ⋮> Settings> Accounts> Privacy,
  • tap on the Last Access item,
  • from the menu that opens, select the option None,
  • or the My contacts option, if we want to show this information only to the latter,

repeat the same step for the options:

  • Profile picture,
  • information,
  • Status, in the latter case, if we do not want to show the status to anyone,
  • press on the Share with option,
  • do not select any user from the list,
  • come back,
  • press the Finish button.

In conclusion, to disable read receipts:

  • click on the appropriate item that we find in the same screen,
  • tap on the switch located next to it in order to bring the lever to OFF.
  • The same steps also apply to iPhone:
  • open WhatsApp:
  • click on Settings at the bottom right.

From here on, the directions to follow are exactly the same as we have already seen in the previous pages.

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