Sunset Overdrive Review

Presented atE3 2013, Sunset Overdrive it left little to our imagination. Just a CGI movie and the premise of an open-world focused on free exploration and parkour. Even after the first official trailer that showed a taste of gameplay, the situation in the eyes of the players did not improve much by confusing the cards on the table and making it mistakenly pass as the answer Microsoft products to a certain degree "infamous" home Sony.
The truth behind the title's new Xbox One exclusive Insomniac Games it is something else. Discover Sunset Overdrive with us.

 Sunset Overdrive gives you wings
Sunset Overdrive is based on a script that borders on the ingenious, with witty exchanges and perfect comic timing

The premises behind Sunset Overdrive are quite obvious. Year 2027, multinationals control our lives and the thirst for power is out of control. One of these, Fizzco, a leader in the beverage sector, is ready for the worldwide launch of its revolutionary new energy drink, theOvercharge Delerium XT. But something will go wrong in the formula that makes up the drink, transforming whoever drank it into a monstrous being, bringing the world to the brink of apocalypse. We, simple cleaners at the launch event, will be one of the few survivors of Sunset City and our purpose will be to flee the city and seek salvation.
Son of the survivalist genre, Sunset Overdrive will follow the classic iter of this trend. First of all, we will have to familiarize ourselves with the city, win the trust of the other survivors, solving their problems or collaborating with them to enter into their graces, thus obtaining the necessary help for our escape to safety. If the narrative plot does not offer any interesting ideas, it will be the task of the narrative to baste and create a pleasant and crazy plot. Sunset Overdrive is based on a script that touches the genius, with exchanges of witty lines and perfect comic timing, able to fold in two with laughter, torn from the player's taste.
Sunset Overdrive also relies on a high rate of vulgarity, very often throwing on the plate rants and Frenchisms worthy of the worst bar in Caracas, coloring more the tones of the already sustained dialogues and increasing even more the comic sense of the game. The continued breaking of the fourth wall also contributes to the involvement, triggering comic situations difficult to find in the field of video games. To close the circle we have a continuous quotation that fishes with both hands in pop culture, proposing references from cinema, video games or music with more or less veiled subtleties. All this manages to keep up the pace of the game until the explosive epilogue and beyond, without ever becoming banal or risking style slips. On the gameplay front, on the other hand, Sunset Overdrive offers gameplay that mixes the freedom offered by an open world with a playful structure that seems to arise from an illegitimate encounter between the series of Dead Rising and the never too praised Jet Set Radio.

Any surface, roof or growl can be traversed by sliding over it

Sunset Overdrive rests much of its charm, as well as fun, on the grinding system that winks at the title Sega and that it follows some aspects, but evolving the whole play system, expanding its possibilities. Every surface, roof or growl can be crossed by sliding on it, and then using tents or small buildings to gain momentum and verticalize, with the possibility of grinding even ledges and power cables to move faster from one part of the city to another. But not only that, our protagonist will enjoy excellent parkour skills and will be able to take advantage of walls on which to walk or poles to prolong the jumps.
There will also be more extreme stunts like leaps in the air to extend the range of travel or a short walk on water. Everything is entrusted to the X button, which if pressed with the right timing will allow you to perform the various actions. You wonder, what is all this for? Simple. Sunset Overdrive will evaluate each of our actions, which will fill a bar related to the style. The greater the variety of what we will do, the faster the bar will fill up which will activate a system to enhance our character, which based on the indicated level will trigger an enhancer that will make our killing spree even more spectacular. Lightning while grinding, explosions in jumps, protective barriers. We will customize which and how many skills to assign.

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Boom Shakalaka
Exaggerated in history, Sunset Overdrive pours the same exaggeration into the action and weapons at our disposal

Exaggerated in history, Sunset Overdrive pours the same exaggeration into the action and weapons at our disposal. This intrinsic peculiarity in the DNA of Insomniac Games also finds a home in this new title, with a wide selection of weapons with a high destructive potential. Phallic-like rifles, LP firing, acid spray guns or freezers are just some of the tools of death we can rely on. Also for the arsenal there is an upgrade system that relies on some power-ups that will infuse additional effects. Even our character will be able to enjoy improvements thanks to Overdrive, badges that can be obtained during our kills and that allow you to make some physical and resistance characteristics more effective.
Inside Sunset City it will be possible to find bases in which to refuel weapons and ammunition, change the appearance of our character, customizable in all its parts or access the Night Defense, a mode on the style of the well known tower defense, in which we will have to defend ourselves from the attack of the enemies, the OD, while we are going to upgrade the base to produce the necessary improvements for our weapons. During the attack we will have to protect some sensitive areas, placing traps and exploiting the surrounding environment to get rid of the horde of enemies as soon as possible.
The story mode offers a duration of about fifteen hours to complete the adventure, dedicating yourself to some secondary mission or to the collection of a part of the collectibles. On the other hand, it is different if you aim to complete the game in all its parts that sees the counter quietly double the duration just to get 100%.
The aforementioned collectibles, compared to other titles, they will have a more practical use during the game, as they can be exchanged for new weapon and character upgrades. Even the secondary missions and challenges, which are divided into competitions of skill, speed or collection, if completed with the aim of taking home the gold, will provide us with concrete benefits and exclusive equipment. Unfortunately, the game offers a level of challenge generally set at medium-low levels, although it is necessary to work hard to get the highest grade in some challenges. Death in Sunset Overdrive instead will be another light moment of the game and will be accompanied by a respawn scene that will pay homage to cinema classics such as Mission: Impossible o The Ring just to name a couple. When our energy reaches zero, we will return to the field after a few seconds, while if we are within a mission we will restart from the last check point.


And once you have completed the completable you can engage in the online cooperative mode, called Chaos team where players can collaborate, up to a maximum of 8, to complete different objectives (basically the same challenges as the single player) with ever-increasing difficulty and extra challenges to be completed to get bonus rewards. Players will be able to access online features at any time through photo booths scattered throughout the city, which will initiate matchmaching.

 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
a compromise that guaranteed the game to run smoothly, while maintaining a high level of detail and active effects on the screen

There have been many criticisms raised in recent weeks to the technical sector of Sunset Overdrive. The reason for these discussions is the now inevitable "resolution gate" which seems to be one of the obsessions of the players of this new generation of consoles. Sunset Overdrive runs at thorny 900p resolution with a video refresh of 30 frames per second. The choice to use this resolution was born from a compromise decided by Insomniac Games that guaranteed the game to run smoothly, while maintaining a high level of detail and active effects on the screen. Game in hand we can only be satisfied with this choice. While not a graphic monster, Sunset Overdrive offers a good level of detail and visual depth, especially from the tallest buildings in the city.
The frenzy of the action does not affect the least even when all the mayhem happens on the screen, between enemies, explosions and our character who jumps like a madman from one side of the screen to the other. Effects of smoke and particles complete the work, which is enriched by a good ambient lighting system. The structure of the city is perfectly designed to allow us to move immediately from point A to point B between one stunt and the next, with an excellent job done with regard to animations and polygonal modeling, both of the enemies. (various both in number and type) and in the locations. If we were to find some flaw from this point of view we could perhaps point out a lack of settings, at least in the variety or too much saturation of the colors that tends to accentuate the red colors.


The choice of the soundtrack is peculiar, which offers a selection of purely punk-rock songs that goes well with the “rebellious” and excessive style of the game. The backing track will then be activated dynamically at certain points based on what happens on the screen, and even here the genius of the programmers has allowed us to play with this aspect too by inserting here and there the quotes or surprises to be discovered and of which no we want to ruin anything for you. The dubbing in other languages ​​is also good, which manages to give value to the excellent dialogues without distorting them or making them look tacky (and given the "color" of certain dialogues, the risk was all there). And if someone were sensitive to a certain language, the game also offers an option to censor certain terms that will be "bipped" with equally comical results.

Verdict 9/10 We can kill more if they line up Comment Have fun. This is the imperative of Sunset Overdrive. The Insomniac Games title surprises us and amuses us like never before, both with a story capable of making us bend over with laughter, and with a fresh and satisfying gameplay, which once mastered will allow you to do great things in playful terms. It won't be the system seller that Xbox One needs right now, but it's a genuine game that reinterprets the open-world genre in an exaggerated and over the top way that deserves to be played by every owner of the Microsoft console. It is not without flaws, especially linked to a difficulty set on medium / low levels or to the little variety of settings in the city, but they are marginal aspects that do not affect the overall rating of the game in the least. Pros and cons Exaggerated and funny
Graphically enjoyable
Explosive soundtrack x Moderate difficulty level
x The city lacks variety

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