Special Meta Game and Power Gaming? Fuck them!

More and more often we hear about Meta Game e Power Gaming in the world of video games; terms related in turn to the concepts of Meta Player, Power Player and often to that of Pro Gamer. What do all these terms so different and at the same time so close to each other mean? In my opinion, excluding the scope of Pro Gaming, some simple advice that the player can choose to follow or not. But when you try to impose on your friends the "dictates of the meta”Here comes the risk of making the game less fun. To avoid problems of this type it is necessary to know the definition of these phenomena in order to be able to them understand, use o avoid.

The Meta Game in Video Games

Not just video games The Meta Game phenomenon also affects other areas distinct from video games such as card games or paper role-playing games. In the latter context it is also seen in a more negative way, as something to be avoided in all cases.

To define the Meta Game you have to understand the term Meta, it derives from the Greek "post"And can be translated as"beyond". We are in the presence of a concept that stands over the video game and that it can affect choices carried out since player. The term can also be seen as an acronym: "most effective tactic available"Or what level numerico it works more within a video game. We talk about Meta Game when dealing with gameplay elements statistically more performing the rest of the possible options.

in competitive video games (whether they are fighting games, Pokémon or shooter) the choices of the same players can modify the meta. For example, if in a fighting game a good percentage of players will use the strongest character, an equal slice of players will start using a weaker character but one that can put the most used character in difficulty. There fluidity of the Meta Game is a main feature of competitive video games, which allows you to experience ever new clashes even years after the release of the game in question. In past the Meta of a (non-competitive) video game remained the same from the gold phase to the end of production, today online has changed the way this aspect of game design is handled. This leads to extend your life of a particular product, at the price of patch upon patch upon patch to download before you can enjoy the game.

Nerf, buffs and balances are the order of the day in any video game and patch notes increasingly accompany our moments on the throne of the house.

Power Gaming and why avoid it

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While Meta Game involves in-game math, Power Gaming is all about the player. It is an attitude that the user of the video game uses in approaching the latter and that I personally find very annoying. The Power Gaming it occurs when a player puts aside everything that does not favor victory. You follow the meta because it is the only possible way to play, all the others are useless wastes of bytes on the disk. If you hold the controller with this mindset you are not playing, you are doing a show of strength.

Sometimes I think I'll never understand this kind of attitude, but at least have the decency to do not impose your way of playing to others. There video game culture is still young, we have to create and shape it together, with reasoned arguments that go even beyond Meta's speeches. In short, a videogame culture that digs deeper than simple numerical results.

In short, it is also enough to always use the same sets and the same builds and the same weapons and so on, right? What Balls!

Meta Player and Power gamer, what are the differences?

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The Meta Game rewards the player who studia the functioning of the game mechanics and that the suitable to its gameplay based on the circumstance. Adaptation is a key word, as is the player's approach to the video game itself. A Meta Gamer is someone who, knowing the game mechanics, leaves himself to influence from the goal in the choices to be made. A person who venerates the Meta as the only way forward is no longer a Meta Player but a Power Player.

The concept is the same, using the Meta Game in order to be more performers. What changes is themental approach to the latter due to Power Gaming. The Power Player cancels his freedom of choice, excluding regardless what is not Meta. This can also be shared on a theoretical level, if the goal is to be performing, but if the goal is to have fun? Why deprive yourself of the ability to use much of the content of a video game, but above all why not have fun finding ways to adapt the meta to your style of play? We play with the heart, not with eyes and hands.

In short, I will also have the freedom to choose who to use in a fighting game, right? … .Ah no?

The Meta Game for Pro Gamers

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It goes without saying that in the context of the Pro Gaming the Meta Game is one of the components essential to be assimilated in order to play the maximum level. A Pro Gamer, unlike any other, has the need to study the parametrics and the internal technique of the video game with which he wants to make a career. Do not think, however, that for them it is also obvious to adopt a Power Player attitude, quite the contrary. Very often, especially in fighting games, a totally choice foreign to the goal it can change the fate of a tournament or the perception that one has of that game at a competitive level.

Locking oneself up in the certainties of the Meta can lead to sure results only in one first moment, but going forward you will find more and more opponents who know how get around the choices made in the purest Meta Game. The Pro Player grows proving always different things, adapting his gameplay to that of his opponents keeping in mind of the Meta Game. Let's not forget the universal principles of eSports enunciated by AESVI, in which great attention is paid to fair play and inclusiveness among Pro Gamers.

It is not improved by repeating a single action thousands of times, but by trying a thousand times to solve a problem in different ways to understand how to best solve it.

For us "normal" players the Meta can be one way to follow if you are really passionate about the game in question, and it is nice see this in us players passion. At the same time, however, it must be limited to one advice that developers leave to their community. An advice, DON'T a must, DON'T a way to feel better than other players, DON'T a reason to split a group of friends in two, DON'T a way to isolate yourself from the rest of the community. Feel free to experiment and try, everyone can play however they want. The video game connects people, it does not divide them, we become gamers more similar to the video game.

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