Samsung 1TB SSD dissipated, perfect for PS5 and 24% off!

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Prime Day is one of the best times of the year to replace outdated PC components, or to update parts of the PlayStation 5, making the console perform even more optimally. In particular, for subscribers of the Amazon service they are available many discounts on SSDs.

Samsung's SSD 980 PRO is in fact currently on offer at €117,94, a 24% discount on the original price of €155,99. This is an opportunity not to be missed given the excellent quality of the product, which it has on Amazon an average of 5 full stars out of over 14 reviews.

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The 980 PRO, available in the 1TB version, features a heat sink that will keep the speed constant and decrease the temperature of your PC (or console, as this SSD is also compatible with PlayStation 5), ensuring you can play even hours straight without any slowdown. Intelligent heat management is also optimized, which will reduce annoying wind noise and keep the drive silent in any situation.

The SSD will offer you one read speeds up to 7.000MB / s, so twice as much as a SATA SSD; your games will therefore load faster and you won't have to wait endless times between one game and another, both in singleplayer and in multiplayer.

Finally, the SSD 980 PRO is equipped with Samsung Macigian software, thanks to which you can monitor the health of the drive, optimizing its performance and better protecting your sensitive data.

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In addition to the 980 PRO, there are many SSDs on sale on Amazon during this autumn Prime Day: you can find the complete list at this link. If, on the other hand, the Samsung drive has won you over, we just have to send you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the discount, with an invitation to take advantage of the offer immediately. since we do not know when it will endnor how much is the stock of available products.

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