Resident Evil 3 <br> Look to the future while respecting the past

To sum up the gaming experience with the PS4 version of Resident Evil 3 both are required review that a guide. We therefore select our format rece-guide from the menu to best describe the signed return to Raccoon City Capcom. The Japanese giant has dived into Remake e, strong of his RE Engine, has already brought back two titles on the market for the good soul of the PS1. 4 generations of consoles have passed since then (5 if we also count the future PS5), but the Resident Evil franchise just can't tire. Together with final Fantasy, is one of the most long-lived and profitable, also in light of exploitation in other sectors such as cinema. The beautiful Milla Jovovich also introduced cinema to the successful videogame franchise, bringing zombies and monsters hungry for human flesh to the big screen.

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Capcom, instead of going to Raccoon Forest (and doing the Remake of the first chapter), still focuses on the now semi-destroyed Raccoon City, recounting the events parallel to those of Resident Evil 2. While Leon e Clear try to find an escape route inside the police department, Jill, with the same intent as the two, he makes his way into the city. Even though it is a "makeover", Capcom has kept it a certain respect towards the original version. Probably, the feedback provided by the members of the Resident Evil Ambassadors Program, who act as trusted advisors to the Japanese company. Or maybe it's not easy to twist a piece of video game history, also because this must be respected.

Speaking of respect: as far as the duration and longevity are important aspects, we will deliberately not delve into them in Resident Evil 3. They are too subjective arguments that they risk ruin an experience before starting it. The playing time and hours, if not contextualized, remain just numbers without a soul. In the footsteps of these premises we dive into the Resident Evil 4 rece-guide for PS3, contemplating the canons of a review and a guide.

Resident Evil, over 20 years and not hear them


It was August 1996 when Capcom introduced us to a girl named on our beloved Sony PS1 consoles Jill Valentine. The Japanese were a bit "bastards" because they took this young girl, fresh out of graduation as a STARS agent, and sent her, alone and helpless, to a zombie-infested mansion in the heart of Raccoon Forest. It is important to know this detail why Resident Evil 3 is directly related, from a historical narrative point of view, to the first chapter of the saga. At the time, many called Resident Evil 2 almost a spin-off of the saga, identifying Jill Valentine as the character of the series.

Now our protagonist is faced with what remains of Raccoon City, devastated by the spread of the T virus. The streets are filled with hordes of flesh-hungry zombies and the few survivors are barricaded in their homes armed to the teeth. The Umbrella Corporation, strong gods biometric data collected in the mansion, creates a prototype of a perfect biological weapon, corresponding to the code name Nemesis.

To alleviate the loneliness of our young protagonist, these mad scientists decide to send this abomination to Raccoon City and unleash mayhem. A platoon of mercenary soldiers from the UBCS, with the task of contain and eliminate any threat caused by the T virus.

Our Jill Valentine will immediately learn the meaning of “running away”. Apparently, there are no ways to deal with the destructive power of the Nemesis: his goal is to find them. To achieve salvation, the only alternative is to face it, face to face. Only in this way will he understand why the Umbrella Corporation is interested in him. It must do so, also because the time available is running out.

Tic Tac Jill

Our Jill Valentine will immediately learn the meaning of running away

Resident Evil 3, ode to you "Survival Horror"


A self-respecting review or guide must spend a few words on understanding of the genre “Survival Horror”And we, in our rece-guide of Residents Evil 3, are happy to spend two words. This is a very successful mix of two genres, survival and horror. Although the latter comes from the world of cinema and literature, video games invented the first. The meta of this kind dictates that the player must find a way to survive and achieve its goal.

In Resident Evil 3, like all its predecessors, for the duration of the game, the goal is always to escape. The context of the events, as always, is colored by zombies of all kinds and types. Capcom, to revive the fire of the action, inserts the figure of the villain, who suddenly appears, unleashing death and destruction. In truth, this approach was also seen in the Resident Evil 2 remake, but it wasn't as persistent as it is now.

Compared to the original version of the game, Nemesis just appears the screen doesn't go white anymore and we can't choose whether to face it or not. Although it is a choice that a "purist" may not approve of, the latter is satisfied with numerous rounds Jill vs Nemesis to deal with. These are spectacular challenges to the death that require coldness, Reaction times e analysis of the environmental context.

Between "zombicides" and "Nemesisian" raids, we must find a way to solve situations that are not too complicated. Capcom decides to abandon the complexity of puzzles in favor of spectacularity and action. Despite this, there are still some small puzzles to solve, also with the help of documents and contextual elements. Do not expect, however, that degree of difficulty that characterized the original chapter. The devilish fountain puzzle, sadly, won't be featured in this Resident Evil 3 remake.

Between zombicides and Nemesis raids, we must find a way to solve situations that are not too complicated

Turn, remember and come back


If we wanted, in our Resident Evil 4 PS3 rece-guide, summarize the level design and gameplay connected in 3 words we would tell you these: turn, remember e tornare. It is important that in a review we talk about these aspects, children of a twenty-year legacy, because they also act as guide to understanding the meta. As we told you before, Capcom has decided to dry gameplay of its characteristic enigmatic component for favor the action and the show. Despite this, one is required from the player good dose of ingenuity and memory. There are, in fact, scattered throughout the map, safes, padlocks and chains that require, respectively, combinations, picks and shears. The constant going around to find a way to escape from Nemesis, inevitably, will make you forget their position.

To avoid this problem, in Resident Evil 3 the level-design is built to go a circular and recursive trend. Put simply, it is systematically required to "do something" to move forward in the game. In order to proceed, most of the time we return to the same starting point but with systemic variants like the "respawn" of new creatures. This trend, which may seem repetitive, is expertly managed throughout the duration of Resident Evil 3.

Remember that the Nemesis is able, this time, to also enter the safe-house, so they are not so much "safe" anymore. Returning systematically to the starting point, you must remember the documents you have read and images that hide subliminal messages, useful for unlocking safes and lockers.

Following its DNA, Resident Evil 3 also it begins on the surface and ends in the depths by Raccoon City. The usual Umbrella Corporation enjoyed hiding a immense laboratory in the basement of the unfortunate town. In the workshops we will meet old acquaintances and make as many new ones. Pay close attention to details and don't miss any documents. You will find interesting information on the Jill Valentine's next destination.

Following its DNA, Resident Evil 3 also it begins on the surface and ends in the depths of the earth.

When the characters create a story


With the first generation of Sony consoles, characterizing a character wasn't easy at all. While Capcom has always been at the forefront of graphics and gameplay, the technological limitations were inherent in the gaming platform. The polygons and textures of the 2000s version of Jill Valentine did not make us understand her character and her anxieties and fears. We could just guess and imagine. The biggest effort that Capcom has made, in the realization of the Remake of Resident Evil 3, is that of characterization of his characters.

Throughout the game we distinguish 4 in the role of main and they are Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliviera, Nikolai Zinoviev and Nemesis. Each of them plays its part in an irreproachable way, making the narrative and the story of the game unique. Remember that like in a movie, even the characters of a video game make a difference, especially in a game of the caliber of Resident Evil 3.

The beautiful Jill Valentine abandon the miniskirt and the low-cut top in function of slightly more “realistic” dresses in step with the times. The Russian model Sasha Zotova lends the face and physiognomy to our heroine who is temperamentally inspired by Milla Jovovich. If you remember, the Serbian model was the protagonist of the film adaptation of Resident Evil, interpreting Alice, a former employee of the Umbrella Corporation.

Alice, like Jill, slowly becomes aware of its position and its role, from shy and sometimes insecure, becomes a perfect war machine able to challenge the Nemesis "face to face". Become selfless, cherish the lives of others, have true feelings and realizes that his mission will not end in Raccoon City.

Next to her, in the role of supporting actor we find the UBCS soldier Carlos Oliviera, sent to Raccoon City to contain collateral damage from the spread of the T-virus. He saves young Jill's life by taking her out of the clutches of the Nemesis. We "try" all the time with the STARS agent, but he too soon realizes the breadth of his fortitude. In addition to him, another colleague of his, Nikolai Zinoviev, he has his eye on Jill Valentine, but not for his own reasons. This ambiguous character is earned the title of "Wesker" of the chapter.

To close the roster we have the Nemesis, the only villain in the game. In the Resident Evil 3 remake we find him much more stubborn than his alter-ego from the original chapter. In addition to destroying everything in front of him, he chases poor Jill Valentine everywhere, even in the safe houses. Equipped with more intelligence than the Tyrant, is biologically programmed with the precise goal of eliminating all STARS agents. The first name on the list is Jill's.

In the Resident Evil 3 remake we find him much more stubborn than his alter-ego from the original chapter

Monsters also have brains


When it comes to a video game, you never spend enough words to talk about it NPC, the famous Non-Player Character. They are those characters that they are governed by the artificial intelligence of the video game, with very specific and defined tasks and roles. Aside from the main characters, in the remake as in the original Resident Evil 3, there are many zombies that roam the city. Compared to the 2000 version, we found fewer of them in search of flesh and blood. Capcom, however, has created different types of zombies whose movements reflect the real body.

There are "fat" zombies that advance slowly but are physically strong and slender zombies that die with a single blow to the head but are more agile. They break windows and launch themselves, trying to taste poor Jill Valentine's calf. In short, there are all types and tastes.

Going forward with the story, the bar of difficulty raises more and more e new types of monsters are presented to the appeal. But the thing that unites them all is there presence of a weak point to hit. You will also notice the uselessness of the gun and pass, therefore, to weapons of a certain thickness. That said, try to have as much ammo in your inventory as possible, for both shotguns and assault rifles. If you can't find them create them by combining gunpowder and when you have created enough, keep them in the repository.

Hard times are sure to come.

Try to have as much ammo in your inventory as possible, you will need it

The moon is still far away


Also this time Capcom decides to rely on graphics power of the RE Engine, with very positive results. The REach to the moon Engine proves to be ready for the next-gen, the generation of the Ray Tracing. In this Resident Evil 3 Remake there are lighting effects that create some unique and thrilling atmospheres, demonstrating what it means to make a survival horror. The filmed sequences, much more than those played, are able to demonstrate the true power of this graphics engine, creating real unforgettable moments. After all, the power of the RE Engine is also this, to give a unique moment.

We must, however, swallow some bitter pills because not all that glitters is gold. Arriving at the end of this generation, with a foot already in the next one, there are quality standards to be respected. It is not possible that in Raccoon City the windows can only be destroyed by zombies and the chandeliers and that the glasses are immune to gunshots. Same thing goes for computers, screens and any other destructible devilry.

We are competing Capcom with Naughty Dog given the high quality standards to which we have become accustomed over time. Comparing the graphics engines of both companies we see that the Japanese are still at a disadvantage compared to the Americans. We are not comparing Resident Evil 3 with the delayed The Last of Us 2But with Uncharted 4: The end of a thief.

When it comes to triple AAA you have to present yourself on the market almost perfectly also because this is what the average player expects. In 2000 there were objective excuses, mainly linked to the technological standards of the time. After 20 years, certain oversights cannot happen. The power of a graphics engine is also given by the realism factor, an aspect that is now increasingly requested by the gamer population. The next chapter in the Resident Evil saga will arrive, for obvious reasons, on next generation consoles. The feedback gathered from this experience is certainly a good starting point to improve even more.

The moon is approaching and becoming more and more beautiful and bright, but it is still far away.

Verdict 9/10 Memorable Comment Capcom gives us another remake and this time it is the turn of Resident Evil 3. Continuing in the positive wake of the previous "makeover", once again we bow in front of the RE Engine, even if it lacks physics and of realism. The characters move in a narrative context that, in broad terms, remains faithful to the original one. Infernal puzzles and riddles give way to so much healthy action, while maintaining the circularity of the level design. How long does the game last? The right to make you live unforgettable moments. Pros and cons A remake that respects the original
Characteristic deep characters
Graphically flawless
Unique sequences and moments x Few puzzles
x Absent realism

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