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Sekiro: Shadows die Twice is a title that is as punitive as it is rewarding, like all titles from FromSoftware. This second part of the guide on how to unlock all Sekiro's endings will help you unlock the latest ending, called Return of the Dragon, as well as show you the location of a secret boss!

Of course, if you decide to continue reading our guide on the how to unlock all Sekiro's endings, you might come across numerous spoilers. So turn around if you don't intend to know what awaits you. Don't forget to read the first part of this guide to the finals of Sekiro!

Return of the Dragon - Sekiro: How to Unlock All Endings | Guide (part 2)

This it is considered the best ending, but also the most challenging one between all of Sekiro's endings. In addition, it is good to specify that once you have recovered the Tears of the Dragon, you will probably be blocked out of this series of missions, so do it first. 

First you must have the ability to swim underwater, which you receive after defeating the Corrupted Monk in Mibu Village, Ashima Depths. Later you will need the Sacred Tome of the Senpou Temple: you will find it at the bottom of the pond near the third Sculptor Idol of the area. 

For the next step you have to talk to the Maiden of the Waters of the Refreshment to whom you will give the tome that you have found. When he gives you rice, eat it. Rest and ask for more until he gives it to you. At some point the Maiden will start sneezing and will ask you about the Lotus. Give her one and she'll give you more rice. Talk to her one more time and she will give you rice for Kuro. When you give the rice to Kuro, you will get sticky rice balls in exchange. 

Talk to the Maiden about Kuro and leave. Once back she will be gone. Then check the Hall of Illusions where you met the tedious monkeys and you will find it in front of you, in front of the Big Tree. Enter the haunted cave to the left of where you rang the bell to enter the Hall of Illusions, where you will see a body wearing another tome. Take it and bring it to the Maiden who will tell you she needs to two fruits of the Great Serpent. Your objective is now clear, especially if you've spoken to the two old ladies at the Senpou Temple and Ashina Castle Gates. But if you got stuck, here's what to do.

To recover the fresh fruit go to one of the first idols of the Senpou Temple. Below you will see the enemy with the hat in front of the kite mechanism. Use the Ninjutsu puppeteer on him so that he can maneuver the kite. Pass the first hordes of monks, climb up to reach the kite which will catapult you into a new area. Continuing towards the valley you will discover a platform emerging in the fog. Climb high you can eliminate the Great Serpent that has been hunting you for the entire game. You will thus obtain an objective and the first fruit.

The dried fruit is located in the area where you fought the Guardian Monkey. Instead of reaching the point of confrontation, follow the trail of poison until you reach one of the vendors. Past this point you will find a cave guarded by another giant snake. Try to avoid the geckos and ghosts until you get to an area where you can hide behind a wall. Then down and to the left. You will come to a point where a monkey will appear on which you will use the puppeteer technique. Once the snake is distracted, run to the temple and take the second fruit.

Return and bring the two fruits to the Maiden. Rest once, and peek through the closed door, then rest again. Now you can talk to her and accept them Frozen Tears. Once the final boss is defeated, choose to give Kuro Frozen Tears and Dragon Tears in order to unlock the Return of the Dragon.

Where to find the secret Boss - Sekiro: how to unlock all endings | Guide (part 2)

A quick note: there is a secret boss named Demon of Hatred just before the final one that many of you may have missed, so here's a quick guide on how to find it. Be prepared to stumble upon other spoilers outside the Shura ending, described in the first part of our guide. After obtaining the Dragon's tears, go back to the castle. Check the roof until you find a kite, hold on until you reach the Surroundings of Ashina.

This area is controlled by numerous very strong enemies, so we recommend that you overcome them without fighting. Continuing you should notice a Sculptor's Idol engulfed in flames. Just interact with this to be launched on the field where you fought Gyoubu. You will find that you are facing the boss. Surely, for your safety, It is better to know that this is Sekiro's toughest boss, so good luck! A quick tip: you have to hold down the run button throughout the battle.

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