Underhero review: a crack in the fourth wall of the video game

Spain and Indie video games: Underhero continues the positive trend

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In recent years, the link between Spain and Indie video games becomes more and more tight and fruitful. Titles of the likes of Gray (Nomada Studio) and more recently Tem Tem (Crema Games) are proving how much Spanish developers they want to have their say. Paper Castle Games, authors of Underhero, he was not afraid to express himself and propose interesting ideas. Underhero is a video game indie, however, of those who manage to stay impressed in the hearts of the players despite theirs simplicity. The project was born as crowdfunding through a campaign Indiegogo and after a few years of development we can finally try it for yourself.

Taking inspiration ad Undertale and Paper Mario and seasoning it all with one break almost constant of the fourth wall of the video game, the title left me a lot soddisfatto. Choosing to use a Employee of the Evil Lord as the protagonist it allows authors to vent their own comic streak and to expand the plot more than you expect! I tell you from now on, the game vale flatly every single penny asked, but what are Underhero's strengths and in what sense is it inspired by Undertale and Paper Mario? Let's find out together!

Become an Evil Employee too with Underhero, they have cookies!

Already with the trailer, the first cracks begin to appear in the fourth wall!

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You know the Shy Guy of Super Mario? Here, in Underhero our protagonist is theequivalent of a Shy Guy, nicknamed Masked Guy. All the Masked Guys, and other monsters, are at addictions of the evil one Mr. Stitches that he does not mind having his subordinates massacred. Suffice it to say that to save you must actually stamp the card! They then begin to pull the first ones hammered on the fourth wall, with jokes e references to the classics stereotypes of many 2D adventures. In short, the hero who must defeat evil to save the princess and try to interrupt the cycle of struggles between good and evil. Let's start the adventure as the usual hero who will come unexpectedly killed from our little evil employee.

The underling of Stitches, however, is convinced by talking sword of the hero and decides to take the place of the latter. Thus begins the journey of a new hero, a hero undercover as an employee of evil! There first mission of our small employee will redistribute the classics magic stones to the 3 bosses. The latter are considered useful by Stitches not to hinder the hero but to make him stronger with the aim of having a more exciting final battle. As you progress through the game you hear more and more of the repetition of the cycle and the struggle between good and evil, concept key for the plot.

But since I am not an employee of evil I will avoid spoiling you more!

Breaking the fourth wall of the video game: between Undertale ...

The graphics sector Underhero shows up with a 265-bit Pixel Art with a very vivid and colorful color palette.

What the masterpiece of Toby Fox influenced Paper Castle Games in the creation of Underhero is evident. Despite the differences in graphic style, there are many points of similarity with the sensations aroused by both titles. The constant use of black e violet in settings at times melancholy, but often a lot too colored, reminded me a lot of Undertale. The sense of having found oneself in something very bigger than ours little protagonist could face is very similar and makes exploration more interesting. The game world comes featured much above all thanks to ours colleagues "monsters" of the various worlds, with which we can speak before engaging in combat. Talking to them will always give us little ones information concerning the world where we are or on relationship between Stitches and the other bosses. There are also countless jokes and references to the classic elements of video games such as Hp, experience points and so on.

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Always in tune with Undertale, in some scenes we may decide to save the other underlings of Stitches and this leads to some little differences (unimportant unfortunately) in the part final of the title. Unfortunately the absence of more endings made me turn up my nose. Some traces of the OST also evoke sensations similar to the compositions of Toby Fox, varying between song extremely easygoing to others more ambient thanks to synths. Not all the OST, however, remains constant in terms of quality, with some traces far too much court for the sections in which they have been inserted. In fact, in some areas we will be forced to suffer gods small loops repeated endlessly which after a few minutes do nothing but drill yourself the brain! In general, however, the soundtrack is more than that sufficient, I do not deny that since I finished the game every now and then I go to listen to some tracks from youtube!

… And Paper Mario we find Underhero

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I don't know about you, me honestly missing much the saga of Paper Mario. A saga now almost dead also due to a series of games somewhat tasteless (even if well done) subsequent to Super Paper Mario for Wii. Underhero has me sincerely hit it with someone references to this saga, making me realizzare how much I would like a new chapter on the style of "Paper Mario and the Millennial Portal”For GameCube. The latter made me mad especially for his combat system turn-based classic RPG with the addition of quick time events that allowed you to do more damage or dodge some attacks.

Underhero's combat system is similar but not identical thanks to the introduction of the stamina bar and parry. Dodging and parrying does recover the stamina quickly and this pushes the player to want learn patterns of opponents. The stamina allowed the developers to eliminate the turn-based system, making battles a hair more dynamic. It must also be said, however, that in alcune battles there will be dozens and dozens of seconds wasted into thin air to regain stamina as some enemies attack too slowly. However, this depends on what type of "colleague" we are dealing with. Not to be underestimated then i environmental puzzles and the stages of platformer, closer to Super Paper Mariodefinitely well done it's a lot funny!

Why is Underhero inspired by Paper Mario to break the fourth wall of the video game? Get to the ending and then tell me if you don't notice any similarities with Super Paper Mario!

In conclusion, Underhero is a excellent game. Its many advantages are inspire to things already seen, stirring but for good all and managing to offer in its own way something original. Duration settles on ten hours, more than acceptable for the stock price (15 €), but that left me dry-mouthed why I didn't want it to end so soon. Underhero is available on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. I just have to congratulate the guys at Paper Castle Games!

Verdict 8/10 Breaking the fourth wall and similarities to Undertale and Paper Mario. how to resist? Comment Underhero is an excellent video game, born of the rise of Spanish developers in the indie field. It absolutely deserves to be tried and played to the full, especially if you loved Undertale and the first Paper Mario. Do not take the plot lightly because it can reserve some nice surprises! Pros and cons Plot that manages to capture the player
Very cute and fun ending
Combat System fun and intuitive
Satisfactory graphics sector
Excellent blend of elements "already seen" ... x ... but few truly original elements
x Some too annoying loops in the soundtrack
x Lack of an end-game or NG +
x Too much downtime in some of the fights

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