Psychonauts 2 and the skepticism of Tim Schafer

There are people who literally made the history of video games, others who, on the other hand, are considered excellent authors and those who instead position themselves in the middle, between genius and madness, between attempts that went very well and others who instead left the public with doubts. Among those who fall into this category we certainly find Tim Schafer, author of many video games, including Grim Fandango, Brutal Legends and the new Psychonauts 2, which debuted in 2021 after years of development. And it is Schafer himself who leaves us speechless once again, revealing the background behind the development of that second chapter of the series, awaited by many players.

  • Schafer looked back on the launch of Psychonauts 2 and how, during development, he didn't want to believe what he was doing. The author stated the background behind the making of the title in an interview with NME, thus revealing some thoughts that were present in his mind while Double Fine Productions was developing the game. And no, they weren't positive at all.

    “A lot of things hadn't gone right, like with the first game. We lost our publisher at some point. It was a roller coaster, I didn't think it would go well”, Schafer's words declared during the interview. In short, a very negative attitude.

    In the end Psychonauts 2 went much better than expected and the game was a hit with critics and players alike. Also available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, it probably went much better than expected for Schafer, but these words remind us, once again, that behind great authors there are actually simple men, who are afraid of failure. A "normalization" of professionals, which should be told more often, also to reassure the many smaller developers while they are busy with their work.

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