V Rising is free on Steam, but only for a few days

V Rising is an open world survival with top-down graphics that immediately attracted a large number of players. Although still in early access, the title developed by Stunlock Studios offers a great variety of gameplay and a dual mode that allows you to play both offline and online. For a short period of time, you can try the game totally free thanks to an offer made by Steam.

During its first week in Early Access, V Rising set several sales records by surpassing one million copies sold. Data that increased during the first month to exceed two million for the game of Stunlock Studios which has achieved surprising results even for the most optimistic of its developers.

V Rising puts us in the role of a vampire who wakes up in a crypt. After leaving our first base, we find ourselves wandering through different environments with the aim of creating our own camp and defending ourselves from the dangers that surround us. With servers capable of hosting up to 50 players, the title even allows you to create real communities that populate the settings. After having created our castle, we will in fact be able to have subjects and grow our vampire empire as much as possible. To hinder us, in addition to the other online players, there will also be several fearsome bosses and dangers of various kinds (above all, of course, the sun).

V Rising will be available for this free trial all weekend, before returning to purchasable price on Steam. Furthermore, the modders are already working on the title of Stunlock Studios and have created a mod capable of moving the camera from a third person from above to a first person which brings the title back to a style much closer to the various Skyrim and Dark Souls (which you can buy on Amazon).

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