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Two-factor authentication instagram increases your security. There is no need to update the Instagram application to get the feature.

Two-factor authentication on Instagram works with your phone number. Whenever you log into an app with your Instagram account, you will need to enter an eight-digit code to verify your identity.

This code is sent to the phone number registered for your Instagram account.

Here's how to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram application on your phone.
  • profile card
  • Up wheel button to go to account settings.
  • Tap the 'two-factor authentication' option on the settings screen.

  • Activate the function.
  • When activated, it will take you to the confirmation screen.
  • The confirmation screen has an input field for entering the confirmation code.
  • Below the confirmation code field, you can see the phone number where the code will be sent.

  • Once two-factor authentication is enabled on Instagram, the two-factor authentication screen will list five backup codes.
  • These codes can be used for authentication if we have to access your instagram account in the absence of the phone or signal or through another device.
  • You should keep them safe. You can get new codes with the 'New Codes' option.

  • Instagram suggests copying the codes and saving them somewhere or taking a screenshot.

Disable two-factor authentication instagram

  • You can turn off two-factor authentication whenever you want.
  • Go to your account settings and tap on two-factor authentication.
  • You won't need to verify your identity to turn off two-factor authentication.

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