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Rogue Legacy is a title - title in the sense of "name to be given to a work" - with different interpretations.

Nintendo Switch - you should know how I think by now - is not that fairytale world where everything is perfect and games run better just for the simple fact of being able to play them on the toilet. But selfishly speaking it is that platform that allows us (me) to go back, make a second pass on titles played a few years ago. Few to arouse nostalgia, too many for not changing your mind. In particular? A classic review of Rogue legacy, from June 27, 2013 to today, you will have already read it - if not, here is the one from Holygamerz ready for use. Today it makes more sense to try to explain what Rogue Legacy is and why it is a great candidate to hog the next few hours you will spend playing on the cup.


The Rogue Legacy title lends itself to at least three interpretations

Rogue Legacy: the legacy rebel

There is the key self-referential, hidden in the last line of the last page of the diary that takes the place of Illiade, Odyssey and Aeneid as regards the mythology of Rogue Legacy. There is a realistic explanation to the playful mechanics of the title, a reason behind the procedural generation - but which still follows a general scheme - of the castle map and a story that explains why, in the end, at the center of everything there is a rebellious legacy (a "rogue legacy ", in fact, where rogue has its classic meaning). Don't expect a traditional narrative, something that takes you by the hand from the beginning and explains each step looking over your shoulder: like so many other indie titles, Rogue Legacy is old school, and so the plot here matters more or less as much as it did to John Carmack ( or how much in a porn movie). There is, if you look for it you can see it, but you can easily live without.


Rogue Legacy: the legacy criminal

And in fact we arrive at the key more properly ludic, linked to the game mechanics mentioned in passing above. For each game you choose one of the three characters generated in a pseudo-random way by the system and drag him into the castle until he breathes his last, stealing and plundering the riches that come within range. Whether it's money, weapons or upgrades, anything useful for survival - anything that can move an inevitable game over a little farther, especially the first stalks in Rogue Legacy - is plundered. And when death comes, it becomes the legacy of the next game, of the next character. A criminal legacy (with rogue declined in another of its meanings) to spend in a wild way, squeezing every last coin, since Charon - with some exceptions - before entering the castle deprives the player of all his possessions. An artifice that prevents the compulsive accumulation of resources e instigates the upgrade, to spend everything that was obtained from the previous version (from which you cannot escape). A reinterpretation of Rogue in Metroidvania sauce, which, however, more than exploration hinges on survival: at the release of review A our Giacomo had ventured the parallel with Dark Souls, before reduce the video industry in Dark Souls became a fad, then a vice, then a bitch. If today I am avoiding bringing up From Software it is above all for that, but philosophically speaking the attitude is that: die, swear, learn, try again.


THEinheritance by Rogue

The third interpretation is this, that historical. Or even better, that one literal: because Rogue Legacy can rightfully define itself as part of Rogue's legacy, drawing heavily on the vein of its emulators. Here too, stealing and plundering, more than copying: the roguelike mechanics come reinterpreted, mixed with new and more modern elements to create a product that practically never gets bored. Because the castle will keep calling you - mocking you - also a console off, even killed the four main bosses and the final one, using contemporary artifices such as secret bosses and new game +. "Unfortunately it ends", was one of the cons of the first review: it really depends. It depends on your patience, on how much you want to push yourself, maybe even on how much you ate the night before and consequently how much time you have to spend in the bathroom.


Because if it is true that on Switch not everything that glitters is gold, on the other hand there is no doubt that different productions work better on the Nintendo hybrid. Because conceptually the idea of ​​being able to play such a product wherever it is wonderful, so wonderful that it leads to the dangerous and the pathology. And with Rogue Legacy the prerequisites are all there, because limitations are not blamed technical versus more domestic consoles - you don't do anything with pixel art in 4K, it doesn't make you better, and it doesn't make your experience any better. And why not even the limitations from the point of view of the controls are accused, since the platforming is not so extreme as to require the presence of a real D-Pad. It survives the non-directional cross of the left JoyCon, and in cases where the level design calls for more demanding challenges, an analog stick is still available Decent. What can one complain about? Very little, in reality: more than repeating again that it is not a title for everyone, that requires commitment (and indeed risks absorbing too much of your attention) it cannot be done.

Verdict 8.5 / 10 Not a game for pussies Comment Rogue Legacy is the classic blood-sucking product. In a world where almost all houses now allow you to trade time for money, letting you buy shortcuts from the stores, Rogue Legacy wants your time. He demands it, and even manages to get it. Because the mechanics are treated in detail, the result is incredible and the bonus of being able to play anywhere you want definitely kills the possibility of resisting the temptation. Pros and cons Incredible charm
Punishing, relentless, old school x Punishing, relentless, old school

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