Special The games coming out in May 2018 to keep an eye on

Fifth appointment of this 2018: will May make us breathe? What will be the best video games (indie and otherwise) to play absolutely this month?

Have you recovered from the revelry of May XNUMXst? Whether you stayed at home to play or you are among the unfortunate poor who have worked anyway, a new month has begun and with it come many new juicy releases. Many remastered and ported, but also the test bed for David Cage and its Detroit (who is the protagonist of our Magazine). Here is our selection, the best upcoming video games we have selected for this month, this time in doses of five.


Couldn't you care less about our choices? Here you will find the list of all the games coming out in May, with relative dates.
City of Brass

Release date: May 4th

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

This month's first independent title is City of Brass, a first-person rogue-like adventure in which, armed with a whip and a scimitar, in an oriental metropolis. If the atmosphere in the Prince of Persia hasn't convinced you yet, know that some of Bioshock's ex-parents are active in Uppercut Games. 

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

To learn more:
Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Release date: May 15
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

We said at the beginning of how May will be a month full of remastered and porting: certainly among the first Dragon's Crown Pro, in the latter Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and indeed Battle Chasers: Nightwar. After the release for PC and PlayStation 4, the RPG based on the comic of the same name is finally ready to become portable, benefiting from the coveted release on the hybrid of the Kyoto house. To design the tireless Joe Madureira, which the less informed will surely remember for the character design of the first two Darksiders. 

Runner 3

Release date: May 22
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

The third and final independent title of our May selection, Runner 3 arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch and PC consoles on May 22nd, bringing back the crazy almost endless CommanderVideo races. New missions, levels on the verge of madness and of course the colors of the rainbow seem to be the ingredients of this third chapter.

#GameCover - Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25
Platforms: PS4

Detroit: Become Human - PlayStation 4
On amazon: 27,81 € buy

In short, David Cage grabs our fifth cover of the year, with the return of the infamous Quantic Dream studio that in the past generation has given us so much, so much material to explore.

And in fact, before facing Detroit head on, we thought it was appropriate to prepare a sort of business eCard for the French company flying the Sony flag, starting from that one.Heavy Rain able to clear the figure of David Cage among the players (yes, he also worked on something else before, but the real Big Bang was making us press X to save Jason) and his script issues… Because while undeniably an experience to play, Heavy Rain has script-level holes that are hard to forgive.

The second digression goes on the philosophical, in order to worthily pay homage to the words "rants of author”Silently tucked into the homepage - yes, we should spend a few words on the recent graphic innovations… Maybe we'll do it later. When a video game can become cinema? Non-trivial question, answer absolutely worthy of one of our creations on Word and then on WordPress.

The last step before the review? Kara. Or rather, the tech-demo with which Quantic Dream has over the years captured the interest of professionals and non-professionals, showing off its motion-capture technology (and recruiting more or less famous faces from cinema and TV) and occasionally showing what the Sony home hardware. In short, a reading between the technical and the informative, before understanding if and how much Asimov should turn in his grave ...

Dark Souls Remastered

Release date: May 25
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Dark Souls Remastered - PlayStation 4
On amazon: 21,99 € buy

It risked being our May cover - because you know by now, we like to go against the tide and more than the mainstream we look at how editorially interesting a title is. And Dark Souls, which returns to PlayStation 4 and One and debuts on Nintendo Switch, would have given us several interesting ideas to fill the next 31 days, but trivially less than those offered by David Cage's big face (even if more than the other video games coming out. this month). However, we will also deal with this issue

All games released in May 2018:


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