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“The murder of our mother, a stab in the chest, I see his - a man yells at our door waking us from that now recurring nightmare. A small-sized Yokai hunts him, sniffs him, chases him, wants him. I extract quel dagger and dies, one blow is enough. The man stares at us in fear, I see sweat on his forehead, I feel his terror and I feel his trembling. We are monsters, gods demons, escape. Don't worry, thanks anyway ”.


“I still think back to that poor man, one of the last inhabitants of this village who has now fallen into disgrace. He will probably be dead or worse yet, turned into one of those beasts. In any case it makes no sense to talk about it, I have to reach the sanctuary and eliminate the Mezuki, this is my mission today.
I hear footsteps, I take out mine Odachi"

It opened (almost) like this my match with The Nioh Collection (specifically 2), a repetition for PS5 of the two “remastered” full edition chapters. I'll talk quickly and quickly about how the Collection takes advantage of the new hardware so you immediately move on to what Team Ninja with these remastered exalted: the playability and the gameplay.
In both titles there are 2 modes (monitor permitting): a tip to 4k while remaining on 60 fps, the other, on the other hand, goes as far as the 120 fps, obviously coming to terms with the visual rendering.

So this collection should be bought?

Absolutely yes if you have not played the titles on PS4 (you can buy the remastered chapters individually if you want) or you missed the dlc, which add a lot of content to the already long-lived Nioh. Finally, the implementation of the Dualsense is just mentioned, do not expect the work done with Control, here it will be exploited properly only with ranged weapons. The boring part is finished, the technical information has been given, now we can talk about what made me love this series discovered only now: the gameplay.

“I put myself in position low and I run towards the source of those steps “.


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"As I thought, bandits ready to plunder what is left of the village, a place now abandoned due to the appearance of demons, a terrible and constant misfortune. I move, the position low it will favor me "

I found the gameplay fulfilling as technical. A depth and a freedom never seen first in the white weapon combat (Sekiro forgive me), where the second chapter, more recent, is certainly the winner of the Collection.

Everything apparently revolves around the positions (stances), low, half ed high, the difference between the 3 lies in the ratio speed-damage-consumption Ki And in the movesets. It will then be up to you to change and combine them according to your style, the enemy, your weapons and the consumption / recovery Ki.
The latter, apparently it seems the simplest mechanic to learn, each of our moves (minus the actions related to the spirits) has a cost in ki (stamina) that we can recover quickly reacting with the right timing.

Weapons, on the other hand, are divided into 12 categories, all with one skill tree, which will drastically modify the gameplay and which in the first few hours will send you in key fuss (first time? don't worry). To this we add the spirits and theirs management, which leaves total freedom (especially in 2) to the player and who comes expanded also with a skill Tree.

“Two katanas and a glaive, excellent weapons to give to Kodama of the place, may their blessing help me, the Mezuki he is a terrible being.
I change my position in half and through the gate of the santuario".

The Dark Souls Diablo


“Here it is, the horse beast wields a very sharp ax and its size is far top I respect the Yokai I have met up to now. He sees me, snaps and attacks. I manage to avoid one hit, push the other one back and return the favor.
He feels nothing or does not show it. Unlike me, he is good at lying, in fact I am sweating, I miss the air and another attack is about to arrive. It hits me"

We all remember that trend of approaching everything to Dark Souls, Right?
Nioh, the former, might actually look like yet another Soulslike with extreme looting mechanics. Playing it, actually, I heard that thrill, that feeling of contentment than just defeating a boss of From's souls (such as Demon's) or traversing a certain area he succeeded e succeeds to give me.

So is Demon's with the katanas? No he can not

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He doesn't deserve it, is yes on the one hand to compare the work of Team Ninja to that of sacred monsters ofaction rpg un compliment, but it is also partly unfair. Because the true evolution comes with its second chapter, which thanks to a gameplay, as described above, depth and more and more distant from the games to which he was compared, he gets (again within the limits of 2021) one of his own identity. A bit like Bloodborne- I'll stop.

So please have patience and tact with the collection. Play it as a something new, of similar ma different and enjoy the ride. Not necessarily alone.

“I can cure myself with the latest flask of elixir, the wound on his arm stops bleeding, he neighs and presses towards me. I am ready to dodge but it does something different, I can no longer read the movements, not-I die. Black, I see my guiding spirit leave me, I faint for wake up shortly after to the shrine of the Kodama. I'm live but I feel I've lost something, I'm not the only one.

I change my position in Alta, in order to unbalance the demon and favor the new, a warrior ready to help me ”.


“The warrior does not speak, he communicates with gestures and does not seem hostile. Whether he is a Yokai hunter or not, it doesn't matter, we both aim for the Mezuki, I ask for a blessing and through the gate, in compagnia.

Traveling and sharing, traveling is sharing

Travel and share

It is precisely on playing in company that I wanted to arrive. To date Nioh 2 is the action RPG with the component best cooperative, so much so that the game can be entirely finished with friends or strangers.
Team Ninja he then literally muted a new standardd: Personal loot adapted to character level, self-leveling difficulty and no weird ways to get summoned. Distant spirits who help each other with a sole purpose.

“The yokai seems almost happy to fight a new warrior, the fight begins and immediately I can recover harmony with my guardian spirit. I feel it, it communicates with me and offers me a new power, in the middle of the fight I accept the gift and– demon-ghost-brutal-ferocious, return to me while the Mezuki falls to the ground beaten.

Test to communicate with me but i can't to understand language.
It dissolves and leaves one strange heart that is absorbed by me and the hunter, curious.

I holster mine Odachi, I say goodbye to my new friend, and I go to the spa ”.


After the fight with Labels e boss I can draw my own conclusions on The Nioh Collection. a remastered transparent like a crystal of Amrita, which tries to clean up just right a little'the graphics sector (without crying out for a miracle) e pushes mainly on the framerate to satisfy and reassure the player engaged in clashes between demons.

“Tomorrow I will go back to my nightmares, today I celebrate the my, our, victory".

Rating and Price 8/10 50 € / 80 € Comment A gameplay as satisfying as it is technical accompanies a series with a great desire to emerge from the sea of ​​soulslike. A complete customization, which allows you to adapt every aspect of the hunter to your pad. Perhaps the dualsense functions are barely mentioned, and the graphics sector is discreet, but the co-op and the performance will make you forgive and overcome these shortcomings. Pros and cons Combat system
Co-op x Graphically Discrete
x Using Dualsense

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