SAO comes true: Introducing the VR headset that kills you in real life

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With the advent of virtual reality we have been able to touch a new way of getting in touch with video games and virtual experiences. Although these VR headsets are now increasingly popular, there is also a large part of enthusiasts who much prefer to continue enjoying the videogame medium in the most traditional way possible. However, this does not stop companies and industry personalities from creating new ones ever more ambitious projects.

Perhaps, however, sometimes ambition can push a creative a little further, and this is the case with Palmer Luckey, the father of the Oculus Rift, and his new particular VR helmet as protagonists. The announcement of this new hardware came on November 6; a very significant day for all lovers of the Sword Art Online anime series, and sees a new one as the undisputed protagonist virtual reality helmet that kills real-life players when they die within the video game they are playing.

According to what is declared by Palmer himself in his last post, the killer viewer appears as a Meta Quest Pro to which three modules have been connected with as many explosive charges located just above the screen, at brain height. These charges they explode when the viewer picks up a red game over screen, sending the user who was wearing the VR helmet to the next world in a way that, let us tell you, is impressive just thinking about it.

The whole was born out of Palmer's love for Sword Art Online, but for the moment everything will not be marketed, thank goodness. “For now it's just a piece of art to keep in the office, a reminder of the uncharted paths in the world of game design. And as far as I know, it's also the first example of a VR device that can actually kill the user. It won't be the last”, Palmer's post closes with these words.

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