The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review

Five years after the release of Twilight Princess and after numerous and appetizing trailers presented by Nintendo in recent years, on November 18th all the fans of The Legend of Zelda, anxious to be able to experience what was said to be the beginning of the incredible adventures Link, were finally able to get their hands on the highly anticipated Skyward Sword, the latest Zelda title planned for the Nintendo Wii. The world was waiting for him, Link did not delay.

A new beginning

With a cel-shaded graphic design, which so far has characterized only the chapters of Toon Link, Eiji Aonuma takes us to the beginning of the history of stories, well before all the adventures so far experienced by the green-dressed hero of the Nintendo house.
During this incredible new journey, we will discover a lot of background on the Zelda universe, with unique goodies such as the true story of the birth of the Master Sword and, as it should be, we will have to fight a fearsome new opponent (indeed, two): the King of all demons and his main follower Ghiraim.
The events narrated by Skyward Sword lead us to OltreNuvola, a city suspended in the sky where humans have moved there, after the battle of the Goddess Hylia with the King of the demons Mortipher. In OltreNuvola we find both the princess Zelda - who, at the beginning, is anything but a real princess - and the evergreen (pass us the pun ...) Link, both ready for the Baptism of Flight of the latter; this is how our adventure will begin, the one that will forever mark the dreams of every fan of one of the longest-lived sagas (25 years!) in the history of video games. The one that will reveal how it all began.
Humans are linked, from birth, to large guardian birds, which will accompany them towards what will be their destiny; to become Knights of the Goddess, humans must pass the aforementioned Baptism of Flight, a test that consists precisely in demonstrating that they can ride a Solcanubi, and recover a sacred statue. The apprentices who manage to pass the test are rewarded by the messenger of the Goddess who, coincidentally, in honor of the XNUMXth anniversary of the test (!) Will be the daughter of the Chief of the Knights, our beloved Zelda (and, again ironically, rediscovery of Link's childhood friend). After this exam, Link and Zelda fly off on their Cloudwheels, but are surprised by a tornado that separates them.
When he regains consciousness, Link wakes up alone in OltreNuvola and, finally wearing the green uniform (which we discover to be the uniform of the Knights of the Goddess) decides to go in search of his dear friend.


Pleased to meet you, Faith!

As in every chapter of the Legend, also in Skyward Sword we will have a companion. Just as Navi and Midna did, Faith will always keep us company, and haunt us, throughout our adventures.
Faith is the soul of the Sword of the Goddess and, in addition to giving advice on how to continue the adventure, will provide the player with a sort of detector (activated with the C button of the Nunchuck) with which the player can search, pointing the WiiMote towards the screen, both places useful for the plot and the many collectibles scattered throughout the vast lands that we are going to explore, as tradition dictates.

One on one, the duel served

The gameplay of the combat phases is all based on the long awaited, as new and innovative for the series, "1: 1 system". This system allows a unique identification in the history of The Legend of Zelda games: Link, when he draws his sword, will repeat the exact movements of the player at the exact moment in which the latter will perform them. All this thanks to WiiMotionPlus technology that perfects our hero's movements. The player will then be able to fight battles in real time like never before in twenty-five years of adventures, becoming one with the protagonist.
If on the one hand WiiMote is faithful in the reproduction of the blows, the system is unfortunately quite uncertain in the use of the Shield. In fact, by moving the Nunchuck forward, Link will defend himself - as per the mapping - from enemy attacks; however, the movement of Link's Shield is, after hours of consecutive play, delayed by a few seconds compared to what the player does with the Nunchuck: this is "felt" a lot during the longer playthroughs and penalizes the gameplay of the last two battles of the plot, but thankfully it is easily solved by re-syncing the WiiMote "safety" before what you think are important battles.

The equipment of the hero

In addition to taking up, as the Legend wants, the classic sword and shield, Link will, as usual, have many "secondary" tools and weapons that he can use to continue his epic adventure in the best possible way. From the classic and historic slingshot to the brand new Pinzabeo, all the tools that Link will find in this Skyward Sword are decidedly varied and incredibly useful.
Furthermore, for the first time in The Legend of Zelda saga, most of the tools - including shields - will be improved at the OltreNuvola bazaar: this adds a unique depth to the Legend of the Legend, bringing the series once again closer to the genre. role-playing games. By bringing the right materials and objects to the Master Builder, Link will become a walking war machine.
If, on the other hand, we bring the insects collected around the world to the Potions Merchant, collected thanks to the inevitable net, we will also be able to improve the effectiveness and capabilities of the potions (this will prove fundamental in the Hero mode, ed).

A Lira to be tuned

Just as we played the ocarina in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time several years ago, in Skyward Sword we will be able to use a Lyre but unlike the musical instruments seen in the other chapters of TLOZ, which followed notes and precise movements of the joypad of the Nintendo console on duty, this time to play any song just move the WiiMote left and right, going to the rhythm of the music (has anyone thought of WiiMusic? ed). This, unfortunately, is one of the small flaws of what turns out to be the successor (even if, in reality, it is the predecessor) of that chapter considered by many to be one of the best games ever developed in the history of our industry. But you know, perfection is not of this world ... And not even of Link's, apparently.
Returning to us, the Lyre will also serve to evoke the Sheikhan statues, which will give the player advice on the area or, inside the dungeons, will make special walls appear where, by drawing the appropriate symbols, indispensable extra objects such as bombs, arrows will appear. , hearts, fairies or rupees.


Nel blu di blu dipinto

Traveling with Link's carmine Solcanubi in the skies of Hyrule, we will explore the whole game world and we will be able to participate in the numerous sub-quests sipped here and there, as happens in every TLOZ, and there will also be minigames and Heart Fragments to recover between one "pastime" and the other, extending the player's experience immeasurably (while the hours of play will follow one after the other, inexorably, one after the other) and leading him to spend some time in the skies with the green hero, to fun of his Solcanubi. Mind you, the basic idea is the same as the one that led Toon Link to move from one island to another by means of his boat in Wind Waker but, thank goodness (it really should be said! Ed), not it will be more about facing long and boring journeys marked (when the game engine liked… ed) by moments of wind in favor: here you fly, and a lot, without having to wait for the comforts of any algorithm!

Manual notes and drawings

The inspired and always spot-on musical touch of Koji Kondo, and his impeccable orchestra, also accompanies this new chapter of The Legend of Zelda, instilling joy in the ears of gamers and catapulting every skilled Link into the variegated and infinite universe they most like to know and explore. .
And if the music sector of Skyward Sword maintains the very high standards of the Legend, even the character design is not far behind. The characters of this new Hyrule are characterized down to the last pixel; among other things, in addition to the new races, there is no lack of numerous and very welcome quotes (graphic and otherwise) to characters from the old chapters.
Skyward Sword therefore manages to be remembered and to remain distinct in the memories of those who want it in its library of Nintendo Wii games, either for its epic melodies or for the unmistakable characters that define it, so much so that you will even come to want to forget someone. : Ghiraim may be hateful to many of the players (including myself, ndKisu)!

Again, The Legend of Zelda means a genre of its own

Aonuma said it, every critic subscribes to it in the fullest of his analytical skills, every true lover of the series says it: The Legend of Zelda does not belong to any genre of video games, it is a genre in its own right. It's the “The Legend of Zelda” genre. And even this prequel of the prequels is no less, indeed, it defines even more the peculiarity of this unique series in the digital entertainment industry.
Skyward Sword is not just an action title and it is not a simple adventure game: it is a combination of genres, even very different from each other, capable (as only this brand knows and can do) to move from purely action phases to stealth phases, passing through moments from puzzle games to the growth and improvement of weapons and objects as any good RPG commands. All this while the minigames manage to become from simple variations on the gameplay to a real reason to buy the game disc, like no other title could even remotely try.
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword thus manages, with so much varied material and few technical flaws, to satisfy any type of player, whether big or small, from the superfine pad or from "one game and go": there is something for everyone tastes, for all ages.

Verdict 9/10 Fly over the bird too by Link Comment The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the major chapter that all Zelda fans have been waiting for for many years. He manages to re-propose and overcome the emotions that Twilight Princess was not able to leave etched in my memories. We are therefore in front of the true worthy successor of Ocarina of Time; even if it fails to overcome it in full, Skyward Sword manages to give those unique sensations that few games can now leave, becoming a must purchase for all Nintendo Wii owners, lovers or neophytes of the saga, as it marks a new starting point. Both for the saga itself and for the console in the process of abandoning the spotlight. Pros and cons Successful new designs
Compelling new characters
Fun 1: 1 fighting
Excellent and enchanting soundtrack x Controls of the Lira unsatisfactory
x Environments recycled too often
x WiiMotionPlus inaccurate with some minigames

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