Silent Hill 2 returns with a scary remake!

As already announced by Konami, October 19, 2022 is the evening of Silent Hill. The Japanese studio, during a live stream on the game's YouTube channel, shared several announcements relating to the future of the series. Among these, in addition to two new titles including Silent Hill fe a new film, we also find one of the most interesting reveals of the evening: Silent Hill 2 will have a remake.

  • The trailer takes us back to the scary Silent Hill and shows how James Sunderland returns to the town covered in fog and creepy creatures three years after the death of his beloved. The video is cinematic and highlights the work done by the developers on the graphics sector. Taking advantage of the power of the Unreal Engine, in fact, Blooper has managed to rejuvenate the graphics of Silent Hill 2 and bring it back up to date with this generation of video games.

    The information that was leaked throughout the day turned out to be true. The remake of Silent Hill 2, in fact, will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and will be developed by Blooper, a team that revolves around Konami. The exclusive, however, will only be temporary because the game will also arrive on PC after 12 months of limited stay on the Sony home console. The developers also expressed their opinion on remaking the title and how they intend to work to maintain the original experience. Although mixing the old with the new is not a simple task, in fact, the title proves optimistic about the final result which also seems to be confirmed by the images shown during the event.

    In addition to the announcement of Silent Hill (which, in the meantime, you can buy the blu-ray on Amazon), the event that just ended showed several other titles in development at Konami and related to the series. As always, we at Tom's Hardware have been following the event and will be reporting on any and all news revealed. Furthermore, our recap containing all the announcements of the evening will arrive soon. Stay tuned to not miss anything of the return of this iconic horror saga.

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