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fear sf - Emotional state consisting of a sense of insecurity, loss and anxiety in the face of a real or imaginary danger or in front of what or fact that is or is believed to be harmful


Exactly three years after its debut on consoles and PC, The Evil Within back to scare with a new sequel. The creature of Shinji Mikami, here today in the role of producer, is ready to drag you into a new nightmare, within the macabre world created by STEM. You are ready to help the detective Castellanos to save his daughter in The Evil Within 2?


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The Evil Within 2 - PlayStation 4
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Fear makes 90 pt. 2
The Evil Within was a horror title with a "visceral" flavor

In the year of the rebirth of the series of resident evil, which distorts its very being and reincarnates in a new “scary” creature, today it's up to The Evil Within 2 to show the other side of the survival horror genre. As we had the opportunity to underline in the review of the first chapter, The Evil Within looked back as a conception, towards a more classic and "old school" gameplay, focusing more on the anxiety factor, derived from the fear of dying and losing the progress made, than on the horrific one, but hitting the goal in full. The first The Evil Within is a very successful title in almost all its aspects and for lovers of the genre one of those titles to be instantly classified as a "new classic". The release of a sequel, in addition to making everyone who loved it in the past happy, hangs a sword of Damocles over the heads of Tango Gameworks e Bethesda Softworks for the unknown factor that hovers over the story and the need to propose a sequel to a story that is now over, although left open by the usual narrative tricks. The change in direction is also worrying, which sees the abandonment of the master Mikami and his "touch", despite remaining present at the production level.

If The Evil Within was a horror title with a "visceral", almost intimate flavor, a journey into a sick and corrupt madness, this second chapter makes use of the "biggest and biggest" rule that many sequels exploit to attract the spotlight of the scenes. And here is that that Sebastian Castellanos, the hapless detective we played in The Evil Within, in this new episode he will have to ally himself with the Mobius, the evil secret corporation responsible for the horrors of the Beacon Mental Hospital, in a collaboration that leaves Castellanos no great room for choice as his daughter's life is at stake Lily, until now considered dead. Sebastian will then have to go back inside the STEM, a machine capable of creating a conscience shared by several human beings, a sort of collective Matrix where Lily is the central nucleus that feeds him, trying to find her after her vital signs disappear from the radar. And this is where we will find ourselves catapulted into International, a utopian American town where to live a perfect and harmonious life, ready to shatter and become the gloomy scenario of a hell on earth.

Union lacks nothing among hordes of undead, demonic creatures, psychopaths and they all have only one purpose: to kill us.

As is clear from this description, in an attempt to propose something more to the players, The Evil Within 2 evolves and is homologated to the constant trend of recent years to expand virtual worlds towards an "open world" concept, proposing a completely explorable town, within the limits imposed only by the evolution of the story, full of secrets, mysteries and various monstrosities, almost like a personal interpretation of Silent Hill. In addition to the main mission, we will therefore be able to make narrative detours and dedicate ourselves to the exploration of Union and its most characteristic places, and all that it has to offer us. This exploration will not be an end in itself, but it will give us the opportunity to come across different events scattered here and there, which on many occasions will reward us with rewards that will prove very useful, such as new weapons or rare components. Whether a dimly lit alley, an abandoned diner, or a little reassuring train derailed, you must never let your guard down and always be ready for the worst when an event is activated. There are also secondary missions that will see us interact with a group of Union survivors, members of a Mobius recovery team, or investigate resonances, visions of the past that will lead us to investigate the discovery of precious clues.

Hunt or Be Hunted
stealth action was characteristic of the first chapter

One of the features of the first chapter was the possibility to face the game in a safer and stealth way, an element that allowed, also given the level of difficulty on average higher than the norm, to save on ammunition (always highly counted) by getting rid of enemies in a silent and painless way. Here it will be imperative to think of “veiled” and reflective approaches, perhaps taking advantage of the cover or bushes scattered around the city, thus avoiding attracting the unwanted gaze of the undead or some far more terrifying creature. To turn us into lethal assassins, just get around the enemies and hit them from behind with our infallible knife, and as we advance in the game we will be able to take advantage of a renewed growth system, which allows us not only to enhance the various physical abilities of Castellanos using a particular Gel that will be given to us as a reward at each kill, but to unlock new abilities for the stealth phases, such as attacks in cover or on the move, which will make us the definitely less demanding life.

The environment, however, also offers us various "offensive" situations that we can exploit to our advantage, such as puddles of petrol and barrels, which will "ignite" by shooting at them, allowing us to take out multiple enemies at the same time, liquid nitrogen canisters, which once exploded will freeze everything in the surrounding area or the mirrors of water, ready to "fry" anyone inside if we use the electric bullets of the crossbow. In short, who has no more or put up. About the clashes, these recur as in the past without going to upset the normal balance of the gameplay (if not always in the perspective of the open world turning point), with the same degree of challenge and situations that will test our fighting skills, in particular the various bosses and giant monsters that we will meet in the adventure. The presence of a quick menu, on which we will be able to equip both the paraphernalia and the items of care, helps to better manage every situation, without the need to interrupt the action to reorganize the inventory. It will then be the events that perhaps offer more variety of situations, although as soon as we notice some suspicious "elements" we will know that something will soon be waiting for us, becoming easily predictable in the long run.

If you're wondering how functional this new open world vision is in TWE 2, well the answer won't make you entirely happy.

Red as blood
The open world kills the fast pace of the game

Like any title that offers alternatives and deviations from what is the main plot inevitably sees a drastic decline in atmospheres and game rhythms. And The Evil Within 2 sadly isn't exempt. By diluting the events in this way, we realize how much the horror atmosphere is also affected, losing that "anxiety-inducing" panache that characterized the progenitor, which between automatic checkpoints and the possibility of using the ammunition creation system even away from the workbenches (although with limits imposed on the final yield of the objects) eases the pressure of the "death factor," which was a hallmark of The Evil Within.
Don't take this too badly though. Aware of these issues related to the coupled horror / open world genre, Tango Gameworks has been able to manage with the wrist what orbits around the main story, channeling the game within well-defined structures and bringing it back to a safe track, just like in the past. This is where The Evil Within 2 gives its best, raising the general pace and offering players the most atrocious monstrosities possible. If in The Evil Within the discovery of STEM played the role of a twist, going somehow to justify the horrors we have just experienced, here we start well aware of what lies ahead (provided of course that you have played the first chapter).

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To remedy the lack of "novelty factor" victim of this sequel, The Evil Within 2 decides to focus on the spectacularization of fear, introducing Stephen, a new and eccentric enemy, who with his macabre art, will decorate the first narrative arc of this new story, with suggestive ideas and a strong narrative impact, playing in a schizophrenic way with video images and instilling "fear" in the minds of gamers. And it will continue like this, relentlessly, until the coveted credits, which will close the game on the notes of a melancholy cover by Ordinary World to the Duran Duran, after a perfectly constructed sequence, which shines both for editing and for direction.

Between the main story and all the satellite activities, the counter of the game at the end of the adventure travels between 15 and 25 hours (to further increase for completists), depending on how much time you spend exploring Union, solving side quests and events, and collecting various collectibles. An overall duration greater than that of the first chapter, which is amplified by the open world sessions. It will also be possible to spend some of our free time in a corner of the Beacon Mental Hospital, who will return along with a key figure from the first episode, and in addition to allowing us to enhance our skills, it will offer us the possibility of dedicating ourselves to two mini-games based on the accuracy of the shot and the timing.


Once everything is over, it will be possible to decide to face the adventure again by choosing one of the higher difficulty levels, perhaps opting for the exhausting "Classic", Which eliminates checkpoints, limits manual saves and deprives the player of the ability to upgrade weapons or skills, for a stark survival experience. There is also the New Game +, an option that will allow us to re-face the story while keeping intact the progress made on the side of the upgrades.

The aesthetics of fear
On a technical level, the results are a bit fluctuating

On the technical level, however, we must pause for a moment to analyze well the work done by Tango Gameworks. In general, the final result is more than good, with tips regarding the models of the protagonists and how they are animated, as well as the monstrosities that inhabit the game. However, the path taken by the open world is not always convincing and the results offer a fluctuating overview. On the one hand we have a technical realization for the city of Union that does not shine for originality, much less for quality, with a fairly anonymous and subdued level design, and numerous problems in terms of frame rate, modeling and in texture not at all. height. On the other hand, when the game closes and returns to limited environments, things improve considerably, giving the impression of even dealing with two different titles. Here the horror atmospheres are all there, and the game also enjoys several interesting effects that make the experience disturbing, but in a good way. The graphic designers enjoyed playing with the images on the screen, precisely because of that spectacular concept we mentioned earlier, a more than successful and more effective choice than the banal jump scare typical of horror games. The game UI has also been renewed, even more minimal and clean, as well as more intuitive thanks to the radial menus that allow quick access to the basic functions of the game.

The Evil Within 2 says goodbye to the two black bands that characterized the video format of the first chapter which gave the whole a decidedly cinematic edge. If as a good game lover you will miss the 21: 9 ratio once completed you can activate them again via the options thus evoking the whole style of The Evil Within.
Here and there there are some bugs and not very convincing polygonal interpenetrations, as well as a questionable management of reflective surfaces, but overall, as regards the phases indoors, the results are more than satisfactory and well aimed at their main purpose, to scare .


The sound is not too bad either, preferring ambient noises and sounds for the open world parts, and returning to the musical accompaniment as soon as we continue with the adventure. The Evil Within 2 is completely in Spanish, both in lyrics and vocals, and the dubbing does justice to the original English counterpart.

Verdict 8.5 / 10 And once again we made it Comment The Evil Within 2 succeeds in the task of passing the severe test of the sequel. This second chapter takes a different drift from the horrific viscerality of the first title by opening up to an open world concept, which on the one hand expands the game mechanics, offering us more variety and things to do, but on the other it "kills" the fast pace of the game. . Fortunately, Tango Gameworks has managed to bring the adventure back to the rails right in the crucial moments of the game, and there the results are remarkable, managing to recreate the same tension as the progenitor, if not more. If you loved The Evil Within we can not help but recommend this new episode, sure that you will be able to appreciate it despite the small problems, technical and otherwise, that afflict this sequel. Pros and cons Solid and articulate gameplay
Well built history
Great indoor atmospheres ... x ... minus those outdoors
x The open world dampens the rhythms
x Graphically fluctuating

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