Riot Games expands, acquired World of Tanks developers

Riot Games has just announced the finalization of the deal that will bring one of the World of Tanks development teams to join the studio. Wargaming Sydney, in fact, is the Australian studio that will expand Riot's staff and will take care of many aspects related to the online components of the team's future games.

Wargaming Sydney is one of the largest developers in Australia and is, in fact, known for its ability to manage the live components of several MMOs. The studio, in fact, developed a software known as Bigworld which is the basis of various online games and held the Guinness World Record for the largest number of users active simultaneously on the server of an MMO.

However, this technology is currently owned by the almost homonymous Wagaming of which the Australian fringe became part in 2012. The latter, based in Minsk, has in fact acquired the Australian team precisely to use this technology in World of Tanks and all the other titles in the series. Therefore, even if the entire Sydney team goes to join Riot Games, Bigworld technology will not be part of this negotiation.

After joining Riot Games, the studio will change its name to Riot Sydney and will support the League of Legends and Valorant teams to accelerate the live services provided by the studio to its players. Naresh Hirani, one of the leaders of the now ex Wargaming Sydney, expressed all his joy at the way his team has been welcomed into Riot and how the last ten years of collaboration with Wargaming have been instrumental in achieving this result. Similarly, Marc Merril, president and founder of the studio known for League of Legends (which even has a puzzle that can be purchased on Amazon), also expressed his happiness for this negotiation, adding that all the members of his team who were able to collaborate with Wargaming Sydney they were impressed by the talent and professionalism shown.

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