Steam breaks all records! 30 million concurrent active users

Valve recently broke all of its previous user records, reaching a total number of 30 million concurrent users on Steam. Everything was notified and confirmed on Sunday 23 October, starting from the data that had already exceeded this figure since that day, available on SteamDB.

Already in May of 2022 Steam had touched such a figure with its users, narrowly missing the target, recalling that even during the first closures and bans due to covid-19, with the various quarantines and lockdowns, there had been the first signs of results such. Even March 2020 had seen a very similar path without however consolidating the goal as happened recently, recalling that the particular conditions of the time dramatically increased the number of connected users, to then return to more classic and low levels.

Il October 23 of this year, 30.032.005 active users registered on Steam, precisely speaking, emphasizing that in any case and always these are numbers that are currently growing. A great satisfaction, therefore, for this portal which has evolved more and more over time to offer players from all over the world the maximum experience and possibilities in the field of passion and the market. Some of the most played video games currently include: CS: GO (with 1.038.537 simultaneous players), Dota 2 (with 742.821 simultaneous players), PUBG: Battlegrounds (with 421.998 simultaneous players), Apex Legends (with 316.081 simultaneous players ), Lost Ark (with 197.370 concurrent players), G,TA 5 (with 160.253 concurrent players), and many more including Rust, Naraka Bladepoint Wallpaper Engine and Team Fortress 2.

Also, given that the approaching Christmas period usually brings with it a spike in connections in general, the near future of Steam seems to outline a further increase in enthusiasts, perhaps even surpassing the current results achieved. We just have to see, wait and report the progress of this platform.

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