Special Amazon Game Studios between video games and cross-media

2020 could be the year of Amazon Game Studios, ready to forcefully enter the video game business through an economic effort of hundreds of millions of dollars. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Mike Frazzini, the manager of this sector, tells of a very large project that will try to exploit the Amazon know-how. The company must necessarily make good use of its strengths proven over the years, for open the way in a market that to define competitive is an understatement. All of this, winking at cross-media and looking towards Netflix. A 360-degree approach that sees from one side, a great publisher strategy and on the other a direct comparison with one of the most important streaming platforms in the world.

The path that led Amazon Game Studios to meet video games began in August 2012. Starting from the creation of small mainly mobile titles available on the Amazon AppStore, the software house has managed to reach even the most important platforms. In fact, in 2019 he published The Grand Tour Game for Xbox One and Ps4, a racing game based on thehomonymous television series and which we will talk about shortly. To date, there are several new features coming up and all very interesting. Amazon will launch Crucible, its new original title, in May. There are also New World and a new MMO of the Lord of the Rings in the pipeline. Finally, so much for do not miss anything, a cloud gaming platform, Project Tempo.

Crucible and New World

Crucible was initially scheduled for April but the coronavirus emergency made it necessary to postpone the release. The videogame is a competitive pvp third-person shooter, set on an alien planet. The members of the different teams will not only have to cooperate to get the better of their opponents but also to escape the dangers of the planet. The idea sounds interesting and might appeal atmospheric phenomena of Gears of War that passively affected battles. To make the formula even more fascinating, an interaction between players and spectators, if the game is streamed on Twitch. In fact, this is exactly how the trailer presented below closes. Developers they throw a lure which you can not fail to take, considering the enormous success enjoyed by the well-known streaming platform. A new form of collaboration to be discovered and which we await with great curiosity.

New World is the highly anticipated MMO from Amazon Game Studios that has attracted the attention of critics and audiences. The release also in this case was expected in these days but the Covid-19 emergency changed the developer programs. With an official statement, the team leaders have postponed the release to August 25, 2020 and the Closed Beta to July. The will is to provide users with a product as complete and efficient as possible. The idea is therefore to continue the work remotely and debut on the market with a high quality product.

The choice is very understandable, if we consider that Crucible should already arrive in the month of May. Amazon Game Studios takes its time to make its mark on players, especially in one genre of video games, MMOs. full of competition. However, there is no lack of talent in this team that would seem ready to take on these challenges.

A great publisher's strategy

The developers working on these projects have already contributed to League of Legends, Bioshock, The Last of Us and Gears of War, just to name a few. Amazon seems like a great place to work. Not simply in the gaming sector alone, but because you can draw on all the technologies that distinguish the e-commerce site, such as Twitch and AWS, the Amazon Web Services. Project Tempo will exploit the cloud computing service e will launch the challenge to Google, NVidia, Microsoft and Sony. In short, a small corner of paradise in which to program to create the video games of the future.

The path taken is by a great publisher who wants to enter the market strongly

The path taken is by the great publisher who wants to enter with strength in the market, also in light of the videogame curriculum of the programmers involved. Titles like Crucible and New World that we can define as Triple A and that are intended for the pure user who loves to play online over a continuous period of time. It also distances itself from Apple Arcade, which instead maintains a softer philosophy aimed at generating less marked and specific entertainment for families. But the story does not end here. Amazon Game Studios undoubtedly wants to become a reference software house and yet it is also cultivating another ground since infinite "fertile" potential and that seriously bodes well for the future.

Netflix, Amazon and cross-media

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Regarding the MMO title of the Lord of the Rings, we know that it is developed in collaboration with Athlos Games. The story will be disconnected from the series that Amazon always has in the pipeline, just not to forget the diversification in the field of entertainment that he has achieved. Impossible not to talk about cross-media in this case and make a comparison with a direct competitor like Netflix. The latter, together with Amazon Game Studios and Prime Video, is following a path that embraces video games and TV series. The videogame becomes a start point for the development of television products and vice versa. I would like to emphasize the importance of creating a differentiated offer that can embrace a heterogeneous and extremely vast audience.

The Californian company, in the wake of the success of The Witcher, has in fact confirmed the series on Cuphead while several rumors about Resident Evil follow one another. But not only. The titles dedicated to Stranger Things and Dark Crystal: the Resistance are available on the market. Let's talk about a path of cross-media which can lead to great success as well win the hearts of all fans. Who, after having finished and loved Cuphead, did not rejoice at the announcement of the TV series? Or is he already licking his mustache while waiting for new announcements dedicated to RE?

Netflix vs Amazon, a story of strange coincidences

If we really want to be picky, here's one timeline which can provide us with some interesting insights. The Witcher announcement dates back to May 2017. The Lord of the Rings series, November of the same year. On the gaming front, The Grand Tour retraced the events of the first two seasons and was released in January 2019, in concomitance of the third vintage. Stranger Things 3: The Game, available in July 2019, with the release of the last great season. Netflix calls and Amazon answers or just coincidences? To us, all this can only please us. A healthy form of competition from which the spectators surely come out as winners. We are at the beginning of something that can get even bigger, experimenting and combining two entertainment products that are emerging with arrogance. Experiments that as gamers we should appreciate.

Netflix calls and Amazon answers or just coincidences? All of this can only please us

Before coming to the conclusion of this special, I wanted to mention Quantum Break. The Remedy title he matched gameplay television format and which has strongly divided videogame criticism. An adventure different from the others and which once again demonstrates the courage of the Finnish software house to try to differentiate itself from other developers.

Amazon, a bomb ready to explode

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Jeff Bezos is truly unleashed like never before. Just recently his company became a partner ofUniversity Esports, the new tournament that started a few days ago. Students who enrolled by 12 April will represent their university to compete nationally and internationally. A project that aims at theirs personal and collective growth and that stimulates the creating new friendships. People with whom to share the passion for their favorite video games.

Amazon Game Studios looks seriously poised to enter the video game market and puts a lot of meat on the fire. Crucible, New World, The Lord of the Rings, Project Tempo are very ambitious projects, which we hope will keep the name that the American giant has made in recent years. Competition is very high but Amazon has very broad shoulders. But we can get popcorn and Coke and see where this new show will go "Tele - videogame" all to discover.

The Show Must Go On

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