Special E3 2018: the summary of the Sony conference

Sony innovates the concept of press conference, proposing what is a mixture of a collection of films and a talk show

The Japanese company, as we know, has never wanted to adapt others and run according to their rules but, on the contrary, they like to break them. This is because what we are faced with as soon as what everyone believed a classic E3 conference began is different, perhaps too much.

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In an unusual location, a sort of shed that only after we understand makes sense, Sony immediately starts with one of the "big four" of this E3: The Last of Us Part II. The title Naughty Dog is in excellent shape, Ellie - now grown up - dances with a girl. After a passionate kiss, a gameplay session starts that remembers in all respects the title seen in 2013, obviously more pumped up and with some improvements. Ellie finds herself surrounded by enemies who hunt her down and she, like a good hunter, sets out in search of her own prey. The whole section leaves you breathless and remembers, perhaps too much, the first chapter even if this does not matter to those who loved the adventures of Joel and the girl.


After this incredible cutscene the scene switches to Shawn Layden and colleagues who start talking, allowing our colleagues in Los Angeles to move to the final location, and announce two things: the new game plus mode coming to God of War and the availability - from this evening - of Call of Duty: Black Ops III with the Playstation Plus service.


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What was considered by most to be a slow and atypical beginning then turned into a riot of emotions once we arrived in the conference room. There a live performance led us to discover the first gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima, the new game developed by Sucker Punch, showed a sketch of the open world - with the protagonist on horseback crossing a plain full of flowers - and all the options of the combat system. In fact, the demo allowed us to observe how the protagonist can approach enemies ready to kill him, obviously they ended up in pieces, or how he can surprise them - in pure Assassin's Creed style - not to give him the opportunity to respond. Unfortunately, as happened with The Last of Us Part II, at the end of the trailer there was not even a draft of the release period - but this will be a constant throughout the evening - but the hope remains to be able to know something in the near future. Remedy decides to make his debut at this E3 right after Sucker Punch by proposing Control, a game that reminded us a lot of Quantum Break coming in 2019.


To have a release date, however, it is Resident Evil 2. The famous remake that made its debut with a trailer, thus showing the great work done by the development team. Players won't have to wait long, thankfully, as the title is scheduled to arrive on January 25, 2019, four days before Kingdom Hearts III. Ironically, in fact, it is the Square Enix title that makes its arrival on the Los Angeles stage with a new trailer - the third seen in these days - which shows the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean and, above all, for fans of the brand , new characters and situations that leave you with your mouth watering waiting for that January 29th that never seems to arrive. To complete it all, we think Square, which announces a dedicated Playstation 4 Pro and a bundle containing all the titles of the saga.


Sony wanted to increase the pace of the showcase and to do so he got help from a friend: Hideo Kojima. In fact, we finally got a first look at the gameplay of Death Stranding, even if it is still difficult to understand what it is. During the movie we saw how the protagonist always carries with him boxes, of various sizes, and the immense fear that mysterious creatures cause. Avoiding these entities, initially invisible but then recognizable thanks to the use of a particular probe, will most likely be our goal and being discovered is equivalent to game over. The Death Stranding trailer, in addition to putting a thousand doubts in the players' heads, presents two new personalities that are added to the cast: Lea Seydoux and Linsday Wagner. Surely Hideo Kojima will not fail to reveal details in the coming days, hoping to understand what lies behind this title.



Before closing there was room for an unexpected announcement. Sony has announced, in fact, the arrival of Nioh 2 on Playstation 4 with a trailer without revealing further details. The attention to Nioh 2 did not last long because one of the most anticipated games of this 2018 has arrived to close the entire Sony showcase: Marvel's Spider-Man. E3 2018 was the place where more in-depth gameplay made its debut that saw the masked hero get to know some of the villains who will torture him throughout the adventure: Electro, Rhino, Scorpio and Vulture. The gameplay sequences are very reminiscent of the Batman titles developed by Rocksteady elevated, however, to the nth degree with the web shooter capable of twirling and juggling multiple enemies very easily. We have not only seen combat but, fortunately for us, there was also the possibility of being able to witness the chase to Electro which showed the movement system and the technical sector, absolutely of the highest quality. The end of the trailer sees Spidey collapse, defeated by the baddies, with someone mysterious appearing to come to his rescue. Will it be Mr. Stark that we enjoyed so much at the cinema? We will find out only by living.


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