Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra: our preview

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Samsung has just announced the new Galaxy S21 family, which we talk about in detail in our dedicated article. The event also represented the right opportunity to unveil the new true wireless earphones with ANC Galaxy Buds Pro and the SmartTag accessory, similar to Apple's much talked about AirTag. The top of the range of the Seoul giant for the first part of 2021 are three: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ e Galaxy S21 Ultra.

We had the opportunity to preview the newcomers from Samsung. First impressions are absolutely positive, but we are waiting to test them thoroughly in order to express a definitive judgment. The first feeling is that they represent a further step forward compared to the previous generation, an evolution rather than a revolution.

Once again, the display and the photo module immediately attract attention. The 6,2-inch and 6,7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display they show all their quality right from the first glance. The yield is excellent as well as the contrasts, all aspects that will in any case be analyzed in depth during the review phase. An even more perceptible quality on Galaxy S21 Ultra with its large 6,8-inch panel with QWHD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

Galaxy S21 is presented with smaller dimensions (71,2 x 151,7 x 7,9 mm for a weight of 172 grams) which help to make it quite light and easy to handle. The dimensions increase on the older brother (75,6 x 161,5 x 7,8 mm for a weight of 202 grams). Despite this, Galaxy S21 + still manages to maintain good ergonomics and overall appears well balanced. The same cannot be said, however, of Galaxy S21 Ultra which - thanks to the impressive photographic sector and the large 5.000 mAh battery - is heavy and unbalanced.

As mentioned, in addition to the display, the eyes immediately fall on the eye-catching photographic module which Samsung has revised in form. Now, it embraces the aluminum side frame creating continuity and is characterized by a more glossy finish than the body which makes it much more visible. Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + share the photographic sector (main 12 MP, 12 MP wide angle and 64 MP telephoto lens), whose protrusion is less pronounced than the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The module of the latter in fact consists of four cameras (12 MP + 108 MP + 10 MP + 10 MP) and an AutoFocus laser sensor and occupies a large portion of the rear body. Also, here the protrusion is more evident and creates some instability when resting on a plane. As written in the presentation article, Samsung has introduced the Zoom Lock function which, if activated, should minimize the shaking of the hands in the shots taken using the zoom. Unfortunately, we didn't get to thoroughly test the photographic performance, but the Zoom Lock function seems to do its job. We will decide definitively after trying it on the field.

Galaxy S21 Ultra also supports the S-Pen which must be purchased separately and which does not have a dedicated housing inside the smartphone. Instead, there is a cover that can accommodate the iconic nib. The (lateral) coupling is magnetic and firm. The dimensions (with the cover) do not increase in an exaggerated way. As mentioned at the beginning, the S-Pen debuts for the first time on the Galaxy S series. This choice could suggest that the rumors about a possible farewell to the Note series by Samsung are real.

In this regard, we had the opportunity to chat with Alessio Cazzaniga, Portfolio Marketing Manager, who assured us that there is no intention of deleting the Note series from the Samsung catalog and that - on the contrary - the arrival of new models belonging to the Galaxy Note family is expected. In short, the S-Pen simply goes to enhance the concept of productivity sought by those who buy a product like Galaxy S21 Ultra.

For the rest, the smartphones seemed fluid and snappy but the time available was too little to be able to express a definitive judgment. In any case, considering the technology available, it is rare that a top of the range today can disappoint. Smartphones have now reached a quality that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Waiting to be able to test them in the field, we leave you to a summary on the prices:

  • Galaxy S21 8/128 GB 879 euros
  • Galaxy S21 8/256 GB 929 euros
  • Galaxy S21+ 8/128 1.079 euros
  • Galaxy S21+ 8/256 GB 1.129 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/128 GB 1.279 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/256 GB 1.329 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 16/512 GB 1.459 euros

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