How to archive chats on whatsapp android and iPhone

How to archive chats on whatsapp android and iPhone

How to archive chats on whatsapp android and iPhone. Archive your less used chats to keep your whatsapp clean.

Archiving a whatsapp chat does not mean deleting it but keeping it in an archive where you can resume it whenever you want.

In this way you can clean your whatsapp chat home without having so many that you no longer understand anything and keep only those you use frequently.

How to archive chats on whatsapp on android

If you want to archive a single chat in WhatsApp for Android, all you have to do is:

  • open the app
  • go to its screen with the list of all chats in progress
  • keep your finger pressed on one of the threads you want to archive
  • So wait for the first discussion to be highlighted
  • select the others you want to add to the WhatsApp archive
  • presses onbox icon that appears at the top right to archive

Once the messages have been archived on WhatsApp, to view them:

  • go to the card Chat application
  • presses on the voice Archived conversations located at the bottom of the screen

To restore a chat from the WhatsApp archive:

  • hold your finger on it
  • presses on box icon which appears at the top right

How to archive whatsapp chats on iPhone

 archive WhatsApp messages are iPhones:

  • select the card Chat application
  • swipe your finger on the conversation to be archived making a movement from right to left
  • push the button Archive that appears on the right

If you want to archive more than one conversation at the same time:

  • tap on the button Modification which is located at the top left
  • put the check mark next to the chats to archive
  • presses on the voice Archive which is located at the bottom left

Once archived, WhatsApp for iPhone discussions can be viewed using the search bar on the tab Chat application (above) or by “tapping” on the item Archived chats that appears in the tab Chat doing a swipe from top to bottom.

Once you have viewed the archived chats, to restore one and bring it back to the main application screen:

  • swipe from right to left on its title
  • presses on the button Extract
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