PS5, here is the jailbreak: what it means and what will happen in the future

Over the course of the Spanish night it happened: the PS5 jailbreak is really a reality. A group of hackers gained access to the console, allowing code uploaded to the console to be executed in the future. The question is obviously more complex than that and it is necessary to analyze it completely, to understand exactly what all this means for Sony and above all what will be the next countermeasures.

What is jailbreak?

Let's start with the main question, or what is the jailbreak. This is a procedure that removes restrictions on electronic devices with proprietary firmware. Throughout history any "new" generation device has suffered a jailbreak and among the Sony consoles we also find PSP, PS Vita and obviously PS4.

What does the PS5 jailbreak mean?

Simply put, nothing. Or rather, nothing will change for users. The Sony console was jailbroken on a firmware version that was too old (4.03). In addition, the current jailbreak does not allow executing and reading external code. This means that (at least for now) any pirated games will never work on PS5. However, a different story for homebrew and amateur patches: this jailbreak represents a good turning point for all those who are dedicated to emulation, to applications created from scratch and obviously to those who work to improve the games already available. Lance McDonald, modder and dataminer, thanks to the exploit of PS4 managed for example to make Bloodborne capable of running at 60 frames per second.


The PlayStation 5 has been jailbroken.

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 3, 2022

What scenario for the future?

Assuming that to make the jailbreak needed a PS5 that hasn't been updated for about a year (firmware 4.3 is dated October 2021), and Sony will already be working to cure any flaws that recur in current models. The Japanese giant will take all the necessary security measures and we are sure that it will be ready to defend itself against any threat.

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