Thimbleweed Park Review (PS4, One, PC)

It is useless to deny it: if you too were born between the eighties and the beginning of the nineties, you cannot forget the period of the graphic adventures by LucasArts.

It is useless to deny it: if you too were born between the eighties and the beginning of the nineties, you cannot but remember the period of graphic adventures. LucasArts (Monkey Island primarily). This type of game, also called "point and click", has managed to get under the skin of many players and, despite the passage of time, to remain anchored to their hearts, making them yearn for new stories and new (graphic) adventures to be able to satisfy this never dormant passion. The various Heavy Rain and Telltale Games titles were useless, far from the complexity and charm of LucasArts adventures, but finally things seem destined to change. The savior, once again, responds to the name of Ron Gilbert (creator of The Secret of Monkey Island) who in the first part of 2017 decided to launch a campaign Kickstarter to give birth to his new project: Thimbleweed Park. Thimbleweed Park immediately received approval from the public, which allowed him to come released on PC and Xbox One on March 30th, conquering literally everyone (here you can read our review). Now the new work of Ron Gilbert is ready to land on PlayStation 4 (and next month on Nintendo Switch), so it seemed right to review this new version as well, in the hope you can find everything interesting and, in case you are not used to the "point and click" adventures, be enticed to purchase this new adventure set in 1987. Happy reading!

Version tested: PlayStation 4

The ending you don't expect
The boundless amount of quotes, gags, curtains and situations present within the story that makes up Thimbleweed Park is something that has not been seen for years in the gaming industry

Il narrative sector di Thimbleweed Park (hence also called only TP) it is something simply sensational. The plot sees two detectives (Angela Ray and Antonio Reyes) investigate a mysterious murder in the town of Thimbleweed Park, apparently (too) calm place that hides more than one secret. Our two agents are joined by three other characters that we can control during the adventure: Delores, a videogames developer, Ransome, a clown who because of a curse can no longer take off his make-up, and Franklin, Delores's father from the "cadaveric" aspect. Each individual character has a background and a different way of dealing with the various people who populate the small town, which brings into play hundreds and hundreds of different lines of dialogue, based on who we are using at that moment. Indeed, the dialogues are the strong point of the entire production. The boundless amount of quotes, gags, curtains and situations present within the story that makes up Thimbleweed Park is something that has not been seen for years in the videogame industry and we are sure that, whether you are a lover of early LucasArts production or not Ninety, you cannot fail to find this element of the game simply amazing. As for the actual plot, it must be said that everything works perfectly up to half an hour from the end, when the situation takes a "particular" turn that we are sure will break the audience in half. We found ourselves simply displaced, but, although extremely fascinated by the narrative solution used (and by the genius with which it is applied), we do not feel to fully promote this choice as it seemed to us that many of the mysteries present in the course of adventure are not completely resolved and remain a little "left to themselves". Let me be clear, here we enter the field of personnel and we absolutely do not want to tell you that the TP ending does not work, but having also to analyze the narrative sector of the production it seemed right to highlight the thing in order to be able to give you as much information as possible. The longevity of the title, on the other hand, proves to be of the highest level, allowing us to complete the "casual" mode in about nine hours, but also presenting a "difficult" version that increases its duration by about six hours. The differences between these two difficulties, in fact, are substantial and allow the "difficult" mode to add numerous puzzles to the story and consequently increase its depth. Playing the simpler version does not allow the player to fully enjoy the genius of Thimbleweed Park, presenting an evidently cut story, complete with objects collected and unused as they are only necessary in the highest difficulty. Our advice, therefore, is to start immediately with the difficult mode, in order to fully appreciate all the narrative and playful sector of Ron Gilbert's latest effort.

Point and click, but not only!
Keywords such as "open", "collect", "press", "close", "examine", "pull", "come on", "speak" and "use" are essential

As regards the gameplay, Thimbleweed Park looks like a classic "point and click" adventure allowing us to interact with 2D environments thanks to keywords such as "open", "collect", "press", "close", "examine", "pull", "give", "Speak" and "use". Through these commands and your own inventory (which will be constantly expanding with new and strange objects) we will have to solve a series of environmental puzzles that, more often than not, border on genius. TP, in fact, always presents a stimulating and sometimes complex challenge, but never unnerving and / or demoralizing for the player. Even in the most difficult situations, the player will never be frustrated and, in case you have been stuck for too long, it has also been introduced an aid system that can help you proceed with your adventure. In this PlayStation 4 version, we point out the possibility of using the DualShock 4 touch pad to move the pointer in order to easily interact with the game world. This (valid) addition integrates perfectly with the controls that, despite the obvious PC nature of the title, do not make you regret the use of the classic mouse, so dear to lovers of "point and click" titles.

Pixel Art Mon Amour
The player will be catapulted into an adventure with a retro atmosphere and undeniable charm

even the technical sector di Thimbleweed Park, a clear reference to the nineties, appears to have been successful in every aspect. There graphics created through pixel art immediately appears cured in the eyes of the player who, within a few minutes, will be catapulted into the adventure with a retro atmosphere and undeniable charm. The sound sector also deserves our praise, having a successful soundtrack (although not memorable) and a dubbing of the highest level, capable of continually tearing us smiles and further raising the qualitative bar of production. Absolutely no bugs of any kind, which, we admit, has helped send us back more than 20 years, when games did not need updates to be able to work perfectly.

Verdict 9/10 Ron Gilbert Get back to work I need my next fix! Comment Thimbleweed Park is a title that, without beating around the bush, you all have to buy, whether you are a lover of graphic adventures or not. In the first case you will find all those emotions characteristic of that type of game so dear to players born in the eighties, while in the second case you could discover a videogame genre that, with the passage of time, has changed and has lost that identity that in the past distinguished him. An interesting story, extremely entertaining dialogues, non-trivial gameplay and a sophisticated narrative sector are some of the reasons why you shouldn't leave TP on the digital shelf. Furthermore, the questionable ending does not particularly damage the production, but, on the contrary, it helps to make everything interesting, allowing you to put forward hypotheses and then compare your ideas with those of your friends. What more could you want from a graphic adventure ?! Pros and cons Simply brilliant dialogues
Compelling storyline
Balanced and never tedious gameplay
Quality technical department x Questionable ending

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