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Playing video games is one of the best pastimes there is, but to fully enjoy the experience you need a series of accessories capable of making a complete difference. Among the most important are the headphones, essential not only to hear the audio of the game, but also to be able to communicate in chat during online games; there PlayStation 5 has been out for two years now, and there are many compatible headphones on the market.

Among these products there are choices for all budgets, ranging from models subsidized directly by Sony, to very high quality third-party PS5 headsets; obviously up to making choices that make players compromise between quality and price. To help you decide which headphones are best suited to your needs for Sony's next generation console, we have created this buying guide dedicated to the best PS5 headphones, while at these other addresses you will find the best multiplatform wireless headphones and the best headsets for playing.

PS5 headphones, the best

  • Sony Pulse 3D headphones, the official ones
  • Turtle Beach Stealt 700P Gen 2, the best sound
  • Turtle Beach Recon 70, the lightest
  • SteelSeries Arctis 7P+, cuffie wireless
  • Trust Gaming GXT 488, perfect for chatting
  • Astro Gaming A10, the best for quality-price

Sony Pulse 3D headphones, the official ones

We begin our guide with the Sony Pulse 3D headphones, the official PlayStation 5 product. With a design that fits perfectly with that of the ninth generation Sony console, this pair of headphones fully supports the Tempest Engine, the three-dimensional audio engine of PS5. Finally, to all this we add top quality ergonomics, which allows players to customize the size of the earphones and thanks to the ear cushions, it allows prolonged gaming sessions without causing discomfort to the ears. Sony has also recently announced the new version of the Pulse 3D headphones in Midnight Black color. This edition will be released on October 29, but we advise you to pre-order them as soon as possible given the possible limited stocks.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 700P Gen. 2, the best sound

Although the Turtle Beach Stealth 700P Gen 2 are the product with the highest price in this guide, we are talking about a model that is difficult to replace and which offers detailed listening to every single sound effect. Thanks to excellent ergonomics and solid parts, this pair of PS5 headphones also has a very high longevity of duration. Furthermore, thanks to the support for 3D audio, it is possible to make the most of the Tempest Engine present on PlayStation 5. If you are looking for the best sound from the new Sony generation, this Turtle Beach model is the right choice.

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Turtle Beach Recon 70, the lightest

If you want to stay on the high quality of sound and components that have always been offered by Turtle Beach products, but at the same time you don't want to spend an exaggerated amount on headphones, then we advise you to opt for Turtle Beach Recon 70. One of the most popular PS5 headset models on the market and which can be found in an infinite number of colors. In addition to being usable on all gaming platforms of the past generations (including the PC) the Recon 70 also support PlayStation 5. Of all the choice of headsets proposed by Turtle Beach, the Recon 70 are among the lightest and most comfortable on the market, and offer a truly enviable quality-price.

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SteelSeries Arctis 7P+, le wireless

Best PS5 headset

Among all the opportunities that make headphones available, a type of wireless headset has also been cleared through customs for several years. Among the best for quality price we recommend headphones SteelSeries Arctis 7P+, a pair of headphones with a design that goes very well with the shapes and colors of the PlayStation 5. This product fully supports the 3D audio of the latest generation Sony console and offers players a clean sound that allows you to hear every detail. Precisely because of this quality, these headphones also give an advantage to those who love to play the various online titles in competitive mode.

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Trust Gaming GXT 488, great for chats

The same goes for the Trust Gaming GXT 488, another pair of headphones on which we can find the PlayStation seal of approval. Unlike the Bigben V3, these headphones cost slightly more, and offer a slightly more refined audio cleaning. Thanks to the padded earpads, the audio is able to isolate itself better than in other models of the same budget. Furthermore, also in this product we find a built-in microphone which gives the player ample communication possibilities within all online titles.

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Astro Gaming A10, the best for quality-price

We close with a model that is in the middle. The Astro Gaming A10 and A20 they present themselves as a pair of headphones suitable for all types of players: both those who do not want to spend an exaggerated amount and all those looking for a good compromise between quality and price. There are two versions of this product, one wired and one wireless. In addition to the different design, the wireless version is slightly more powerful and offers better components that allow the wearer to better distinguish the audio thanks to cleaner sounds.

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How to choose the best PS5 headset

Before throwing yourself into the purchase of one of the headphones proposed in this guide, it is necessary to underline a couple of features that may be present (or absent) in the various models on the market.

Wired headphones

The most common choice is the wired headphones. In addition to offering audio quality without possible interference, wired headphones have a great value but also an annoying defect from them. Thanks to the cable, the user does not need to charge his headphones every few hours, but on the other hand, the cable (if too short) could limit movement, relegating the owner to using the hardware in less free spaces .

Wireless Headphones

Le wireless headphones they have much greater freedom on their side. From the point of view of comfort, therefore, wireless headphones win hands down thanks to the lack of the encumbrance of the wire, which over time also risks wearing out more and more.

Headphones with integrated microphone

Speaking of gaming headphones, also have a integrated microphone it goes to unite the great needs of gamers. In addition to wanting to hear well, fans who enjoy playing online are always looking for the best way to communicate with their team. For this reason, having a pair of headphones that also allow the use of a microphone is something to be absolutely evaluated if you are a big user of online games, or if you love to participate in parties on PS5.


It will seem trivial, but choosing headphones with the right weight is very important, especially if you are a gamer who spends long gaming sessions on both consoles and PCs. For this reason it is always advisable to pay close attention to the weight of the headphones you are about to purchase, which can usually be found on the product packaging.


Obviously one factor to take into consideration when buying not only headphones, but any PS5 accessory, is the price. In this guide we have proposed products of different ranges in order to provide you with valid alternatives for every budget; in general, the higher the amount you decide to invest, the better the quality of the headphones will be. For example, a higher price means higher audio quality, better soundproofing of outside noise and more comfortable and breathable earpads. Apart from this, wireless headphones usually cost more than wired ones, so if you want to save money, we advise you to aim for the second category.

How to connect headphones to PS5

You've bought your beautiful pair of PS5 headphones, and now you're wondering how to connect them to the console to start using them. If it's wired headphones, just connect the jack to the DualSense, while if they're Bluetooth, the procedure is slightly longer: go to settings > devices > Bluetooth devices, choose the headphones and press X.

If the headphones are compatible with the PS5 (like all the ones we have presented to you in this guide), then they will connect immediately. You are now ready to play and talk to your friends!

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