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    WeTransfer, what it is and how you can use it to share large files

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    if devi send large files and the email does not allow you to attach them, you can send them for free via WeTransfer. With this online service, sending large files for free is very convenient and simple, since there is no need to register or send files or receive them.

    What is WeTransfer?

    WeTransfer it is one of the most popular cloud services and used by users who must send and receive large files which cannot be attached by e-mail. It stands out for being very easy to use and for not requiring registration, so that with a couple of clicks you can send files comfortably and for free.

    One of the features that has allowed WeTransfer to become one of the most popular alternatives for sending large files is that there is no need to register, so neither you nor the recipient of the files have to waste time filling out forms.

    WeTransfer acts as an intermediary between you and the recipient of your files. Its operation is as follows: you send the files to the WeTransfer cloud and the recipient downloads them from it. It is so easy and comfortable!

    So how do the people who work at WeTransfer earn a living? This service has a free version where registration is not required, but is limited to single shipments with a maximum weight of 2GB, although an unlimited number of files can be created. The recipient has a few days to download and, after that time, they are removed from the WeTransfer cloud without a trace.

    There is also a WeTransfer Plus account where the 2GB per file limit goes up to 20GB and, in addition, adds 100GB of cloud space so you can store your files privately.

    However, for most users who want send large files for free, the free version of WeTransfer will be more than enough.

    How to send files with WeTranfer from the browser

    Since there is no need to pre - register to use the service WeTransfer file sharing libero, the simplest and most common way to use this service is accessed directly from the browser. Next, we will show you how to use WeTransfer.

    The first step to using WeTransfer is to access your web page from your browser. The first time you do this it will ask if you want to use the free version or if you prefer the benefits of a WeTransfer Plus account. Click Take me to free to send free of charge i your large files.

    Then it will take you to the page of the service where, despite its attractive design, you will only have to use the small box on the left of the screen.

    The first time you use this service you must read and accept the terms of service to use it. Click Acept to continue.

    Once accepted, you will see the box where you configure the data for sending the file. Start filling it at the top.

    Click the + button to add the files on your computer that you want to send. To do this, your browser will open File Explorer so you can select them. Remember that if you are using the free version, the total weight your files can add is 2GB. If you exceed that limit, you will have to send it separately in two different files.

    After adding the files, click the three dots icon in the lower left corner of the send box to choose how you want to share the files. In the Send section they offer you two ways to do this.

    If you select the email option, WeTransfer will upload the files to your cloud and, at the end of the process, will send an email to the address entered, indicating to the recipient that you have sent some files that can be downloaded with the push of a button.

    The last step for send large files for free is to press the Transfer button after entering all the necessary data. And this is all!

    Send large files via WeTransfer from your mobile

    If instead of use WeTransfer from your browser, you prefer to send files from your mobile or tablet, one of the best options is install the WeTransfer app on your device to do so without having to go through the browser.

    For this, simply access the App section of the WeTransfer website. Here, tap on the operating system you use on your smartphone and it will direct you to the selected application store to download and install the app on your device.

    The operation with the mobile version is very similar to what we have already seen in the web version. You just have to select the file you want to share and select the app or service you want to use to share the download link.

    The recipient will receive the WeTransfer link and will be able to download the content directly to their device.

    WeTransfer tricks

    If you use a good compression program like 7z or Peazip, you can considerably reduce the file size and send more files. Also, these compression programs usually include a feature that automatically splits files into chunks of a certain size, which will allow you to split larger files into chunks of less than 2GB to be able to send them for free with WeTransfer.

    Of course, keep in mind that the recipient will also have to use these programs to decompress them, so it won't always be possible to apply this trick. It all depends on the recipient.

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