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These are the trends we will see on our smartphones in 2022, a number of new functions and features from companies to change and refine the design and performance of these devices. Some will offer clear benefits, although others will have to prove their worth.

2022 is postulated as one of the most interesting years for the mobile telephony segment. We think that's right, we have gone from a year marked by the notch to one in which new technologies and types of screens allow you to make a "hole in the display" and park the "eyebrow". 

It seems that this year companies want to stand out from each other and get a more heterogeneous design for their phones. In 2018 there were many models so similar that it was difficult to tell them apart, and it is clear that this year they want to distance themselves from this one. Flexible screens “look” strong, but we mustn't forget other trends that we hope will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2022.

So, let's move on to six trends we will see in mobile phones 2022. And the first, as it could not be otherwise, is the one that comes to replace the notch.

Hole on the screen for the camera

One that seems to have more strength to become the mobile trend of 2022 is the hole in the screen. As we said a few lines ago, the iPhone X has marked a style in the industry, with dozens of extremely similar models and solutions with a very wide notch, like that of the Pixel 3.

The notch had its reasons for existing, having the proximity / light sensors, the front camera and the IR sensors (the cell phone that had them) for face unlock. However, in the last few months of 2018 we have seen that phones without an IR sensor can collect all of this in one type of notch drop, such as the OnePlus 6T or Mate 20, without going any further.

We are already seeing mobiles with a hole in the screen which house the camera, such as the recently unveiled Honor View 20, the Samsung A8 which arrived last year and again the Galaxy S10 which is due to be unveiled in days.

Now we just need to see which company is the first to bet on the cameras below the screen and if the hole in the screen becomes one of the 2022 mobile phone trends.

Fingerprint reader on the screen

Speaking of under-screen technology, another 2022 trend in mobile phones should be the fingerprint sensor on the screen. Whether full screen, ultrasonic, or just on a specific spot, this system that we started seeing last year on cell phones like the Mate RS Porsche Design and others like the OnePlus 6T are working quite well too.

Embed the fingerprint reader on the screen, in addition to putting an end to the controversy about where it is best to place it in the back, whether more or less, it will save a component in the back, it also means more space, for example, for the battery or a better heat dissipation system.

Triple camera sensors (or more) and more megapixels

Huawei has mounted a dual camera on their premium phones for years, but last year it surprised with the P20 Pro and its triple camera.

Having more lenses means being able to offer more versatility when taking photographs. If we look at the P20 Pro, we have a main sensor, a monochrome and a telephoto lens. On the Mate 20 the monochrome has been changed to wide angle.

And no, you don't have to look at high-end phones to see three and four cameras (like the Samsung A9). So, let's hope mobile photography takes another leap this year thanks to cameras… and megapixels.

And we are already seeing phones with 48 megapixel cameras, like the Redmi Note 7 or the Honor View 20.

Huge batteries

And if the cameras grow in number and megapixels, so do the batteries. Phones like the Mate 20 Pro with its 4.200 mAh battery or the Mate 20 X with its 5.000 mAh are an example.

That is, the batteries are no longer efficient, but in recent months we have seen an effort by companies to supply more mAh to their batteries. And, just like with cameras, it doesn't all come down to the high-end.

Xioami is one of the houses that offers 4.000 mAh batteries even in the mid-range and that's great news in a world where we get more and more notifications every day.

Having more mAh gives us more autonomy, but also fast charging, we do not need more than an hour and a half, at best, to recharge the mobile.

Phones without buttons or physical speakers

Until recently we would not have thought it could be a mobile trend in 2022, but seeing the movements of Meizu, it could be "in fashion". THEThe Mate 20 Pro surprised us with the removal of the speakers, the sound comes out through the USB Type-C port.

Now, Meizu has shown its new phone without buttons or speakers. Ah! No charging slots, as this is wireless. The Meizu Zero uses an eSIM and eliminates all buttons and the USB charging port. The solution is an 18W wireless charger that also offers fast induction charging.

Flexible and foldable mobile phones

And let's finish talking about the trends we will see on our smartphones in 2022, talking about an elephant in a china shop. It is impossible not to have heard of the flexible phones that became a reality, after years of development, last November, and that every manufacturer now seems ready to launch.

LG seems to have its foldable mobile phone the Axon, the Flexpai Royole is now available, Samsung is working on its foldable smartphone and yesterday we talked about Xiaomi's flexible mobile phone.

Flexible mobiles allow us to enjoy more screen, as if they were a tablet, but occupying the space of a mobile phone.

The foldable smartphones of 2022

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