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    Valorant: guide to the best weapons in the game

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    Valorant, the brand new fps by Riot Games is released in closed beta for a circle of lucky ones. If you are one of them, it will surely come in handy to know which are the best weapons in the game

    Lo shooter is fast reaching fan su fan, both by taking them with you from League of Legends loyalists, and by pulling them away from the shooters in circulation. With the record on Twitch of four million viewers connected at the same time, also dictated by the possibility of obtaining a key by watching the live broadcast of the game, the phenomenon Valuing is already taking hold by now. The game will only be available to the public this summer, but if you are curious to know the best weapons in the current meta of the game then you can't miss this guide!

    One bullet after another

    In Valorant, a player's strength is not dictated only by the weapon he wields, but it is also true that a good weapon compared to a weaker one can affect the game more. To simplify the guide and proceed in a more orderly way, we have decided to divide the weapons in 5 tiers in descending order of power, with damage divided by "body part".

    It is clear that certain Agents, with their unique abilities and style of play, are most suitable to wield certain weapons over others, so our advice is to experiment with the different combos. Without taking any more time, let's see together which are the best weapons in Valorant!

    S Tier - Valorant: guide to the best weapons in the game

    Tier S weapons are the best within Valorant, proving to be the best compromise between magazine capacity, damage and cost. Among the best weapons are two assault rifles, an SMG and a sniper rifle. Specifically, the weapons are:

    • Specter: Quite inexpensive SMG, with good wall penetration and excellent rate of fire
    • Phantom: The best assault rifle in the game together with the Vandal. Excellent damage as well as rate of fire, and good wall penetration
    • Vandal: The second most powerful assault rifle, has the same damage as the Phantom but with a smaller magazine and a lower rate of fire
    • Operator: The best sniper rifle in the game, it displays massive damage and impressive wall penetration. Unique against magazine capacity and rate of fire

    These weapons are generally suitable to be equipped by all Agents in the game being the strongest, except dell’Operator. Some heroes, the more tactical ones such as Cypher or Sova, are perfect for wielding sniper rifles, while the more aggro characters (such as assassins) do not give their best with this type of weapon.

    A Tier - Valorant: guide to the best weapons in the game

    In second place we find the weapons of A tier. After the previous ones, these weapons are the best to equip nei round Forced Buy and they are slightly less powerful than the previous ones (again in relation to the agent being used and the player's ability, of course). The weapons in question are three:

    • Sheriff: The best gun in the game, demonstrating massive damage and great wall penetration
    • Marshal: A powerful sniper rifle, also featuring massive damage and wall penetration. Slightly weaker than the Operator and therefore cheaper
    • Ares: An assault rifle that demonstrates good damage and excellent rate of fire at an affordable price. The only flaw is the poor accuracy over long distances

    The first two weapons are great from range as well as up close, while the third is one validissima alternativea to tier S assault rifles if you don't have enough money. Great for breakout characters like Breach o Phoenix. The Marshal, in particular, proves to be a good choice for Sage as well, although it takes a while to master.

    B Tier - Valorant: guide to the best weapons in the game

    We continue our guide to the best weapons with this tier, Tier B. Weapons from Tier B are generally good and viable about all the Agents. In this category we find an SMG, an assault rifle and a heavy assault rifle. While they may look similar in statistics, these weapons prove themselves effective in a different way. In particular:

    • Stinger: A very economical SMG, and therefore equipped with not too much magazine capacity and modest damage. A good choice for Save rounds
    • Guardian: An expensive assault rifle, but with good damage and good wall penetration. Among the cons, the low rate of fire and the low capacity
    • Odin: A very expensive heavy assault rifle but with a very good rate of fire. Also good magazine capacity as well as damage

    As already mentioned, these weapons are suitable for all agents being quite cheap (in the case of the Stinger and the Guardian). The Odin proves itself a great weapon from frontline in the hands of attacking characters and a good alternative for a possible all-in. Too bad for the high price, which makes this weapon a little too casual.

    C Tier - Valorant: guide to the best weapons in the game

    In this tier we find medium weapons as a power relative to the purchase cost. This category proves itself quite varied, collecting three different types of weapon. Tier C weapons are:

    • Ghost: A very economical pistol suitable for the first rounds or the Save ones, and therefore with modest damage and rate of fire
    • Bucky: An inexpensive shotgun capable of firing only 1 shot per second, slow and deadly only at close range
    • Judge: Another shotgun, much more powerful than the previous one and consequently much more expensive. This is also constrained to close range
    • Bulldog: A bit overpriced assault rifle but with a good magazine. Fire in bursts of 9 shots, not at all easy to perfect

    These weapons are an economical choice in case of Forced Round, or if you prefer to buy the agent skills of your choice, over more expensive weapons. A perfect example is the case of jett, assassin capable of quickly approaching the opponent, repositioning herself or gaining height. In this case the Judge turns out to be an excellent pick and with the rest of the money it is possible to fill up on skills. Clear?

    D Tier - Valorant: guide to the best weapons in the game

    This tier collects Valorant's least profitable weapons. As a result, we find all the weapons that were not listed in the previous categories and the reason is that they are not powerful enough or otherwise too expensive (except for the tactical knife). The weapons in question are:

    • Shorty: A sawed-off shotgun lethal in close combat, capable of firing only two rounds before reloading. Far too slow and situational
    • Classic: The standard pistol that we are in hand at the start of the round or in case of death. Not exactly the best with which to jump into the fray
    • Frenzy: A UZI with the same damage as the Classic, but with a much better rate of fire. Too bad the cost is also higher.
    • Tactical Knife: The tactical knife supplied (free) to all agents. It goes without saying that this weapon is only useful in close combat, and often not even lethal

    The weapons in this tier are clearly not among the best in the game, but in this case a clarification is a must. In Valorant, some rounds must be played "To savings", to save money and benefit yourself and your teammates in later rounds. Although these weapons are the weakest, choose them to save a good number of credits in anticipation of the future it may prove to be a wise and far-sighted alternative.

    Boom, headshot

    Ok friends, this was our guide to best weapons of Valorant. Don't forget that these are statistics only, so combining the weapon you are best with with your favorite Agent remains the best way to achieve victory. Our advice is to try synergies and combos between different Agents and weapons, and build your own very personal style of play. Also, we suggest you take a look at our guide to Agents and their skills, and our tips and tricks for playing at their best to get an idea of ​​how to get started on the right foot.

    As always, we remind you to stay connected on Holygamerz for more guides, news and updates on Valorant and much more. Bye and good luck!

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