Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: here is the perfect mod for Ed Sheeran haters

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For all who own they don't tolerate Ed Sheeran and his songs, there is one mod that allows you to delete his song da Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, with the ability to replace them with the work of Koji Wada.

The first officially released mod for Pokémon SV is to remove the Ed Sheeran song LMFAO#PokemonScarlet #PokemonViolet pic.twitter.com/I5re9X3dBw

— Volya (@VolyaSSB) November 18, 2022

Starting from the name of this new mod, revealed by GamesRadar+, its specific objective is clear as day, highlighting a new divisive aspect within the gaming community. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. "Remove Sheeran" is the direct response to the recent artistic choices made by the development team of the new chapters of this saga.

Apparently the generally positive reception demonstrated under the presentation video of Heavenly, the song composed by Sheeran especially for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, overshadowed that slice of enthusiasts who don't digest the singer's style too much, inspiring this new dynamic technique.

"Removes Ed Sheeran from the game and replaces him with Wada Koji (may he rest in peace)", explained the author of the mod in introducing it to the community, specifying that for the moment it will only be available for Violet, aiming to develop it also for Scarlet , in the future. At the moment "Remove Sheeran" has not had a great response from fans, even if certainly the detractors of the famous singer were waiting for nothing else.

It seems that these new chapters of the Pokémon saga do nothing but attract new ones gripes and controversial answers in general. In the previous days he made headlines, for example, the issue of refunds requested by enthusiasts due to the technical conditions in which they found their games upon purchase. A set of structural problems has prompted a slice of the community to seek a direct confrontation with Nintendo, in the hope of improving something dear, or perhaps of moving away from it forever.

As usual, we just have to wait for new details and developments, in the hope that Game Freak and Nintendo will listen to the reactions of fans, taking into consideration their current opinions regarding the two video games.

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