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    What if the phone freezes from the cold? Is it covered by the warranty?

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    Several cold spells constantly hit Spain and other countries every winter, with all that that entails. It's not just cars that suffer from low temperatures, but much more sensitive devices like smartphones too. Surely you have asked yourself this question when walking in the snow: what if for some reason yours cell phone freezes? Is it covered by the warranty?

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    This problem is more important than it seems, especially in some countries, northern areas and for mountaineering enthusiasts. Their smartphones are exposed to sub-zero temperatures and can even fall into the snow on many occasions. Of course, there is no universal case law that works for all cases.

    We will try to answer this question in many of the cases that may arise.

    All phones have minimum and maximum temperatures

    When you buy a new mobile, everyone looks at the processor, RAM and screen, except those looking for an ultra-resistant mobile phone. However, manufacturers prefer safe than sorry and in their endless list of specs they usually make it clear what is the minimum temperature for a cell phone, and also the maximum.

    For your information, the iPhone is designed to work down to -5 ° C, enough to take it out of your pocket, consult it and put it down again. The rest of the cell phones are in this area, grade plus grade minus. There are others that support up to -20º, but they are special cases.

    What happens if you ignore this warning? Your smartphone will stop working. The first thing that will stop working will be the touch screen, then the smartphone will turn off completely. Don't worry about it: even if it "froze", it didn't break, everything will return to normal when the phone returns to its normal temperature.

    Something similar happens with heat. A high temperature warning appears on the screen, although in this case it is a little more dangerous, because the heat reduces the battery life. And in some cases, it could explode.

    Your best bet is to check the device manufacturer's website and read up to what temperature you can expose the phone to to keep it from freezing.

    My mobile phone froze and doesn't work - what can I do

    We have already explained that low temperatures do not cause permanent damage, but sometimes it does. What happens then? The explanation is very simple: you have to buy a new mobile. If your phone freezes and stops working, it will be considered your imprudence. This is due to a simple reason: the manufacturer cannot guess exactly what happened and why it stopped working.

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    It is the same as when an IP67 or IP68 certified mobile phone gets wet and breaks down: the warranty does not cover the damage because who guarantees to the manufacturer that you have not dived with the smartphone? The technical service cannot know if the damage occurred at -5º, -20º or if your mobile phone has been in the snow for two hours.

    • My cell phone fell into the water. And now?

    It is advisable to always consult the technical service as they may be able to repair it, but if the mobile phone has turned off due to the cold it is likely that the water has entered inside, which is more difficult if your mobile phone is equipped with IP67 or IP68 certification.

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