The Elder Scrolls Online Review

In such a thriving market, more and more software houses decide to land on the genre of MMO, with the intention and hope of guaranteeing its users a valid secondary life. Not infrequently it happens that historical brands try their luck by switching to a genre with totally different game mechanics. It happened with Final Fantasy, it happened with Star Wars and this time Bethesda also tries with the series The Elder Scrolls. Published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online is the first MMO chapter of the saga. After a long gaming experience, here are our impressions in detail.

Around Tamriel

Contrary to what many expected and as it was easy to predict, The Elder Scrolls Online (hereafter TESO, ed) it is not connected to the various chapters of the saga, despite the numerous references to the lore of this brand. The game is set a thousand years before the events of Skyrim, in the lands of Tamriel, where Molag Bal, the Daedric prince, has begun his mad plan to subdue the inhabitants of these lands. In a world ravaged by darkness, you will be called to impersonate your hero in this adventure, aimed at restoring the people of Tamriel to safety. With a total of ten races available (only nine if you have not purchased the Imperial Edition, ed), you will have to join one of the three factions engaged in a decisive battle for control of the Imperial City. Of these three, each will have its own air of influence, diversifying the various quests that the player will have to face. Despite this, the patterns to follow will be roughly identical to those of any other MMO: kill a target, pick up an item and so on. What really makes the quests unique are the sub-plots related to them, different in all respects and which have the pride of helping to make TESO's narrative is incredibly vast. In this regard, the presence, within the game, of numerous documents that will deepen the knowledge of a must certainly be emphasized extremely large world and whose exploration will require a very high number of hours of play.

A not very varied MMO

If the world of TESO is large enough to impress anyone, the same cannot be said of the variety in the game mechanics. With a total of only four classes, which each have three "specializations", the number of skills and attacks is extremely limited, making the very poor personalization of their class compared to both other titles of the same genre, but also and above all compared to other chapters of the saga. The differentiation between the various roles is also not evident until a certain level is reached. In fact, starting from a certain point, the “all-rounders” will be forced to play a well-defined role, and then fossilize on small rotations which, given their limited variety, could end up getting tired after a short time. Not only that: even the excessive slowness in the development of the characters could make many players desist from continuing the adventures offered by the online title of Bethesda. As in any self-respecting MMO, also in TESO there will be gods dungeon to be faced in a group, which will allow you to obtain particularly powerful equipment. But what really surprises is the PVP component of the title. In the region of Cyrodill, the three factions will clash in exciting and death-defying battles, with the aim of imposing their dominion. Whole hordes of players will be there, waiting for you to face entire hordes of enemy players. Certainly, PVP is one of the elements that Bethesda and ZeniMax have focused on to make TESO a different MMO than usual. It is a pity, however, that these small qualities cannot hide the problems he suffers from.

Too rash throwing?

From the first hours of the game, we were able to observe different problems within the game. These flaws easily left us thinking that TESO needed more time before launch, with more weeks of beta testing. Because? Suffice it to consider the bank glitch that allowed you to obtain infinite objects to realize it (the point in favor was certainly the immediate intervention of the developers, even if the choice to ban indiscriminately those who have used them may not be acceptable, ed). And it is certainly not the only one of the problems encountered, although it is probably the worst. It is not possible to know in advance the rewards of the quests, nor their difficulty; you level up faster by killing the simple monsters you will meet on the street (concentrated in specific points of interest, making their distribution very uneven, ed) than by completing your missions; the tracker of the objectives on the map, often and willingly, is not easy to consult. In short, a series of problems / defects that could be easily corrected / implemented in the appropriate way and that should not be present at the launch of a new video game. The “economic policies” chosen by ZeniMax make us turn up our noses further. TESO is a monthly fee MMORPG and, as with all other MMOs of this type, with the purchase of the game a free trial month will be available. However, to be able to use it, you will need to connect your credit card from which, to verify it is legitimate, the € 13 of the monthly fee will be subtracted. Although this money is then returned, it seems ridiculous to charge the full amount for a simple verification, which can only be avoided by purchasing and redeeming a prepaid card for 60 days of play. This choice has literally unleashed numerous flames on the official forum, with a very high amount of players who found themselves in difficulty in front of such a choice. The problem becomes even greater when players see their playing days decrease without even being able to make the first log-in, waiting to get a credit card with the required money.

A soundtrack to say the least majestic

The vast lands of Tamriel are without a doubt a wonderful landscape, with attention to the smallest details, with settings capable of fully immersing the player in his adventure. The greatness of its graphics can also be seen in the special effects of the various animations, as well as in the creation phase of the character, in which the player will find himself in front of some polygonal models for their characters made very well. However, the latter are not "solid", allowing you to cross, without problems, the other players. In terms of resources, TESO is not particularly expensive, guaranteeing operation above 30 fps even with non-cutting-edge configurations. This is certainly a positive factor, especially since the level of graphic detail that TESO boasts is among the best made in this genre, probably on a par with a Guild Wars 2 and / or a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Finally, the various soundtracks that will accompany you throughout your adventure retain their epicness, a prominent feature of the franchise from which this MMO comes.

Verdict 7/10 It is not a good MMORPG, nor a good TES Comment The Elder Scrolls Online has proved to be a very controversial title and difficult to review. It is an MMO with incredible potential that, unfortunately, are still dormant for now. The first impression we got was that of a product still in a deep embryonic state, with the obvious need for further beta testing phases. As with any other MMO title, it is possible to fully evaluate the quality only after a long time from the release, thanks to the constant support of the developers. Precisely for this reason, the vote we gave is to be considered as "temporary", confident that the ZeniMax team will be able to guarantee effective and constant support, transforming The Elder Scrolls Online into an MMO absolutely worth playing, especially considering the presence of the monthly fee. In conclusion, what we currently find is a raw product, still to be worked on and which, in the current state of things, will be able to attract only the big fans of the series, while lovers of MMOs could easily be disappointed. We just have to wait for future developments to be able to give a better and more correct judgment. Pros and cons Incredibly vast
Well cared for technical aspect
Good branching of the sub-plots x Incredibly slow
x Various bugs
x High frequency of spammers
x Credit card verification

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