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The Evo II drone is a professional-grade quadcopter that has been on the market for a few months now, presented at CES at the beginning of 2020, this drone has conquered a good slice of the American market, in Spain it struggles a little but stands out.

For those unfamiliar with it, the EVO ii drone is a modular camera drone, available in 6k, 8k and even with thermal camera, for a full drone review we recommend you to visit, here today we will deal with Autel's native app for drone control.

Altar Explorer This is the name of the application that can be downloaded on the smartphone for the control of the Autel Evo I and II drone series, a rather complete app but in our opinion also rather complicated, with many settings that will take time to learn to navigate.

App overview

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to select which series of EVO drones you have, after the usual ones initial calibrations of the first start-up of the drone it will be possible to make the first flight.

For a video guide and full support on what actions to take, the Autel channel on Youtube is a good point of reference, the tutorials are available in English unfortunately.

The application itself is done quite well but has some shortcomings in terms of user interface and ease of navigation, the menus are full of information and especially for the previous version there were several translation bugs.

In the camera section it will be possible to select a whole series of settings including the file format, size and different photo modes.

The usual basic information such as position and battery are positioned on the upper side, the strength of Explorer is certainly the fact that it uses Google Maps for navigation, rich in details of the environment.

Video and photo settings: smart shooting

Like all drones, the Evo II also offers different modes of intelligent shooting and shooting, through the Explorer app, the feedback is positive, the drone responds well and is able to obtain extraordinary images and shots.

Among the smart shots we find:

  • Dynamic Track: similar to dji's Active Track, it tracks and follows the movements of a subject using AI
  • Orbit Or Orbit: Shoots a desired subject by making a circular flight
  • Tripod: the evo drone shoots a stationary subject by changing its gimbal settings, for shooting and shots from the most different angles
  • Parallel Tracking: similar to a Dynamic Track, but exactly in parallel, for more dynamic shooting
  • View Point: setting the EVO flight path via touch screen
  • Gesture Controls: allows you to give commands to the EVO, for taking photos, videos, etc.
  • VR: augmented reality
  • Precision flight: For low-speed flight, when shooting at low elevation or in situations with surrounding obstacles
  • Dual Stability: Similar to precision flight but additional stability given the drone's in-flight braking control, produces more stable footage.

Unfortunately there is no "dronie ”about“ rocket ” of the competitor DJI, very popular among consumer drones and particularly appreciated by occasional pilots.

Autel Explore application update

Autel Explorer app for Autel's EVO series of drones has been updated to version 1.4.18 for iOS and version for Android bringing some new features.

Autel Robotics has updated its Autel Explorer app by adding support for new features for the EVO II series and some general feature updates for the app.

  • Ability to change maximum flight height to 2.640 feet (804 meters)
  • Real-time notification when you take your flight in restricted areas
  • The app changes the display contrast automatically when flying in uncomfortable flight conditions
  • Fixed some translation bugs

New firmware for EVO II version 2.2.3.

Even the drone itself earns an upgrade, EVO II now supports a host of new features and annoying bug fixes:

  • New cross-hatch trajectory setting for “rectangular” missions with optimizations
  • Introduction of multi-battery missions or in case of low battery it will be sufficient to change it and the drone will continue on the way it was before
  • Possibility of locking the gimbal from the camera settings on the Explorer app


We must say that the app after all is not bad, if you are used to DJIO Flight you will initially have some difficulties in adapting, but once you have navigated well and understood all the settings, you will discover the pleasure of using the EVO II drone and it is worth it. worth it!

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