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Now the smartphone applications they are part of the daily life of each of us, apps that can streamline any operation from simple entertainment, to expense counters, car management, home security or even an application that could help those who are trying to move to another city.

Whether they are for study or work reasons who has to move to another city he has to think about an infinite series of things, in addition to having to settle in the new city, he will have to learn to manage expenses, or manage relations with the neighborhood, that's why they exist on the market specific apps if you have to change cities.

Whether it's a big city like Milan or Rome, or a small provincial city, or even going to live in another country, for example how to move to Canada or absurdly in Brazil, moving to a new city is never so simple, even more so if you are single and do not share with a network of acquaintances present in the new environment.

Change cities it often means completely changing life, friendships, environments, frequented places and neighborhoods, all this could create a lot of stress that's why it is advisable to use the best applications to change city or nation peacefully.


When moving to a new city on your own it is essential to start integrating and getting to know someone locally. The application Once is the dating app which allows you to start chatting only if the match is reciprocated, and the introduction of the rating function allows you to rate users and appointments in such a way as to discourage digital offenders.

Using an application like Once allows you to get to know someone from the new city, perhaps starting by chatting and then ending with a real meeting.


The sore point of a move to another city is the search for a new home that suits our needs, often with a series of appointments that are difficult to fit into the thousands of commitments. That's why this application allows you to choose the apartment and book it directly online, without having to participate in a selection for the best tenant.

Zappyrent is able to filter malicious people through an algorithm, and if there are problems, such as information on the house that is not real, it will be Zappyrent who will make the refund in full.


Gopillar it is the ideal application for those who have decided after buying a house to carry out renovations. Through the app it is possible to launch a sort of online call for tenders to furnish or renovate the environments, then architects and designers will respond to the request through their projects, which can be chosen according to their needs and costs. In this way it is possible to compare the various proposals in a simple and immediate way.


When moving to another city it is essential to try to customize the environments to make your home more welcoming, and the ideal solution to furnish the interiors is Homestyler. Through the photographs of the rooms it allows you to find the right combinations of furniture, with the addition of particular details such as wallpaper or furniture.

By creating 3D drawings it is also possible to share your projects on various social networks, with the possibility of being able to view the portfolios of professionals closest to our home.


But a transfer also involves a lack of knowledge of the new city, in which you will have to get used to getting around on foot, but also by metro, tram or bus. To try to understand which is the most appropriate solution to the journey we have to travel, it is possible to rely on it all’app Citymapper.

Just choose the itinerary indicating the place of departure and arrival, the app will provide all the information relating to the route both by transport and on foot, in addition to the calories burned, and the calculation of the distance, certainly a perfect app for not get lost and start orienting yourself in the new city.


Surely one of the best ways to be able to settle in a new city is to try to start living it, starting to participate in events, demonstrations, exhibitions or concerts. To get all the tips and know all the daily events of the main Spanish cities, you can download theapp Spotlime.

Thanks to a team of content editors who select the best events, concerts, aperitifs, discos or exhibitions on a daily basis. The application also helps users to discover new openings, or to skip the line in the most exclusive clubs in the city, allowing them to book or receive benefits for each evening they have signed up for.

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