TIM: FTTH in 1.610 municipalities by the end of 2025

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TIM continues to invest in innovation. In anticipation of the launch of FiberCop, a unique company for the ultra-broadband network management, the company has published on its wholesale website the co-investment offer for the construction of the secondary access network in optical fiber.

Offer simultaneously notified toAGCOM in order to be assessed under the new European Code of Electronic Communications and to adopt the consequent measures.

The TIM initiative is based on the "open" co-investment provided for by the new Code and represents the first case of this type in Europe on a national scale. The purpose is to offer FTTH solutions to households and businesses in 1.610 municipalities in the national territory by 2025.

The project is aimed at all market players and the fiber network architecture that will be adopted will serve to reconcile the objectives of efficiency and the promotion of infrastructural competition between operators, simplify the migration processes of retail customers between different suppliers.

The co-investment offer concerns approximately 75% of the real estate units in the gray and black areas of the country and provides for the supply of wholesale access services to the FTTH network that can be used by operators with different technical solutions.

Interested operators will be able to join the co-investment even on geographic extensions of the territory that are more limited than the entire project, even at the level of a single municipality.

Finally, as required by the new European Code, the model of participation in the co-investment is based on an effective sharing of the long-term risk of building the new FTTH network. The degree of risk sharing will be decided, on a non-discriminatory basis, by each co-investor according to their characteristics and business choices.

Participation in the project may also take place in the years following 2021, for a consideration determined in such a way as to reflect the fact that the first investors accept greater risks and commit their capital before the others.

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