What if Bloodborne was a fighting game? Here's what the soundtrack would look like

Several times this year we have seen strong requests from Bloodborne fans, who hope to be able to return to visit Yharnam thanks to a remaster or a remake on PS5 and PC. To date these wishes have not yet come true, but the fan base of the soulslike with gothic and Lovecraftian influences is always very active and not so compliant. Just a few days ago, one of these enthusiasts tried a reimagine the soundtrack of the From Software title as if it were a fighting game.

  • The author of this fantastic tribute to Bloodborne is Alex Moukala, a composer who creates the soundtracks for movies, video games and trailers. With a new video posted on Twitter a few days ago, this author has managed to remix the soundtrack of PS4 exclusive soulslike as if it were a fighting game. The end result is nothing short of sensational, and it really feels like you're listening to the OST of a fighting game inspired by From Software's masterpiece.

    The composer shows all the most important passages of his recent work in the video, unveiling from where he got some ideas and how he decided to implement them in the final piece. Bloodborne's epic soundtrack erupts with great emphasis from the beginning of the track, which immediately presents some very pumped rhythmic references, just as if it were the soundtrack of a fighting game stage.

    What if Bloodborne's music sounded like a Fighting Game Soundtrack? pic.twitter.com/CcWhMVDLty

    — Alex Moukala (@alex_moukala) December 8, 2022

    As the author of the track also points out, the sound mood appears as a mix between the epic and dark themes of Bloodborne and the musical sounds of the more recent Tekken; a marriage we had never thought of until today, but thanks to this top-level production it is now a reality.

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