Resident Evil: the next remake will be Code Veronica? Capcom replies

Several hours have already passed since the last Resident Evil Showcase, with Capcom undertaking to show us some news coming with the next projects related to Village and the fourth beloved main chapter of the series. By now we are used to enjoying the remakes of the most classic iterations of the survival horror brand, and at this point there are already those who are wondering which iteration will be next to receive a modernization operation of such quality.

Not only the great fans of the saga ask themselves this question, and a new interview that recently emerged on the net proves it to us. The producer of the Resident Evil 4 remake Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, took part in an interview with the editorial staff of Noisy Pixel, in which the producer was asked if there are already plans in Capcom for a new remake that brings back one of the most loved chapters, but also underestimated, by the players: Veronica Code.

The answer given by Hirabayashi was clear and concise, revealing to the editors that his current goal is to finish the development of the Resident Evil 4 remake, so as to make this title one of the best experiences for fans of the series and the fourth chapter in particular. The producer then went on to say that, at the moment, there are no concrete plans for a Code Veronica remake, but no ports are permanently closed.

As could be expected today Capcom is strongly focused on the already known projects such as the Shadow of Rose DLC for Village (you can buy it on Amazon) and the remake of Resident Evil 4. However, Hirabayashi preferred to leave the door open for new remakes and it is said that, sooner or later, we could really find ourselves rejoicing for the announcement of a remake of Code Veronica; game that today is one of the most complex to recover.

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