Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Complete Guide

Welcome to the most nourished complete guide di Pokémon Legends: Arceus which you can find on the net. In this guide you will find the basic information to settle in this new chapter, the complete solution to the Requests of the inhabitants, the advice for catching all the Pokémon in the game (including the Alpha Pokémon), how to complete the Pokédex and its Assignments, where to find all the Fiamelle, the Unown, the Ancient Poems and many other guides to complete this new adventure in the continent of Hisui at 100%.


  • Tips for getting started
  • How to rank up (and level up) fast
  • Crafting Recipe Guide
  • How to expand the purse
  • Guide to Requests (and all those of the Legendaries)
  • Guide to Minigames
  • Where to find the 107 Flames
  • How to complete the Pokédex (Pokémon Alpha, including evolutionary and legendary methods)
  • Unlock all Basic Tools
  • Where to find Ancient Poems
  • How to get starters (from Hisui and other regions)
  • Where to find the 28 Unown
  • How to overcome the enigma of the Snow Point Temple
  • The game: plot, gameplay and where to buy it

13 tips to get you started

First the tutorial then the pleasure

Legends Pokémon Arceus immediately puts you in front of a new world, full of Pokémon that roam the overworld and full of secrets to discover. Before venturing into these lands of mystery, however, it takes a little patience to be able to unlock many useful things. Among these the Fai da te kit for crafting items anywhere on the map, some useful crafting recipes (like that of the Revitalizing) and the possibility of ride Wyrdeer are fundamental.
You can get all these things by simply continuing in the main story and completing the first 4 missions of the game. In the meantime, if you want, also capture some Pokémon on your way to reach the rank of Monostella.

Talk to everyone

As in every game in the saga, even in this chapter it will be essential to talk to the NPCs present practically everywhere. You won't find trainers who want to battle it out in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but characters who need help and who will ask you for Requests, unlocking the game's side quests to obtain items, Pokémon and upgrades for the Jubilee Village.

Never without Poké Balls

If there is one item that must never be missing in your inventory, it is the balls to catch Pokémon. This may sound obvious, but you'll soon discover that 50 Poké Balls can go away like nothing in the world of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. So immediately learn the basics of creating these objects and often gather the resources to craft them.

Catch Pokémon like there's no tomorrow

If in the other Pokémon chapters catching more than one specimen of the same Pokémon was basically a waste of time, in this chapter of the saga it will be fundamental. To rank up, complete Pokédex tasks, and unlock numerous rewards, you'll need to catch, catch, and catch. Even 25 of the same Pokémon will be a win in this chapter. But don't limit yourself to just catching them, but try to catch them by taking them from behind, from tall grass, in combat, while they are distracted or even at night. Each of these actions will be a different capture type.

Complete the Pokédex tasks

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus it is not enough to see and catch a Pokémon to mark it in the Pokédex because each creature has a real card with numerous tasks that must be completed in order to unlock the entire Pokémon Pokédex page. In fact, in the game you are a member of a research team and as such you will have to capture, observe, fight, but also feed the Pokémon.

Once you've captured one of them, the task card will appear in your Pokédex. There are many, but do not worry because to complete the card of a Pokémon just complete 10. Catching large quantities of Pokémon is a good way to complete the Pokédex, but also feeding them the many resources that are around.

Gather resources, always

If in the other Pokémon chapters you found your backpack full of useless or almost useless objects, this is not the case here: each item has its own specific purpose, even the berries which can be used for the creation of Poké Balls. Collecting resources is therefore fundamental, always and to do so you just need to launch one of your Pokémon into the overworld which will interact with foliage, fruit trees, luminous boulders and so on, earning various useful resources.

The quick trip

If getting around on your Pokémon's back becomes a problem or you need to leave the map, you can fast travel to one of the points marked with a celestial feather symbol on the map. Some of these will not be accessible immediately and will need to be unlocked via Missions or Requests before being able to use them. At camp, you can heal your Pokémon, buy items, sell them, and store them in the toolbox.

But remember that when you are in a dangerous situation, indicated by a red eye at the top of the screen, you will not be able to fast travel and you will have to get rid of the Pokémon that has targeted you before traveling.

Beware of Alpha Pokémon

During your wanderings, you may notice some gigantic versions of some Pokémon that have red eyes. These creatures are called Pokemon Alpha and they are not only bigger but also much more powerful (with boosted stats) than regular Pokémon. Catching them is not simple if you don't have a good rank level and a good level of your Pokémon. Already from the beginning in fact these creatures they will be found in the wild with a base level of 40 and with the moves already mastered. In this guide, you will find a special section on Pokémon Alpha that explores what has been said, suggests methods of capture and shows their position in each area of ​​the Overworld.

Powerful Techniques, Quick Techniques and new moves

As the Pokémon level up you will see that they will master their moves. What does this mean? Which you can use well 3 versions of the same move: basic, powerful and fast. There basis it's the one you normally use. There powerful it is a slower move, which consumes more PP and will give the opponent more turns, but allows you to do more damage. There fast on the contrary, it does less damage, still consumes more PP, but allows you to attack even 3 times in a row, depending on the speed of your Pokémon and the opponent.

If you want to master a move right away just find a Mastery Seed and bring it to lapilla in the Training Area of ​​the Giubilio Village. If, on the other hand, you want to learn a new move, in addition to those that the Pokémon will learn on its own, you can always talk to Lapilla who will show you the new moves your Pokémon can have. With the right money (about 2000 for the strongest moves) you can teach him everything.

Watch out for Time Warps

Arrived atVermilion Marsh, the second hunting area of ​​the game, you will be warned of the presence of Time Warps. These zones, which will appear randomly on the map, consist of a bubble-like dome that you can enter. After a few seconds the gate will open and several will appear in the area Pokémon rare and also very many objects such as i colored shards, star pieces and much more. Entering these distortions is recommended both to plunder objects and to complete the Pokèdex with creatures that you will hardly find elsewhere. Just remember to empty the Pouch to have as much space available as possible and to bring many Poké balls of different types with you.

The Distortion will last a scant minute, then everything will go back to normal, but don't worry because these areas will appear often and all you have to do is reach them immediately to start the hunt. Don't be damned to catch Pokémon in distortions, while slightly stronger, they are Pokémon that can be obtained more easily in other ways as well. Those exclusive, or almost, of distortions can really be counted on the fingers of one hand and we will specify it in the section How to complete the Pokédex.

Free Pokémon to maximize team stats

In this chapter of the saga, as already mentioned, you will have to capture, capture and capture. Captured Pokémon will serve you for numerous side missions, but when i 16 slots of your pasture will begin to be full it's time to free them and make room. So start by removing all the duplicates of the same Pokémon, select them en masse and free them. In addition to emptying the slots available to you, these Pokémon they will drop several units of Pledge Stones or Pledge Sand which vary according to the level of the released Pokémon and the quantity. The more you release the more stones you will get. These will be very useful for maximizing your Pokemon's stats such as attack, HP, Defense, etc.

Collect the Lost and Found

During your wanderings, you may happen to find some Lost items (both online and offline). These items belong to other characters or other coaches and you can collect them to return them to the owner in exchange for PG (Gratitude Points) and reward items. The Gratitude Points can then be exchanged for other items (some unique) there Trading Bank in the Jubilio Village. Here, as well as exchanging Pokémon with other trainers, it will be possible to buy objects with the PCs that can be used to enhance and, above all, evolve certain species of Pokémon.

How to quickly rank up (and level up)

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One of the key things in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is rise in rank in the hierarchy of Team Galassia, the research team of which you are part. The rank is a bit what the medals were in the other titles of the saga. They exist in total 10 ranks to reach gaining certain experience points. Each rank will give you a chance to get new and useful crafting recipes, control Pokémon of a higher level and get more rewards in money and experience every time you complete a task of the Pokédex.

To rise in rank, you just need to go out to the Pokémon hunting areas, capture Pokémon and complete the Assignments, talk to Laven which will provide you with information on the score obtained and, when the experience bar on the cover of the Pokédex is filled, return to Selina at Jubilee Village to upgrade. Finally, going up in rank will also help you progress through the story. In fact, some areas require specific ranks to be reached.

Said this: How do you rank up fast in Pokémon Arceus Legends? The multitude of things to do and Assignments may drive you crazy, but we have developed a process that will allow you to rank up without problems. All you have to do will be indeed catch Pokemon in large quantities. Arm yourself with numerous Poké balls and go on an adventure. Stay hidden in the grass and catch Pokémon throwing the balls behind to increase the chances of catching. In this way you will never have to go into battle and you can catch numerous Pokémon in a short time and without difficulty. Operations that will complete several Assignments. Also remember to throw food (especially meatballs) at them to distract them, other Assignments completed. And of use at least three spaces of your team to bring Pokémon to evolve with you. In fact, every time you capture Pokémon, the exp points will be shared with the whole team by evolving your creatures to complete even more tasks.

Furthermore, at the end of the game, in the Training area of ​​the Giubilio Village, talking to Andy you can face various characters in battle. This is a great way to both train your team and complete Pokédex cards for each of your Pokémon.

How to get all Crafting Recipes

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In Pokémon Legends: Arceus crafting is also enhanced, which in the other titles of the saga had just been mentioned. Resources and Crafting recipes they are fundamental in this game for all the activities present. So here's how to get all the recipes in the game. ATTENTION: the complete list is shown below, but some Recipes will only be available in the Shop at an advanced stage of the story.

  • Poké Ball: Started by Laven.
  • Potion: From Luke once you finish the first Pokémon Assignment quest.
  • Weight Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Monostar member rank.
  • Revitalizing: Report to Selina to rise to the rank of Single Star.
  • Feather Ball: Report to Selina to rise to the rank of Duostelle.
  • Super Potion: Report to Selina to rise to the rank of Duostelle.
  • Prepared: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1000.
  • Good mix: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 3000.
  • Excellent mix: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 6000.
  • Total Healing: Purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 5000.
  • PP Tonic: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 5000.
  • Viscose Sphere: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 20000.
  • Honey Meatball: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1000.
  • Extra Offensive: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1500.
  • Extra Defensive: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1500.
  • Evasion X: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 8000.
  • Multi extra: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 16000.
  • Mineral Meatball: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1000.
  • Bean meatball: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1000.
  • Ear of corn meatball: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 1000.
  • Superblow: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 4000.
  • Star Piece: purchasable at the Jubilio Village Shop for 10.000.
  • Mushroom Meatball: Complete Request 6.
  • Pokékokeshi: Start Request 18.
  • Mega Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Trestelle member rank.
  • Megaton Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Tetrasstar member rank.
  • Wing Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Pentastar member rank.
  • Hyperpotion: Report to Selina to rise to Pentastar member rank.
  • Sneak: From Luca before reaching the Vermilion Swamp.
  • Orba Ball: From Professor Laven at the inn after defeating Kleavor.
  • Burst Orb: From Luca at the inn after defeating Lilligant.
  • Muffin Jubilee: Complete Request 48.
  • Ultra Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Esastelle member rank.
  • Max Potion: Report to Selina to rise to member rank of Esastelle.
  • Invertigratin: Complete Request 54.
  • Choice Wrap: Talk to the man on the rocky beach below the area called the Scalande Escarpments on the Corona Slopes.
  • Gigaton Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Eptastelle member rank.
  • Double Vinegar: Complete Request 80.
  • Jet Ball: Report to Selina to rise to Octastelle member rank.
  • Full Recharge: Report to Selina to rise to Octastelle member rank.

How to expand the purse

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Just before dealing with Kleavor, you will encounter Crescenzo at the entrance to Team Galactic headquarters. This character will tell you aboutpurse extension, which will be very useful since you will indeed find hundreds of objects during your searches.

Each expansion adds an extra space in your inventory. The first costs 100 and to buy it you simply have to talk to Crescenzo. You can also get all the other extensions immediately: the second costs 200, the third 300, the fourth 400 and the fifth 500. If you want to save a little something in the early stages you can stop here, but if you have a good nest egg we advise you to arrive at least at the tenth extension so you won't have item problems for quite a while.

But be careful because the price of the new expansions goes up a lot: the sixth thing in fact 1000, the seventh 1500, the eighth 2000, the ninth 2500 and the tenth 3000. You can make further expansions always going up in similar brackets, but you can do it comfortably later when you have more money aside.

Guide to Minigames

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During the game you will find yourself facing various mini-games which, in addition to the basic prize, will provide you with rich rewards if you reach higher scores. Let's see them all.

balloon poppers

Once you have unlocked the Poképass and the ability to gallop on Wyrdeer, a character will also appear who will give you access to this minigame in the form of a Request (15 to be exact). You will find it inGreathorn Rise of the Obsidian Wilderness and you can start the challenge and repeat it as many times as you want. Later you'll have to face the balloon burster riding other Pokémon.

What is Balloon Popper?

Balloon Popper consists of a race on the back of your Pokémon in which you will have to pop the numerous balloons in your path. To burst a balloon you just have to go against it. Some balls will move and you will have to change trajectory to hit them, while others you can only catch by jumping. To complete the basic request, it will be enough for you to burst just over half of them in the time limit, but to obtain succulent prizes you will naturally have to burst them all.

Tips to win

In addition to mastering the course, our advice is to NEVER stop accelerating. Or rather, stop ONLY and exclusively in the event of tight bends to readjust the racing trajectory. Also try to don't miss the moving balloons, going back to hit them will penalize you by 1 to 5 seconds, so aim well and try to imagine where they will be when you pass. Finally, there are some balls that can only be hit by jumping from certain points. Always wait until they're within range before jumping or you'll go downstairs without hitting anything.

All rewards for maximum score

Below is a list of all the balloon burst challenges and their corresponding rewards for bursting all the balloons within the time limit.

  • Bursting Land Balloons | 30 total balls – 45 seconds | Nugget + Rare Candy.
  • Balloon blower on the coast | 40 total balls – 1 minute | Nugget + Rare Candy.
  • Pop balloons in the ice | 50 total balls – 2 minute | Nugget + Rare Candy.


After treating Kleavor, in the Jubilee village (towards the Origin Beach) you can try your hand at the mini-game of tirassegno unlocking request number 26.

What is Shooting Game?

In Tirassegno you'll have to use infinite Poké Balls to shoot down as many balloons as you can. But be careful because to score points you will not only have to burst the balloons but burst them in series, so the more you hit with a sphere, the more points you will score. Also remember that purple balloons are worth 100 and yellow ones double that.

Tips to win

The trick is to throw wisely and never hit balls at random. Move to the side of the area to see the rows of balls more decisively and hit those. If you can take it down more than 3 balls with one hit on each throw in a short time you will also reach 100.000 points. Also remember that the more balls you shoot together, the more time you have available. And that after destroying a few balloons, new ones will appear.

All rewards for maximum score

There is no real maximum score to be achieved once the Request's 10.000 is exceeded. But if you reach at least 100.000 you can get several Balls of Mud and Viscose Spheres.

How to unlock all Basic Tools

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La complete list of basic tools of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, essential for the continuation of the adventure and how to unlock them all.

  • Benefit kit | Allows you to create objects at any time, just select it in Useful tools | You will get it from Luca by completing the main quest.
  • Memordei flute |Allows you to summon some special Pokémon to ride | You will get it from the leader of Team Diamond at the start of the mission.
  • Heartily | Allows a specific Pokémon to become Psychic-type | By Wyrdeer during the story.
  • lastrabaco | Gives a specific Pokémon the Bug type | After defeating Kleavor.
  • Soulrock |Allows you to collect purple flames | From Spira, the night in Jubilio Village after defeating Kleavor.
  • ballastage | Allows you to make a specific Pokémon the Ground type | From Ursaluna during the story.
  • Stone slab| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Grass-type | From Lilligant during the story.
  • lastraidro| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Water-type | From Basculegion throughout history.
  • lastrarogo| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Fire-type | From Arcanine during the story.
  • Gallbladder| Allows you to make a specific Pokémon the Poison type | From Sneasler throughout history.
  • lastrasaetta| Allows a certain Pokémon to become Electric-type | From Electrode during the story.
  • lastracielo| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Flying-type | From Braviary during the story.
  • lastragelo| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Ice-type | From Avalugg during the story.
  • Mesprit feather| Allows you to create the Red Chain | From Mesprit throughout the story.
  • Claw of Uxie| Allows you to create the Red Chain | From Uxie during the story.
  • Fang of Azelf| Allows you to create the Red Chain | From Azelf during the story.
  • Red Chain| Allows you to trap the Pokémon of the tear | From Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf throughout the story.
  • Origin Ball| Allows you to capture the angry Pokémon at the Sinnoh temple | By Laven during the story.
  • lastrapietra| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Rock-type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Slash Punch| Gives a specific Pokémon the Fighting type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Lasttimore| Allows a certain Pokémon to become Ghost-type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Adamaspheroids| Allows Dialga to change form | Complete Request 89.
  • lastraferro| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Steel-type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Lastradrakon| Allows a specific Pokémon to become Dragon-type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Slab recovery| Allows a certain Pokémon to become Normal-type | During Post Game missions (only after collecting Stone Plate, Iron Plate and Frost Plate).
  • Spirit slab| Allows a certain Pokémon to become Ghost-type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Slab between| Gives a certain Pokémon the Dark type | During the Post Game missions.
  • Sky Flute| Allows you to summon Arceus | Obtain all slabs during the Post Game missions.
  • Splendispheroid| Allows Palkia to change form| Complete Request 90.
  • Greyspheroid| Allows Giratina to change form| Complete Request 91.
  • Chromamulet | Increases the chance of finding Shiny Pokémon | Complete the Pokédex.

Where to find all the Ancient Poems

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In Pokémon Legends: Arceus are also hidden Ancient poems, 20 in total, which are categorized as Basic Tools. These poems tell the story of the continent of Hisui and some legendary Pokémon. Nothing is known about its author, but it seems that they were written by Noesis, a character very fond of poetry. You can collect them after you unlock Ursaluna as a mount in the Vermilion Swamp. Poems are usually buried in specific spots on the map. Use the digging power of Ursaluna to go to the places indicated below and bring them back to light.

  • Obsidian Land | In the Reclaimed Garden, to the north;
  • Obsidian Land | In the center of the beach between Altura Grancorno and Spianata Filavento;
  • Obsidian Land | Just north of the Obsidian Falls;
  • Obsidian Land | On Rosa Rugosa Island, to the south;
  • Vermilion Swamp | North of the Misty Ruins;
  • Vermilion Swamp | North of Prato dei Pennacchi;
  • Vermilion Swamp | In the area called Ring Ursino. Looking at the map right above the R of Ring;
  • Vermilion Swamp | In the Palude Boccalarga, just below the P di Palude looking at the map;
  • Overseas Coast | On the grassy beach of Fire-Eater Island, to the north;
  • Overseas Coast | On the Ondisola Beach in the centre, near the central mountain of the Fonte Trail;
  • Overseas Coast | On the small whale-shaped island just above the word Silent Sea;
  • Overseas Coast | In the lower left corner of the mountainous area to the left of the Cala Celata;
  • Slopes Crown | Above a rock ridge that faces to the left of the inscription Sorgente Recondita;
  • Slopes Crown | North of the area called Caverna Primitiva. On the rocky ridge overlooking the ruined columns;
  • Slopes Crown | Just south of the Fonte Folletto;
  • Slopes Crown | Just north of the Sinnoh Temple;
  • Candid Ice | On the right rocky ridge of Lake Arguzia;
  • Candid Ice | In the area to the left of the Avalugg Blocks, where all those grayish dots are on the map;
  • Candid Ice | North of the Polar Expanse, looking at the map just above "re" of Polare;
  • Candid Ice | Near the large rocky ridge on the left of Valle Nevefitta;

How to catch the starters of Hisui and other regions

In the world of Hisui's Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there is no shortage of starter pokémon from other Pokémon regions either. If you want to put these famous creatures in your team, however, you have to complete a slightly more complex process than simple research, so let's see where to find the starters of each region.

Get Hisui starters

per ottenere the other two starters of Pokémon Legends: Arceus that you will not have chosen at the beginning, just talk to Professor Laven in the post-game, or after completing the main storyline. This way you will get all 3 game starters: Cyndaquil, Rowlet and Oshawott. Unlike previous Pokémon titles, the third evolution of these creatures will have a Hisui form. Typhlosion, for example, the latest evolution of Cyndaquil, will be white and purple and instead of having flames on its back it will have a collar of purple will-o'-the-wisp around its neck. It will also be a specter-type fire.

Obtaining Sinnoh starters

  • Turtwig: it is located in the Vermiglio Marshes, in the area called Piana del Frullo. You will need to reach the bottom right corner of the map where there is a very small pond. Turtwig lives there.
  • chimchar: Complete Request 20: Mystery of the Will-O'-the-Wisp to meet him. While on Rosa Rugosa Island, of the Obsidian Landa, you can find an Infernape Alpha.
  • Piplup: it is located on the Oltremare coast, in the area called Spiaggia Ondisola. Inspect the area around the northern pond during daylight. In the center of the Ondisola Beach you will also find an Empoleon Alpha.

Solution to the riddle of the Snowhead Temple

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In the later stages of the story, once we get to the Candid ice, you will have to overcome the riddle of Point of Snow Temple to reach Wasabi. This is a very simple puzzle to tackle and requires you to smash the tiles on each door in the correct order. Order that you can discover by interacting with the statues just before the door. Each statue looks in one direction and all you have to do is look at the symbol on the first one (which corresponds to the first tile to crush) and then proceed with the others.

If you have trouble with the puzzle, here you go the solution to open the 3 doors:

  • DOOR 1: Ice, Rock, Steel;
  • DOOR 2: Ice, Rock, Steel, Rock, Ice;
  • DOOR 3: Steel, Ice, Rock, Ice, Steel, Rock.

The game: plot, gameplay and where to buy it

Since its first presentation, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has aroused the curiosity of the public and critics. The reasons are all to be found in its heavily revisited play structure compared to the canonical chapters of the series, which, apparently, seems to fulfill the dream of many fans by proposing for the first time an open world that can be explored in total freedom, choosing how and when to capture the Pokémon that populate it.

Undoubtedly a big novelty for the series, even if it is not for the genre of belonging that has already shown us in the past productions that have tested this system before Pokémon Legends: Arceus. An innovation so important that Game Freak preferred not to risk including it in a canonical chapter of the series, opting for a spin-off that would allow developers to experiment without limitations, or impositions, with this new play system.

Pokémon legends: Arceus, in fact, it's not limited to just implementing an Open World structure to the series but also sets itself other ambitious goals.

C'era una volta Hisui – Plot

The game is set in a distant era, when Pokémon and humans still did not cooperate with each other. To frame the adventure we find the immense region of Hisui, that is the land later to become known as Sinnoh. At the center of this still untouched region stands the imposing Monte Corona, which overlooks each of the 5 biomes that make up Hisui. These areas are characterized by a specific climate that favors the proliferation of certain types of Pokémon.

The Hisui region, net of the few human settlements, is mostly wild and offers the coaches who will explore it, the possibility not only of meeting, and possibly capturing, numerous specimens of Pokémon, but also of obtaining the most disparate natural resources with which to create later, through a small crafting section, many objects for Pokémon hunting.

The protagonist, as always, a young man rained from a hole in the sky called to make the first Pokédex of the region. To accomplish this feat he will join the research team of Team Galassia which is based in an evocative place called Villaggio Giubilo and which will also play the role of main hub for obtaining the various missions (both main and secondary).

The atmosphere of the game is able to mix Feudal Japan, a splash of steampunk and pristine nature, bringing the focus back to both exploration and Pokémon catching. For too long secondary in the series in favor of obtaining medals.

Hisui's Wild Pokémon – Gameplay

Where the Pokémon tamed by our trainer can be used to collect materials, defeat and capture wild Pokémon and move more freely within the huge Hisui region, wild Pokémon play a decidedly different role.

Located in virtually every corner of the game world, these creatures will be able to react in different ways once they come into contact with the trainer. Some Pokémon will remain indifferent to the presence of our protagonist, others will run away intimidated while still others will not think twice about engaging in an offensive to defend the territory.

It will be up to the player to decide how to approach these wild creatures and decide whether to capture some specimens, simply study their behavior or defend themselves from their surprise attacks.

Precisely by virtue of the unprecedented open world nature, which tries to limit the transitions between exploration and combat phases to a minimum, Pokémon Legends: Arceus offers an unprecedented mechanic in which it is the first-person trainer who is attacked by the creatures, risking being briefly knocked unconscious if it doesn't deploy its own Pokémon to defend itself or run away by dodging the moves of wild Pokémon.

Attacking a wild Pokémon is very simple, just select one of the creatures in the protagonist's possession and throw the rudimentary Pokéball that contains it against him. This will start the fight between the two creatures. If you manage to catch the wild Pokémon by surprise, you can earn an extra turn that can take advantage of you from the early stages of the fight.

Si can opt to throw an empty Pokéball directly at a wild Pokémon unaware of the trainer's presence. If the creature is unaware of anything (or is distracted with food), it can be captured without engaging in any combat.

While remaining faithful to the combat mechanics that we have already seen, and revised, over the past twenty-five years, in Pokémon Legends: Arceus there is a novelty that lies in the ability to choose the intensity of some attacks: a powerful offensive could annihilate the opponent but leave our Pokémon defenseless, while a quick attack could speed up the pace of the battle, guaranteeing an extra turn for our protagonist.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Release date and where to buy it

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch starting January 28, 2021 both in physical and digital format. For anyone who purchases the game in the first days of its release, the Hisui's Growlithe Suit and the Cursed Fox Mask will be given away. To obtain them, simply access the Secret Gift function and select the "Through the Internet" option by Monday 9 May 2022.

If you have pre-ordered the game instead, you can get an exclusive Garchomp Outfit that will be released to you via email on the day of the game's release.

Click here to buy Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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