Resident Evil Village VR may not be a PlayStation exclusive

Last June, Sony and Capcom announced the arrival of Resident Evil Village VR. The latest iteration of the series will receive a version for virtual reality, intended exclusively for the latest viewer of the Japanese giant, or PS VR2, or at least these seemed to be the original plans of the development team. Now, thanks to the activity of a dataminer, the game could lose its exclusive status.

As reported on Reddit, in fact, in the PC version of Resident Evil Village references to virtual reality devices on PC have been found, more precisely for Oculus and OpenVR. These references are called “OculusTouch”, “OculusVR” and “OculusRemote”. Also present is a text string called “autoLaunchSteamVROnButtonPress”. To give a hand to the idea that the game will embrace virtual reality even on PC, one of the tags added to the game's Steam page, or the one relating to VR, thinks about it.

Now, as we well know, a virtual reality game developed by third parties is unlikely to remain confined to a single viewer, especially in the case of software houses and publishers such as Capcom. The arrival of Resident Evil Village VR on further devices (and more precisely on PC) it could therefore appear obvious, and this datamining would point to the obvious, exactly as happened with the seventh chapter, which first debuted on PS VR and later also on Steam.

Clearly, as usual in these cases, it will be necessary to wait for further news on the matter. If indeed the game is also expected on other viewers, everything will certainly be announced towards the end of 2023, especially considering that the release date of PS VR2 is set for February next year. There are still some doubts to be dispelled and it will therefore be necessary to arm yourself with patience before finding out what will happen to Resident Evil Village VR. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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