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Shopping for one printer quality can require a significant outlay. For this reason, most of the users search for the best printers on offer online. The money saved can then be reinvested in thepurchase of cartridges, just to give an example.

When buying on the Internet, however, attention must also be paid to the credibility of the same web portal, to avoid nasty surprises once the payment is completed. Here is a brief guide on how to recognize the most reliable sites that offer printers on offer.

VAT mandatory by law

First, a reputable e-commerce site must indicate the VAT number. It is, in fact, a legal obligation for all online shops. Usually, the VAT number is shown in the lower section of the site, an area known as footer.

If it is not present, the advice is to be wary and buy the printer in another web portal that regularly displays the unique 11-digit sequence with which a merchant is identified.

Payment methods

A reliable site where to buy a new printer must have one section dedicated to payment methods, through which the user can check which options are available to him to complete the purchase.

In this regard, it is good to specify that the presence of PayPal should be read as an element of credibility, since it is one of the safest methods for pagamenti online. The same can be said for MasterCard and Visa credit (or debit) cards.

On the contrary, you should be wary of the possibility that, among the payment options, there is only the bank transfer, since in case of problems related to the printer it will be more difficult to obtain a refund.

Green padlock on the address bar

A reliable online store has a green padlock on the address bar, which certifies that the connection on the site is secure. Specifically, the green lock indicates that the owner of the e-commerce site has activated the certificate SSL, as well as having the most advanced protocol HTTPS.

If you find an online site with great offers on printers but without the SSL certificate (with the address lock remaining gray or, worse, red), the suggestion is to be wary and buy elsewhere.

Contact page

Another element to be taken into serious consideration, to evaluate the reliability or otherwise of an e-commerce site for printers, has as its object the contact page. In this regard, a site is credible if it exposes all the most important contacts, such as telephone number, e-mail address and company data.

A site without the usual contact page does not enjoy trust and, for this reason, it would be better to stay away from it. What would happen, in fact, if you had the need to expose a complaint or a specific request and you could not rely on any contact?

Right of return

When buying a printer online, it is important to enjoy the right of return, to be exercised within 14 days of receiving the product at home.

All the most reliable sites allow the user the possibility of returning the printer if it is not to one's liking or if there are defects that make it impossible to function correctly. Usually, the presence of the right of return or not in favor of the customer is shown on the page Terms and Conditions of the contract.

Therefore, the advice is to pay the utmost attention to this aspect, giving priority to sites that allow you to take advantage of this important right for the consumer.

Customer opinions

The reliability of an e-commerce for printers is also measured by the number and by reviews ratings of other users who have previously purchased a device on the web portal in question. In this regard, it would be advisable to check every single judgment, preferably accompanied by photos.

If a site does not contain reviews or relies only on the classic Testimonials section, the advice is to evaluate whether it is really worth the risk of being the first to make a purchase (in most cases the answer is negative).

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