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The Steam Deck is one of the most popular consoles of the moment, also representing a peculiarity in the gaming market: it is in fact a PC compacted into a portable device. While Valve's device may look similar to the Nintendo Switch at first glance, it actually offers much more, making it possible for users to plug it directly into the television, connect a controller, mouse or keyboard, and even install Windows.

Steam Deck, available on the official Steam site, is sold at a fairly high price, therefore it is better to take precautions not to ruin it, including buying a case and a screen protectorto prevent the glass from being scratched. The best protection you can buy is the tempered glass, which features the most suitable material to protect the screen from impacts and scratches. In this article, we will therefore explore the better protections currently available on the market, evaluating them on the basis of material, durability and, of course, price.

In addition to the screen protector, however, there are other useful accessories that you will need if you have a Steam Deck, for example, here are the best SD cards to install your game catalog.

Screen protectors for Steam Deck, the best

  • iVoler tempered glass, the best overall
  • amFilm tempered glass, the easiest to install
  • Magglass tempered glass, the anti-reflection
  • Benazcap tempered glass, with the best reviews

iVoler tempered glass, the best overall

Sold in a pack of three, iVoler's protectors were created specifically for the Steam Deck's 7-inch screen. In addition, during the application you will be sure to make it adhere perfectly to the console since there is a guide in the package that will allow you to align it to the edges correctly.

The instructions are easy to follow, making the installation process easy and fast, even if you've never done it before. iVoler screen protectors are 0.3 mm thick, which is the standard for this type of product and guarantees the right balance between sensitivity and resistance to scratches and abrasions. With 99.9% transparency, you'll be left with a crystal clear screen and won't have any repercussions to the Steam Deck's original colors. Finally, this tempered glass features an anti-static and oleophobic treatment; in practice, fingerprints and streaks will no longer be a problem, making them easier to remove with a cloth.

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amFilm tempered glass, the easiest to install

amFilm's screen protector, which also comes in a three-pack, comes with handy flaps in both sides of the glass, making the application truly impossible to screw up. In fact, all you need to do is hold the product from these two ends, align it with the Steam Deck screen and position it.

In addition to this, the package includes, as usual, a microfiber cloth and three wet wipes to clean the Steam Deck screen before applying the protection and the installation manual with QR code. As for the characteristics of the tempered glass, they are the same as those of the iVoler: thickness of 0.3 mm, scratch resistance of 9H, 99.9% transparency, high touch responsiveness and oleophobic treatment. The only difference is in the price, as amFilm sells tempered glass (at the time this article was written), at 12.99 €, compared to the 9.95 euros of iVoler.

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Magglass tempered glass, the anti-reflection

Magglas Tempered Glass differs from other Steam Deck protectors by being antireflection, thus giving an opaque appearance to the console screen and preventing the appearance of annoying reflections during game sessions, especially in lighted environments or outdoors. However, this extra feature is reflected in the price: a unit is sold for around 24 euros, more than double the average for this product.

In addition to being anti-glare, Magglass tempered glass has the characteristics of other Steam Deck screen protectors, such as 9H scratch resistance, oleophobic treatment to prevent the appearance of fingerprints and halos, and high touch sensitivity. Furthermore, the company promises an impact resistance of up to two meters, although obviously we do not recommend testing this feature.

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Benazcap tempered glass, the best reviewed

We then move on to the tempered glass from Benazcap, which is one of the best-reviewed Steam Deck screen protectors on Amazon right now, with an average of 4 and a half stars out of over 1300 reviews. In terms of quality, we are in line with other products, with 9H scratch resistance, ultra-thin thickness of 0.33 mm, 99.9% transparency and oleophobic treatment to avoid halos; moreover, the tempered glass is also water repellent, protecting your console from drops of water (although obviously only the display will be safe, the rest of the device will not).

Benazcap screen protectors are sold in packs of two tempered glasses for 14.99 euros, which is slightly more than amFilm's but still more than in line with other products of the genre.

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How to choose a screen protector for Steam Deck

Valve's console is built with durable materials both inside and out, making it possible to play video games in one resolution in 1200x800p; despite this, the screen isn't immune to damage, so the benefits of using third-party accessories are absolutely worth it. Combining a screen protector with a case will in fact guarantee you maximum safety, especially if you have to travel and therefore don't want to put your console inside a generic bag.

We have presented you with the best Steam Deck screen protectors currently available in the market, but you might be wondering how to choose the best one. Although the different products seem the same at first glance only by seeing the Amazon pages, in reality there are differences that could help you in your decision.


Obviously, let's start with one of the fundamental factors to take into consideration, not only when buying a Steam Deck protector, but in general in life: the brand. In stores like Amazon they are in fact present many products that look the same and at similar prices, but what distinguishes them is the reliability of the brand that markets them; do not trust sellers with strange names, with very generic item images and descriptions and with few reviews.

Instead, focus on products with many (positive) reviews, clear and detailed descriptions and truly representative images of what is being sold. Otherwise, you risk buying a substandard item that will bubble up or, worse still, not really protect the screen of your Steam Deck.


As you have probably noticed, the screen protectors for Steam Deck that we have presented to you are all quite similar in their basic characteristics: ultra-thin thickness, high resistance to scratches and impacts, treatment against streaks. Then there are some features that change according to the product: iVoler's tempered glass has a guide to align it correctly included in the package, amFilm's has special flaps to apply it easily, Magglass's is anti-reflective and Benazcap is water-repellent. These are differences that will not change your life, but it's up to you to choose what in your opinion has the higher priority.

Tempered glass vs film

In this article we have only recommended tempered glass to protect the Steam Deck screen, but there are also a multitude of films on the market. So what is the difference between these two products?

Tempered glass is always stronger and more durable than films, which instead are made of plastic; the latter in fact scratch easily and are about 0.1 millimeters thick, while the glasses are generally between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters thick. In addition, the appearance of the tempered glass is more elegant, smooth and shiny than that of the film, resulting in the touch much more similar to the original console screen.

Also regarding the installation the tempered glass is better than the film, since the latter creates bubbles very easily which are then impossible to make disappear. In short, although the films cost less, we strongly advise you to opt for tempered glass, which will protect the screen of your Steam Deck much better, will last longer and will be easier to apply.

Advised price

Obviously we could not fail to mention the price, which is a key component at the time of purchase. Although all screen protectors for Steam Deck are absolutely accessible (considering that the console is sold starting from 419 euros), the cost of the items is different, and above all the pieces inside the packages must be taken into consideration.

The iVoler screen protectors are in fact sold in packs of 3 for around 10 euros, while those of Magglass cost 24 euros for only one tempered glass. It is then up to you to choose how much to spend based on your needs and your budget.

How to apply a screen protector on Steam Deck?

While each screen protector comes with its own instruction booklet, we still want to give you some advice so that your application runs as smoothly as possible.

First, clean the Steam Deck screen several times with an alcohol wipe; then use a microfiber cloth to dry the surface, making sure there are no dust residues, fingerprints or streaks. At this point, remove the protective film on the back of the tempered glass and be careful not to glue the adhesive part to other objects (or your fingers).

To apply the tempered glass to the Steam Deck screen, use a guide (if included in the product package) or simply line it up carefully at the edges of the console. Make it adhere to the screen, first pressing in the center and gradually pushing it towards the edges.

If bubbles appear, don't panic, continue to push them towards the edges with the help of a microfibre cloth. At this point you will have finished the application: if you should realize that the screen protection is in bad shape, try to detach it from the Steam Deck and repeat the operation; the glass won't stick like the first time, but it may still work.

You are now ready to buy a protection for your Steam Deck, protecting the screen from any kind of damage and playing in any situation without fear of ruining the console. If, on the other hand, you are reading this guide while still evaluating whether to buy the Valve device or not, we advise you to go and read our review.

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