Special PS5 vs Xbox X series, the philosophy of Microsoft and Sony

Do PS5 and Xbox series X have a philosophy that mirrors that of the two companies? Who would have thought.

With this rhetorical question we are moving towards a positive answer to the question: Will PS5 and Xbox X series have a philosophy? the answer is yes and, above all, the two philosophies don't they will conflict. It is very important to keep this in mind. Basic video games have a philosophy, which is to be a product that can make you forget your everyday life to launch yourself, for a period of time, into another world and into the body of another. All mental blowjobs that philosophers and sociologists do and that we then report when we want to be cool on social media. Something cool, however, there is, and, starting from this factor, let's divide the gamers and form two subgroups that Microsoft and Sony will share at Holiday 2020.

Sony and Microsoft: philosophy compared.
Xbox series X and the philosophy of speed of use

WARNING! Speed ​​of use is NOT intended in a negative way! I tell you now so I hope you remember it later. Having said that, let's get to the heart of this sub-chapter. Xbox series x and Microsoft have a philosophy that points to the speed of use. They've always had it in reality. But what does it mean? It means that the important things will be multiplayer and indie and fast-to-play titles on the gamepass.

eSports: Needless to say, the reference console for those who want to practice eSports will be Xbox series X.

It is a gaming computer that also points to a collaboration with Steam and a crossplatform with the latter. This should already turn on a light bulb: on Xbox series x games must run like hell and, above all, they will be multiplayer, fast, and engaging. They do not focus on the longevity of the titles, but on keeping players glued with quick games and the acquisition of increasingly satisfying skills. Literally what any multiplayer from Quake to Fortnite does. Xbox series x will be the console for hardcore gamers.

In addition, it has that gamepass masterpiece. An idea as simple as it is brilliant. Basically Microsoft is telling you: "with a fixed cost per month you have access to exclusive titles, old chapters of your favorite sagas and some recently released exclusives". Literally what Netflix yelled at you from overseas before landing on the shores. And, in fact, the philosophy is the same. With the advent of paid online streaming, the media revolution has begun and with it the taste and pleasure of enjoying an audiovisual product has also been lost… This is what a boomer attached to the rotten chairs of the Caffè Lumière would say.

What I am telling you is that the revolution took place, but it is not negative at all, it is just different. The amount of images we come into contact with on a daily basis thanks to these tools is increased dramatically, and, in an inversely proportional way, the time available has been reduced. This is leading to the production of ever faster and easier to use videos. Think of apps like Instagram and Tick Tock.

All this to go so far as to say that Microsoft has acquired Software House aiming at the production of exclusive games for gamepass owners and that will lead to a quick use of the same by gamers. Linear. Simple.

Microsoft will focus on the speed of use.

PS5 and the philosophy of slow fruition

WARNING! Slow use is NOT meant in a negative way! I tell you now so I hope you remember it later. I know that this thing should have entered your head by now, but people are "de coccio" as they say in my part of the world. Having said that, let's get to the heart of this sub-chapter. PlayStation5 and Sony have a philosophy that points to slow fruition. They've always had it in reality. But what does it mean? It means that the personal experience and the single player will be the masters.

PS5 on PS4: Having your favorite PlayStation 4 titles on Playstation 5 will be great. Who knows if they will extend backwards compatibility not only on PS4.

Since PS1 the titles that the more they remained in the heart and in the minds of gamers are single player titles. PS4 itself is proof of this: the whole mess with Nughty Dog and The Last of US derives from the break between one of the most loved and idolized development houses and the adoring public. The Last of Us is a beautiful story that should be appreciated precisely for its playful-narrative essence. Alone. To cry.

Not just story-driven experiences though. Think about God of War for PlayStation 4: a title that has completely revolutionized the saga and that applies some RPG mechanics to an apparent open world, allowing the gamer to experience a continuous story in his own way, thanks to the sequence shot, and in development under his eyes. Or even open world titles always with a strong emotional narrative line like Horizon Zero Dawn.

We are heroes in Playstation games (philosophy of PS5 100/100). They are the playful embodiment of Vogler's Journey of the Hero. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's narratological stuff, a lot of boring, that you find in a book called "The Hero's Journey". Now, if we said that experience will be a fundamental component, if we take into account Sony's past and how important the exclusives have been for the success of PlayStation 4 and if we add that the controllers will apparently have special triggers. and features that can only be spent on PS5, then it is obvious that the prominent titles will be singleplayer and large enough to keep us hooked for hours and hours. The opposite of Microsoft. A completely different philosophy. Playstation 5 will be the console for all those who want to experience and feel something thanks to video games, or for the nostalgic thirties, see it as you like.

Sony will focus on slow fruition.

PS5 vs Xbox Series x, it doesn't make sense

Everything you have read above should have made you realize that this "PS5 vs Xbox series x" battle It's useless. I have already talked about it at the end of the news + concerning the peripherals of the two consoles, but I want to reiterate the concept. Beyond the tools and capabilities of the two machines, what for most players will do the difference between one or the other console it's the human side. We are social creatures who need stories and feels.

There are those who will focus more on clashing with others so then they can boast of being the best, or there are those who will point to the emotion for a good story, so then they can tell it to friends at the bar. Two distinct and separate sets that will be attracted respectively by Xbox X series and Playstation 5. The latter when there will be the presentation. And the two companies know it well, it's all thought out. PS5 with its philosophy. Xbox series x with its philosophy. The console war never existed and probably ...

… It will come to an end.

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