Special What would real life be like if we were in The Sims?

The idea that our entire life is controlled by an entity that precludes us from free will is not very appealing, we confess. But, all in all, it must also be admitted that the Sims are not doing so badly ...

Have you ever stopped to think about what real life would be like if we were in a gigantic game of The Sims? If your answer is something like "Well, actually we don't give a [...]", it doesn't differ much from ours either, but this Thursday was looking pretty boring on its own, and so ...

The problem with imagining a structured life like The Sims is that the first things that come to mind are primarily negative. Philosophers and thinkers have inked rivers of paper (and papered rivers of ink) on free will, conscience and individual choices, and the very thought that our rights and actions are entirely entrusted to higher control makes us sick. After all, who is it that would really want their actions to be decided by someone else? Unfortunately, the mistake behind this article is that a lazy person will answer you.

And then, let's face it: if we all really had a green diamond on our heads, at least we wouldn't mention George Orwell at random every two by three.

Under a timeless sky

Don't be fooled by nostalgia: if you really want to live in a world driven by the rules of The Sims, at least make sure you are not in the first chapter of the series. As much as it is loved and respected by all the hardcore fans, the world of the first The Sims could in fact present a couple of complications of a purely practical nature.

First of all, it certainly cannot be said that the color palette of the first The Sims has aged well. You will already be forced to follow the orders of a strange twirling green diamond, are you really sure you want to live in a world of dull, rigid colors with very few visual shades? After a while, even the most resilient eye risks getting tired, and in such a situation it's easy to see how madness is just around the corner.

Also, make sure you don't overly love blue skies, if you want to live in this world; indeed, perhaps it is better that you do not love the sky in general. The player's gaze in the first The Sims, in fact, is turned exclusively to the ground (probably because the developers themselves were no longer able to see the sun, before completing the development of the original game), a terrain that is formed by a block of land square / rectangular apparently suspended in cosmic nothingness until you decide to access the map of the "world". You just have to hope that the owner of your green diamond has hardware that does not date back to 1998; it would be a little bad to fall on deaf ears once you cross the boundaries of your lot. Fortunately, it is difficult for you to do it yourself: the autonomy of the Sims was almost completely absent, in the very first chapter, and every really important action was entrusted exclusively to the control of the player.

The world of the first The Sims can give you a couple of complications of a practical nature.

Fortunately, the positives are not lacking either: imagine being born already fully formed adults or children, and potentially living forever. In fact, the life of a Sim only includes birth and death (not growth, which occurs only from infant to child and from child to adult), but the latter can only occur due to hunger, fire, electrocution or drowning in the pool ( and disease with an expansion). Just let your master avoid letting you do all the most dangerous activities! The problem is, if he's a Sims player, his sadism is likely to have few limits. In any case, therefore, be prepared to suffer at least a little.

From the world of The Sims 2 onwards, things might have a slightly more pleasant footprint. Welcome the blue sky and a wider color palette, then (which after a lifetime spent in the first The Sims are a joy to behold on their own), as well as a level of detail and a series of benefits that tend to be greater with each iteration.



A world that everyone dreams of ...

When compared to the dirt and chaos of the civilized world, the Sim world doesn't look as bad as many would like to present it. Think of a charming country town full of green spaces, surrounded by hills, with low huts and large spaces to breathe clean air and have a healthy life: evil and ugliness are certainly not lacking in the world of Sims, but there is no it is doubtful that, at least in appearance, the disturbing tranquility of such an idyllic and utopian world where (almost) everyone gets along can seem very inviting.

If we all had a green diamond over our heads, at least we wouldn't be randomly mentioning Orwell every two by three.

Wanting to hope that you don't happen to live in an exact replica of the real world and assuming your wishes are granted, a world ruled by the Green Diamond really has a lot to offer for a poor helpless Sim. First of all, on the real estate market: house prices are absolutely negligible, where even only about 20.000§ is "enough" to own a dwelling with a decent number of rooms and perhaps even finely furnished. Furthermore, even inside the houses, the world of Sims presents all the best cutting-edge technologies when it comes to movable goods: if you no longer like a painting or a refrigerator, their actual size does not matter; just press a button and they will vanish in a cloud of smoke with a flash of light, and your wallet will instantly be filled with the amount determined by the sale of the item. Sure, there is no concept of "buying and selling" and it is not possible to raise the price to have a greater profit, but who wants to start negotiations with a customer if the oven can be vaporized in half a second by a transporter?

In the same way, it is enough to rotate on oneself to magically find oneself dressed, as it is enough to open the refrigerator to automatically take out whatever we need, instantly paying the sum necessary to cook the chosen dish. True, if there are no counters available (or the space is obstructed) you will always prefer to put your cutting board on the floor and complain to the other Sims, but the problem will probably be solved in a few moments.

In the world of Sims, moreover, there is no unemployment. Just open the newspaper and almost any sector of work will be able to hire you at that precise moment, without job interviews or other unnecessary formalities: do you want to be an astronaut? Start cleaning space modules, and one day you may become a true space explorer. Much, time runs so fast in The Sims that career advancement is only a matter of days: If you are really skilled and prepared, you could climb to the top of your company in just over three or four weeks.

But employers have gotten a lot smarter over time, and if your world adopts The Sims 4 career system you will need to complete some daily tasks and evolve several related skills before reach the summit. Which isn't necessarily bad: if you want to become a best-selling writer, at least make sure you have the skills (it may seem obvious, but it's not at all).

And, speaking of skills, did you know that in such a world, if you want to increase your logic, just play a game of chess? Just like in the real world, if someone still plays chess in real life. The upside of such a skill development system is that at least you would have a green bar over your head that tells you how far to go to the next level, and the transition is so sudden that it's always satisfying to drill the eardrums of the whole family. on the piano (first) and strum the first catchy pieces a moment later.

Not to mention the social relations: imagine speaking exclusively in ideograms, colorful drawings that represent an image or an idea in a white balloon above our heads; imagine going from the first handshake to the first kiss in less than ten minutes, and from the first date to the wedding in less than two days; imagine having a baby within a week, and overcoming the traumatic phase of bottles and diapers in the next few days; and imagine that you are continually receiving phone calls from friends who want to come and visit you just as you are pursuing the Violin skill. A splendid life, isn't it?


… But where no one would want to live

But the Green Diamond is always there, and its grave shadow hangs over your heads at any time of the day. If you are lucky, your "master" will be a calm and quiet player, one of those who love to live in The Sims the life they know they will never have in the real world and who, for this reason, try to pamper their Sims in all possible ways, making them have a healthy, balanced and success. The exact opposite of the classic Sims player, in short.

In the most common of casesIn fact, you may have an inattentive and impatient "master", which will enter a strange code related to a "Mother Vein" and instantly get you a huge number of Simoleons. This apparent generosity will help him build the house of your dreams, but only to abandon you into darkness and oblivion after having satisfied his intellectual lust. Not only that: well aware of the cruel potential of a title like The Sims, an inattentive and impatient master could also be a terrible sadist, and it is not unlikely that he will decide to lock you in a tiny room with a fireplace to kill you in a fire, or that he will rely on far more creative methods to see you suffer as he giggles "on this side" of the screen.



Maybe, your master will decide to completely deactivate your autonomy to have full control over you, and to keep them from running around the house looking for a bathroom when you don't really need it. You may find yourself standing for hours in the same spot, simply because you will be paralyzed by the total absence of autonomy; you could go on every day with snacks of chips and water, because your master does not want to carry on your skills in the kitchen; you may be awakened in the middle of the night, simply because you need a career advancement, and then perhaps who knows it would be better to fill in at three in the morning those reports that I have to deliver at eight with only two hours of sleep in the body; and we want to talk about voyeurism and the sex maniac look, aimed at you while you woo your partner in life? A partner who could also die tomorrow, leaving you alone in your pain ... At least until your master forces you to move on, only twenty-four hours after your loss, meeting a new person with whom to build a whole life - and maybe another family.

Think about it, The Sims players: how many abuses and how many injustices do we offer to our Sims in every single game session? How many Sims have we let drown in the pool, and how many have we actually successfully brought to the end of their lives? And how many Sims, finely modeled on our ex-partners in real life, have had to suffer the wrath of the Green Diamond on their virtual skin, without being able to oppose in any way? True, they are just polygonal models without a hint of individual conscience or will, comic caricatures of real life that we could never really identify with; but are you really sure you want to be the player no Sim would like Diamond, if real life were playing The Sims?

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