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    PS4 won't connect to WiFi, how to fix

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    There could be many reasons why your PS4 won't connect to WiFi, but these are some of the most common problems and how to fix them. There is nothing more frustrating than a PlayStation 4 not connecting to WiFi when you want to play games, upgrade your system, download a new game or watch a movie. There are many reasons why this happens, and some are more complex than others. Below we have the possible causes and solutions.

    Why PS4 Won't Connect to WiFi

    There could be a number of reasons why your PS4 won't connect to the internet, but these are some of the most common problems:

    • PlayStation Network (PSN) is offline.
    • Your WiFi network is not working.
    • You are trying to log in with an invalid username and / or password.
    • The DNS settings on your PS4 are not configured correctly.
    • The distance between the PS4 and the wireless router is too great and causes intermittent signal loss.

    PS4 won't connect to WiFi, how to fix

    Follow the tips below to connect your PS4 to WiFi.

    1. Check the status of the PlayStation Network. If your PSN is offline, you won't be able to do anything to connect your PS4 to WiFi, so we recommend that you check its status as an initial step. Gamers often think that their WiFi is not working when it comes to PSN servers, which can cause unnecessary confusion.

    2. Restart the modem and router. It's best to restart both the modem and the wireless router and see if your PS4 connects to the WiFi network before assuming the problem is your PS4. Restart both of them manually, wait about five minutes, then check if your PS4 is able to establish a connection.

    If you are unsure how to turn these devices on and off, please refer to their respective manuals or your service provider's customer support.

    3. Restart your PlayStation 4 that won't connect to WiFi. Yes, this goes without saying, but the next step is to try restarting your PS4 in the hope that it can connect successfully later.

    It is recommended that you turn off the console completely and turn it back on, instead of going into sleep mode and then reactivating the console's operating system.

    4. Check that your Wi-Fi password is correct. It's possible your PS4 can't make a connection to your Wi-Fi network because you're using the wrong password, an issue that is often misdiagnosed because the verbosity of the error message is a bit ambiguous. 

    5. Try connecting a different device (e.g. your laptop or smartphone) to the same Wi-Fi network using the same password, preferably a device that connects well. If this other device can see the Wi-Fi network but can no longer connect to it using this password, it is likely that the password is wrong.

    The process of determining the correct password for the Wi-Fi network varies greatly depending on the individual hardware and configuration. Refer to your modem and / or router manual or your service provider's customer support if you don't know how to find or change your Wi-Fi password.

    6. Place your PS4 that is not connecting to WiFi close to the wireless router. It's not something we take into consideration when our PS4 won't connect to WiFi, but the physical distance between the wireless router and the PS4 is a potential reason you're unable to connect online. It is also important to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is not obstructed by device-related interference or by obstacles such as reinforced doors or excessively thick walls.

    7. Change the channel number of your Wi-Fi network. It is common for devices connected to the Internet to all use the same narrow radio frequency range by default. Your neighbors may also be using the same channel. Try changing the channel on the wireless router to establish a stronger connection.

    8. Change the DNS settings on your PS4. One of the most common causes of PS4 Wi-Fi connectivity issues revolves around the console's DNS settings. Try changing the DNS addresses used with your Wi-Fi network and see if that solves the problem. 9. Connect your PS4 using a wired connection. If you've tried all of the above and still can't connect your PS $ to the Wi-Fi network, you might want to try the more reliable wired option and use an Ethernet cable. 10. Factory reset your PS4. The last resort is to reset your PS4 to its default factory settings. If you've reached this point and still can't make a connection, resetting your PS4 is the recommended course of action.

    Backup PS4 and save the games before performing this step, otherwise you may lose everything.

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