Stranger Things VR announced, with a surprise

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In addition to the development of purely mobile games, Netflix does not neglect the sector of the main hardware platforms. Over the last few hours, in fact, the entertainment giant has announced Stranger Things VR, a new game based on the successful TV series created by the Duffer Brothers.

The announcement is unfortunately devoid of any kind of detail. Netflix has in fact unveiled Stranger Things VR with a small teaser trailer, which revealed the first big surprise of this game: users will not play one of the protagonists of the TV series, but Vecna, the antagonist. In the video it is she who behaves as if it were animating and commanding the whole world. This is certainly an important element, given that in video games the "bad guy" on duty is rarely controlled.

At the helm of development we find Tender Claws: the name will probably tell you little, given that Stranger Things VR is literally the first major mainstream project they are working on. The development team has worked on more cinematic projects in the past, always intended for Meta Quest and other viewers such as The Under Tempest, Virtual Virtual Reality 2 and The Under Presents. You can take a look at the first and only teaser trailer of the new game produced with Netflix thanks to the video that you find just below.

  • During the last one, Netflix opened up to the world of gaming with a very specific strategy, which focused mainly on mobile devices. However, the growth path of the company is also linked to experiences of this kind, which will enrich its catalogue. Taking into account the important portfolio of original production TV series and films, we will probably see more and more similar works in the future.

    When will Stranger Things VR be available? Not soon. The game is in fact scheduled for 2023, on all the "major virtual reality platforms". A release also on PS VR2 is therefore not excluded, arriving in February next year.

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